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Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Children with genes from three parents to be born within two years thanks to new IVF technique

Tamara Cohen - Daily Mail

Embryos could soon have genes from three parents in order to eradicate potential diseases. Children with genetic material from three parents could be born in just two years. British scientists want to start testing a new IVF technique to try to eradicate incurable genetic diseases such as muscular dystrophy. The procedure has caused an ethical storm, with critics warning it is creating ‘hybrid’ children and could have unknown risks for future generations.

Drugs & Alcohol

Search for missing link in massive drug haul

Vicent Morello - The Canberra Times

An innocent Australian who bought one of 54 shipping containers that held $200million of illegal drugs imported from China has yet to be identified. The drugs squad has seized all but one of the containers which entered Australia during the past two years carrying legitimate cargo but with more than 600kg of heroin, methylamphetamine and the precursor drug pseudoephedrine stashed inside.


Coalition formed to fight for pokie reform


The fight against problem gambling has been ramped up, with leading campaigners vowing that poker machine reform will be achieved and clubs won't be able to stop it. The Stop the Loss Coalition, a group of community organisations who have united to challenge the clubs' campaign of "misinformation", was launched in Sydney on Friday by Independent MP Andrew Wilkie, Senator Nick Xenophon and Reverend Tim Costello.


Indigenous education plan under way


An action plan to lift indigenous literacy and numeracy and school retention rates will start showing results in another year. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Action Plan aims to halve the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous students in reading, writing and numeracy achievements by 2018.


For “Better” – In Defence of Marriage

Senator Abetz

For “better or for worse” is part of the deal when entering the marriage contract. There is no doubt that marriage has its “better” and “worse” moments for the two individuals in the marriage. There is also no doubt that marriage from society's point of view is overwhelmingly, if not totally, for “the better”. The institution of marriage and family as correctly understood is the bedrock institution of our society. Sure, it provides – all things being equal – stability, security, comfort, a haven from the rest of the world. It provides an avenue for the expression of love. I'm sure we can think of a whole lot of other wholesome characteristics.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Legalising brothels back on agenda


Tasmania's Attorney-General believes the public is ready to consider legalising brothels. The State Government has released a discussion paper on reforming the sex industry. It is similar to draft legislation from 2003. Attorney-General Brian Wightman says the options include setting up a statutory body to license sex workers and brothel owners, removing some of the stigma attached to the industry.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

The massacre of Christians at Maspero, Egypt

Cynthia Farahat - YouTube

"In order to get out of the building alive, you had to say 'I'm a Muslim who believes in one Allah'."

Christians in Syria targeted in series of kidnappings and killings 100 dead


The Christian community in Syria has been hit by a series of kidnappings and brutal murders; 100 Christians have now been killed since the anti-government unrest began. A reliable source in the country, who cannot be identified for their own safety, told Barnabas Fund that children were being especially targeted by the kidnappers, who, if they do not receive the ransom demanded, kill the victim

Sexualisation of Society

Plenty of room under the feminism umbrella

Julia Baird - SMH

But there has been something disturbing about the viral attacks on the author and polemicist Melinda Tankard Reist this week. “I'm going to get a T-shirt made that says 'I [did something obscene to] Melinda Tankard Reist with a coffee cup',” wrote one charmer on Twitter as haters piled on, forgetting that threatening rape is not OK, even if done in 140 characters. There was something feral in the trolling that was troubling, even for those who do not share her anti-pornography, pro-life views.


Comment - Beyond Catholic corporate spin

Catholic News

The visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Great Britain last year prompted an interesting experiment. The Catholic Church asked for lay volunteers to deal with media enquiries and to appear on panels. The volunteers were trained by a panel who prepared them for the questions they would be likely to receive and commended a style of communicating. Austen Ivereigh and Kathleen Griffin, journalists who coordinated the scheme, have now given an account of it in their book, Catholic Voices: Putting the case for the Church in an era of 24-hour news. They describe the process, outline the way they addressed controversial questions, and offer the guiding philosophy of communication. The book may well be used as a handbook by other churches for their dealings with the media.