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Towards the end of all wedlock

Angela Shanahan - The Australian

If you are fed up with hearing about gay marriage, then join the club. The results of the most recent poll about this contentious and important issue shows that while a slim majority of Australians support the concept, nobody rates it very highly as an issue. Even Get Up!, the main flag waver for gay marriage, says it is at the bottom of the list of concerns for Australians already burdened with a failing health system, a carbon tax and a rash of industrial action. By taking on this issue at the behest of the Greens, the Labor Party has not only made life difficult for Julia Gillard. It has betrayed its promise to the electorate not to introduce gay marriage, the declaration Nicola Roxon, as opposition legal affairs spokeswoman, made in 2003 at the national marriage forum at Parliament House.

Instead of drugs, children need a good dose of parenting

Frank Furedi - The Australian

Without the exercise of adult authority, young people's normal defiance, testing of boundaries, and misbehaviour are often uncontained by the wisdom of their elders. When adults fail to hold the line, children's disobedience can easily acquire an antisocial form. And once rendered acceptable through a medical label, children can readily learn to live the life of an outpatient. So children really do suffer from the downsizing of adult authority! Which is why children need not Ritalin but a larger dose of adult authority.