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'Defensive' rush over .xxx domain but off limits

James Robertson - SMH

The internet's new red-light district is now open for business but URLs including names of politicians, celebrities and businesses cannot be registered lest they become hijacked by enterprising pornographers.  The .xxx internet domain opened up for general registrations on Wednesday.  ICM Global, the US company responsible for administering the new domain, has confirmed it has pre-emptively removed from registration URLs that relate to 4000 public figures, including, and


Charities stuck in the middle as clubs resist pokies change

Anne Davies – SMH

Clubs Australia is putting increasing pressure on charities to oppose compulsory gambling limits, writes Anne Davies.  By the end of this week, 2.1 million brochures featuring Youth Off The Streets' Father Chris Riley speaking against mandatory pre-commitment for pokies will have flooded into the mailboxes of voters in 46 electorates.  For Clubs Australia it's a coup in what is fast becoming a no-holds-barred fight for the hearts and minds of the Labor backbench.

Hotels accuse Costello of pokies hypocrisy

The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) has written an open letter to World Vision Australia head Tim Costello requesting he retract his criticism of a Sydney priest.  The priest in question, Father Chris Riley, is fronting a campaign against the Federal Government's proposed poker machine reforms.  Father Riley accepts hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations each year from the gambling industry to help run a homeless charity.  Mr Costello says he does not agree with accepting gambling money and has criticised Father Riley for fronting the campaign.  But Mr Costello has admitted accepting $500,000 from hotels for a tsunami relief program.


Noel Pearson puts case for Constitution race clauses to be cut

Patricia Karvelas – The Australian

CAPE York indigenous leader Noel Pearson has defended a proposal for a new constitutional protection against racial discrimination, arguing that if Australia wants to move "beyond race" there must be shields against its being perpetuated.  Mr Pearson agreed there was a "paradox" in telling Australians sections of the Constitution referring to race should be deleted while a new section acknowledging indigenous Australians was inserted.


Three in marriage bed more of a good thing

Ian Higgins – The Australian

FOR weeks, Sydneysiders and Melburnians who believe menages-a-trois and other polyamorous relationships can be just as committed, loving and valid as marriage between a man and a woman, slaved away together to earn their place in the sun.  They drew up plans, sawed wood, hammered nails.  Finally, in early March, it was ready: the first float celebrating polyamory to join the colourful flotilla in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.  For psychologist Nina Melksham, it marked the moment when the poly community, like gays and lesbians a generation ago, had come out of the closet to stand up and be counted.  "The polyamory community has always been supportive of the values of equality and acceptance," Melksham told Inquirer this week.

When it comes to gay marriage, say no to a conscience vote

Angela Shanahan – The Australian

IF I were presumptuous enough to give any advice from the suburban homefront to the leader of the opposition, I would say: "Tony, Just Say No to a conscience vote on gay marriage". The Labor Party might not have enough numbers to pass a bill, but a conscience vote for the opposition could deliver enough numbers to get it through.  So all Abbott would be doing would be bowing to Labor and Greens pressure - well actually, Greens pressure. He has been trying to avoid the Captain Catholic tag but he should forget that. The good ordering of society is what any conservative political leader is supposed to uphold. And h shouldn't think too much because his naturally charitable and intellectually complex nature will get him into a mess. Forfeiting a frontbench position is surely, even for Malcolm Turnbull, a small price to pay for exercising one's conscience.


Fight erupts over political donation crackdown

By Naomi Woodley - ABC

A parliamentary committee is again recommending tougher rules for political donations as efforts in recent years to rein in spending have largely failed.  The Parliament's Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters says all donations over $1,000 should be publicly disclosed and it would like to see a ban on foreign donations.  The Coalition remains vehemently opposed and the Greens say the committee should have gone further and called for a cap on election spending.


 States in revolt on refugee burden resulting from bridging visas

Paul Maley and Imre Salusinszky – The Australian

JULIA Gillard's plan to move thousands of asylum-seekers out of detention centres and into the community has triggered a war with the two largest states, as the NSW and Victorian governments attacked the policy as a blatant exercise in burden shifting that would stretch police resources and threaten social cohesion.  NSW Police Minister Mike Gallacher yesterday savaged the government's proposal to issue bridging visas to boatpeople, saying it had been undertaken without any consultation with the states, which would be expected to provide many of the services asylum-seekers would need.

Refugee reviewer 'biased'

Kirsty Needham – The Age

THE Federal Magistrates Court has ruled that a reviewer who rejected the refugee claims of a large number of Afghan boat arrivals appeared to be biased, taking an ''inflexible and mechanical'' approach to the plight of Hazara ethnic minorities fleeing persecution.  Refugee approval rates for Afghan asylum seekers fell in the first three months of 2011, despite the worsening security situation in Afghanistan, as the federal government came under pressure to stem boat arrivals.  Refugee lawyers accused reviewer Steve Karas of taking a ''sausage machine'' approach to the Afghan cases he assessed.


Wages of sin: who are you funding?

Julia Medew – The Age

DO YOU support tobacco companies, gambling and the makers of weapons and pornography? Before you answer no, you might want to check your superannuation fund.  Ethical investment researchers say many Australians are unwittingly investing in ''sin stocks'' because they have not examined their super funds or because their funds do not actively promote their investments.

 When all else fails, Perry plays anti-gay card to woo Christian right

John Swaine - SMH

WASHINGTON: Rick Perry has made a last-ditch attempt to woo the Christian Right and save his campaign for the US presidency by attacking improvements to gay rights under the President, Barack Obama, as a ''war'' on ordinary Americans.  The Governor of Texas, whose support has sharply fallen since his brief spell as front-runner in September, accused the President of encouraging a ''lifestyle'' many found ''deeply objectionable''.  In a new television advertisement, he said: ''There's something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can't openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school.''