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Abortion provider to send text message reminders to women

The Christian Institute

Britain’s largest abortion provider has been criticised for trivialising abortion after announcing plans to send text message reminders to women booked in for an abortion.
BPAS, formerly the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which carries out almost one third of NHS-funded abortions, likened the service to reminders sent out by dentists before a check-up.

Maternity units refuse to tell parents the sex of unborn babies

Laura Donnelly and Will Taylor - Telegraph (UK)

The hospitals say they are too short-staffed to establish the sex of the foetus during ante-natal screening. But some medical groups believe the NHS policies are being driven by fears that females could be selectively aborted among cultures which value boys more highly. There is also concern that it is driven by people threatening to sue over being told the wrong gender of child.

Children & Family
Kids rip off family home

Julieanne Strachan - The Canberra Times

An increasing number of elderly Canberrans are asking for housing assistance after being cheated out of their homes by adult children. Financial abuse of elders is a growing concern for welfare advocates and financial advisers.

Sexuality a tough subject
Frances Stewart - The Canberra Times

Understanding the range of different sexual orientations is an important part of every Canberra teen's development, according to Australia's only openly gay education minister.

They’re not faring well and the answer’s not welfare

Lainie Anderson - The Punch

Teenage mums in Adelaide’s northern suburbs will soon lose their welfare payments if they don’t go back to school. Local federal MP Nick Champion asked for his electorate to be included in the Federal Government’s tough-love trial. As he says: “We are not doing anyone any favours if we do not help teen mothers finish school.”

BBC turns its back on year of Our Lord: 2,000 years of Christianity jettisoned for politically correct 'Common Era'
Chris Hastings - Daily Mail

The BBC has been accused of 'absurd political correctness' after dropping the terms BC and AD in case they offend non-Christians. The Corporation has replaced the familiar Anno Domini (the year of Our Lord) and Before Christ with the obscure terms Common Era and Before Common Era.

Engineering the Earth: forum's big ideas

Breanna Tucker - The Canberra Times

Shading the Earth under a giant umbrella, painting roofs white and simulating volcanic eruptions have been proposed as the latest solutions to climate change. The seemingly wacky set of ideas will be explored by more than 65 scientists today as Canberra hosts a forum on the controversial field of geoengineering.

Nitschke wins right to use euthanasia drug
Greg Kelton - The Advertiser

Right-to-die campaigner Dr Philip Nitschke has gained permission to import a drug used in voluntary euthanasia. He will provide the drug Nembutal to a Victor Harbor woman who wants to die. "The drugs will be provided to her with clear instructions," he said. "They are to help her sleep. "If she breaches those instructions she will be aware there are significant dangers.

Why safe euthanasia is a myth
Brian Pollard - Mercatornet

The criminal law in Australia holds that the intentional taking of human life is a major criminal offence. This accords with the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Australia is a signatory, which declares that the right to the integrity of every person's life is equal, inherent, inviolable, inalienable and should be protected by law.

Pokie assault by football codes adds to Julia Gillard's troubles

Sid Maher and Rowan Callick - The Australian

A grand-final week assault by AFL and NRL clubs on the government over poker machine reform will intensify pressure on Julia Gillard, who faces increasing caucus concern over the policy, the key to her power deal with Tasmanian independent Andrew Wilkie.

Expert rubbishes AFL's pokies warning
Lexi Metherell and staff - ABC

A leading gambling researcher has dismissed the AFL's concerns over the Federal Government's planned restrictions on poker machines, labelling claims they could seriously hurt AFL clubs as "beyond belief" and "extraordinary".

Wilkie faces pokies legal threat
Hannah Martin - The Mercury

Anti-Pokies campaigner Andrew Wilkie says one of Australia's most powerful gambling groups is threatening to sue him. The independent Tasmanian MP, whose support of the Federal Government depends on its backing his tough poker machine reforms, says he fears Clubs Australia will try to sue him for "hundreds and thousands of dollars" after he labelled the group bullies.

Human Rights
A fight for right (not) to party at Harkaway Hall
Stuart Rintoul – The Australian

For the past 100 years, the Harkaway hall has hosted just about every big thing that's ever happened in the tiny Victorian community, including weddings, dances, engagements, anniversaries and public meetings. But 13 years ago, Harkaway banned 18th and 21st birthday celebrations at the hall, fed up with young people getting drunk and causing damage.

Why I support gay marriage

Kristina Keneally - Eurekastreet

I didn't hear the word lesbian until I went to university. In my childhood, homosexuality was not discussed: not at home, not at church, not at school. I'm sure there were homosexual people in my classroom or community. Possibly even in my extended family. But they were not 'out'. Even the prevailing culture did not engage with homosexuality: growing up in middle America in the '70s and '80s was still far more Happy Days than Glee.

Religious Persecution
Punjab: armed Muslims rape a Christian, a "common practice"

Jibran Khan - Asia News

The rape of Christian women in Punjab has become a "common practice" an "outrageous" phenomenon compounded by the fact that "the police protect the guilty" and not the victims. This is the bitter synopsis of Fr Jill John, of the Diocese of Lahore on the last recorded case of sexual violence against a Christian mother.

Suicide blast hits Indonesian church
The Guardian UK

A suicide bomber attacked an Indonesian church on Sunday, killing himself and wounding at least 20 people. The attack in Solo, in Central Java province, occurred as services were ending. A witness told the local station MetroTV that she heard the blast just after she walked out of the Kepunton church.

Video: Police ban Bible from Christian café
The Christian Institute

Police in Lancashire have told the owner of a Christian café to stop displaying Bible texts on a video screen, because it breaches public order laws.

Bowen defends Malaysia deal rights protections


The Federal Government says there is no need for human rights protections under its Malaysian asylum seeker deal to be made legally binding. The Government wants to send 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia - although the plan is in legal limbo because of a High Court decision and a political stand-off over offshore processing of refugee claims.

Amnesty weighs in on people swap plan
Ross Peake – The Canberra Times

A new twist emerged in the Malaysia people swap plan as Amnesty International said Australia's standing in the region has been damaged by the fierce political debate over stopping boat people. The criticism came as the Federal Government said yesterday the quota of 800 people to be sent to Malaysia under the people swap plan had been quarantined.

Pope defends traditional values

Victor Simpson - Associated Press

Pope Benedict XVI called Saturday for a common front with Orthodox Christians to defend traditional church values, warning of threats posed by abortion and gay marriage. Facing discontent within his German flock, the pope said religion must not be banished from public life and that Christian churches "are walking side by side" in the battle. "They speak up jointly for the protection of human life from conception to natural death," he told a meeting of Orthodox Christians on the third day of a visit to his native Germany.

Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party - We'll not give up
The Star

The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party will never give up its struggle to implement hudud (sharia) law. PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi said it was not an issue to be debated and must be accepted by all. He invited non-Muslims to study hudud law at the PAS-run institute of higher learning, Kolej Universiti Islam Zulkifli Muhammad in Gombak, Selangor.