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Children & Family

Same-sex adoptions nod

Anne Mather – The Mercury

Tasmania will allow same-sex couples to adopt local and overseas children under proposed changes to the state's adoption laws. At present, only married couples have full rights under adoption laws in Tasmania. The proposed amendment has angered the conservative Christian Lobby as the group deems a mother-father relationship the best for raising children. Gay and lesbian rights advocates, however, argue a loving and secure family is best for children regardless of the gender of parents.

 When did letting children go out in public alone become a crime?

Cassandra Wilkinson – The Australian

Last week the NSW police ran a high-profile operation to clean up drunken teenagers from Sydney streets. Nine boys and four girls, aged 14 to 15, were picked up by police who found them unsupervised, intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or "in situations that put them at risk".


Raise status of teachers, add some authority and watch our students blossom

Frank Furedi – The Australian 

In virtually every English-speaking society education is in trouble. Australian employers, like their British or American counterparts, know a significant proportion of school-leavers have poor mathematical and reading skills.  Many of the universities I visit now provide remedial courses for their new intake of undergraduates to compensate for their knowledge deficit.


The twisted logic of pokie reform

Charles Livingstone – The Drum

It's been a few weeks since the Gillard Government backflipped on its agreement with Andrew Wilkie to introduce pokie reform. In retrospect, and with the benefit of hindsight, it seems that the main lesson to be gleaned from this was, as Tim Costello said a little after the event: "if something looks like it's too good to be true, it probably is."


Video: Lesbian feminist rejects same-sex marriage

The Christian Institute

Sky News’ “most famous lesbian” has declared that the campaign for same-sex marriage is “a waste of time and effort”. Feminist Julie Bindel made the remarks live on air last week in response to comments from Stonewall co-founder Sir Ian McKellen.


PM's trump card defies critics as Carr revs up

Michelle Grattan – The Age

Julia Gillard has pulled out a sensational reshuffle trump card, recruiting former New South Wales premier Bob Carr to add lustre to her government as Australia's new foreign minister.  Ms Gillard belatedly decided to ignore the claims of Defence Minister Stephen Smith - who in 2010 had to step out of the foreign ministry to accommodate Kevin Rudd - to secure a big Labor name and send the public a message that she makes the decisions.

 Julia Gillard's great escape

Paul Kelly – The Australian

In a surprise - almost comic - moment, Julia Gillard has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, securing Bob Carr as foreign minister after her leadership victory over Kevin Rudd.  It has been a week of high farce in Labor politics. Carr's appearance yesterday by the Prime Minister's side, three days after this exact event was abandoned, was the final stage in a farce redeemed only because of its satisfactory ending.

 Abbott's campaign against Labor totters towards war on reform

George Megalogenis - The Australian

There is a fine line in political leadership between strength and stubbornness. Not for the first time, Tony Abbott jumped it this week.  Read the Opposition Leader's lips: he will not tamper with his generous and unfunded paid parental leave scheme.  "We took it to the last election and we'll certainly be taking it to the next election," he told reporters on Thursday.

 The myths of Labor's grand public deception

Dennis Shanahan – The Australian

During most of the years of the Howard government, the Labor opposition ran a self-delusional narrative that John Howard was hated, hateful, unpopular, a liar, unelectable and against immigration and workers. It was a false narrative at odds with his electoral success but encouraged by an anti-Howard commentariat.


Aussie purged as global head of rebel Anglicans

Verity Edwards – The Australian 

Anglican breakaway archbishop John Hepworth has been removed from his post as the global primate of the church at a meeting of bishops in South Africa.  Archbishop Hepworth, the Australian leader of the Traditional Anglican Communion, last year claimed he was raped by three Catholic priests nearly 40 years ago.  He had planned to step down at Easter after bishops in several countries lost confidence in him and opposed his attempts to reunite with Rome.