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Playing the nanny-state card is a win in clubland

IN THE HEARTLAND: Tom Dusevic, National chief reporter  The Australian

ACCORDING to Tony Abbott, Julia Gillard has picked a lot of fights. The Prime Minister, a high-kicking street brawler, is up against the gaming industry, Qantas, manufacturers, miners, the Murdoch press, even parts of the Labor Party. Perhaps she's thumped someone in Cannes.


PM must lead on pokies reform

Mike Steketee The Australian

PAUL Keating is always ready to offer advice in his inimitable manner, all the more so on issues on which he can speak with authority, such as leadership.



Same-sex civil unions rush is on

Daniel Hurst - Brisbane Times

Public submissions close today on a plan to allow same-sex civil unions in Queensland, just nine days after Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser introduced the bill into Parliament.  It is understood the parliamentary committee examining the move has already received about 300 submissions, but the deadline for further feedback is close of business today.



Serenity prayer shelved as council moves to secularism

Mitchell Nadin - The Australian

A COUNCIL in Sydney's east has voted to further separate church and state, scrapping the Serenity prayer before each meeting.  Waverley Mayor John Wakefield won a bid yesterday to ditch the custom, when an 8-4 majority ruled in his favour.


Who's the boss?

Kate Legge - The Australian  

FIRST let's shine a light on the rumours swirling around Peta Credlin, the statuesque, politically astute chief of staff you might have seen standing in the shadow of Liberal leader Tony Abbott.


Who’s feral now, Tony?

Laurie Oakes - The Punch

It was an extraordinary complaint from Tony Abbott. “It’s very difficult to have a sensible debate,” he said, “when you are confronted with a feral government”.


Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Will new laws force prostitution underground?

Louise Merrillees - ABC News WA

Janelle Fawkes worked in the Western Australian sex industry for 15 years.  She believes legislation to legalise the industry, which was introduced to State Parliament this week, will force sex workers underground in a bid to escape what she calls "onerous laws".