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Bioethicists' infanticide debate logically backfires

Angela Shanahan  The Australian

IN the battleground that is modern bioethical debate, it is not often that one side ends up doing the equivalent of a kamikaze dive on their own side. However, a few weeks ago a couple of budding bioethicists, setting out to prove how rationally clever they were, only managed to show how dumb they, and by association, the cohort that spawned them, are.


Children & Family


Watchdog to keep booze ads away from children

Amy Corderoy SMH

ALCOHOL is fast becoming the No. 1 threat facing Australian children and there is no adequate system to stop them being exposed to alcohol advertising, Australia's foremost child health expert, Fiona Stanley, says.


Human Rights 

Roxon baulks at role for sharia by Australian Muslims

·         Patricia Karvelas The Australian

Nicola Roxon has weighed in on the use of sharia by Australian Muslims to write wills, declaring there is no place for Islamic law to settle family issues.


Tradition not always the highest value, but justice is

·         Ernest Hunter The Australian

·         THERE is a long history of the rights of the native people of this nation being violated, often rationalised as being in their best interest. In relation to the most odious example, the removal of children from their parents' care, this was often framed in terms of the rights of children of mixed descent to a future that, it was contended, would not be possible should they remain with their birth mothers and families.

Jail fears rise over drink law change

Dan Harrison SMH

THE rate of indigenous imprisonment in the Northern Territory jumped 10 per cent last year, according to data released yesterday. Australian Bureau of Statistics figures were released as Federal Parliament considers introducing harsher penalties for possessing alcohol in dry indigenous communities in the territory.



Opponents of gay marriage are fighting a rearguard action

Kees Bakhuijzen – Online Opinion.

This week's Q&A on Monday night, Bob Katter's ad attacking Campbell Newman for supporting gay marriage was the first topic of discussion. Even though it's good to see that this relic from a fifties mentality has met with widespread loathing and rejection, it is in itself shocking to see how a topic like gay marriage can still take centre stage in the Australian political landscape of 2012.

Government creating a fatherless society

Warwick Marsh – Online Opinion

When the government actually passes laws to take fathers off birth certificates, supports the creation of anti-father divorce laws and legislates for homosexual unions and/or homosexual marriage; this is a premeditated attack on the most vulnerable members of our society, our children


Campbell Newman hurt, but still in line to win seat of Ashgrove

·         Michael Mckenna, Queensland Political Editor The Australian 

The latest Newspoll, exclusive to The Australian, shows Mr Newman's primary vote in Ashgrove is steady on 49 per cent, but Kate Jones has closed the gap after luring away Greens support.

News media council could muzzle debate

·         Tony Abbott The Australian 

AS Malcolm Turnbull has observed, judge Ray Finkelstein has produced a thoughtful report with a misguided recommendation. The report of the Independent Inquiry into the Media and Media Regulation is a good exposition marred by a bad recommendation to set up a new and more powerful media regulator.

Bligh may lose, but her strong campaign has wounded Newman

·         Peter Beattie The Australian 

·         LNP leader Campbell Newman desperately needs a cunning political fox in his corner providing strategic advice for the remaining seven days of the election campaign. The LNP has lurched from one political mistake to another.

Politicians ruling by stealth as wilful ignorance is allowed to flourish


In Australia, policy-makers are paying lip service to human rights considerations and repeatedly developing policy that is in breach of international law.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking 


Warwick Farm woman arrested for child prostitution

·         The Daily Telegraph 

POLICE say girls as young as 13 have been providing sexual services to men in cars and motels in western Sydney in a racket allegedly run by a woman in her 20s.


The getting of wisdom


Philosopher Tim van Gelder wants to harness the collective view to improve the quality of our democracy.