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Children & Family

Lawyer seeks inquiry over abuse by clergy

THE Australian public would be horrified at the extent of sexual abuse likely to be revealed by an inquiry into the Catholic clergy, says a lawyer who is mounting a case for compensation against the church.

Human Rights

Abbott tries to put brakes on national disability plan

Tony Abbott's newfound pledge of bipartisan support for a national disability insurance scheme has hit a snag with the Coalition leader opposed to plans by the government to accelerate its implementation.


Christine Milne sets Greens on new course after Bob Brown steps down

Matthew Franklin The Australian

NEW Greens leader Christine Milne will seek to establish a new political support base among rural Australians and "progressive" businesses as part of an intensified campaign against the "vested interests" of the resource-based economy.

Party unity vital as Greens face their biggest test

Natasha Stott Despoja

HOW parties deal with leadership changes and challenges tests their mettle. We have witnessed colourful examples in recent times. Bob Brown's decision to step down as Greens' leader - and resign from the Senate from June - will test the Greens as never before.

The face of reason gone, the ramifications huge

Dennis Shanahan The Australian

THE Greens have lost their reasonable face with the departure of Bob Brown and a new face of change to the balance of Australian politics has appeared.

Rising star Bandt to make voice heard as new deputy

MELBOURNE MP Adam Bandt has continued his meteoric rise in politics, winning the Greens' deputy leadership just 18 months after he seized a safe Labor seat.

Wanted: a visionary to plug the leadership hole

Australian voters, disappointed by the quality of leadership on offer and a political debate that is ''descending into farce'', crave a political leader with a clear vision, research shows. ''People haven't warmed to Julia Gillard … but they are also uncertain and sceptical about Tony Abbott,''

Religious Freedom & Persecution

A Daniel in the lion's den

David Palmer

I'll be there. A Christian, I've paid my $270 to sit among the lions. I'm attending to see whether the giants of New Atheism – Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett – or our home-grown atheists - Peter Singer, Leslie Cannold, Catherine Deveny - can wean me away from 50 years of faith.

Future of religion questioned as atheists gather

Brigid Andersen

Religion will be a non-event in Australia within two generations according to the head of the country's atheist foundation.

Freedom of conscience can be taken away here

Angela Shanahan The Australian

...the real problems for practising Christians today arise not when people of goodwill disagree about God but when the individual, religiously informed conscience clashes with the mandates of the secular state and religious liberty is threatened.


PM high and dry on asylum-seekers

Dennis Shanahan The Australian

FOR months Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has been trying to blame Tony Abbott for every illegal boat arrival bearing asylum-seekers in Australian waters, and even some outside.