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Discrimination police indulging in gay abandon

Angela Shanahan - The Australian

DURING the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of high-minded angst and general hand-wringing over the freedom of speech implications of Andrew Bolt's conviction under the Racial Discrimination Act. Opposition legal affairs spokesman George Brandis has said that "if the Bolt decision is not overturned on appeal, the provision in its present form should be repealed". Many people think the legislation should be repealed anyway.

Chinese orphanages buying babies for foreign adoption, investigation finds

NewsCore - The Australian

CHINESE orphanages may still be buying babies and offering them for foreign adoption, Sky News discovered in an investigation. It follows a series of scandals linking China's foreign adoption program to baby trafficking and the illegal confiscation of children.

Clubs reject Greens pokies plan

JOE KELLY - The Australian

AN alternative poker machine reform proposal by the Greens, ditching so-called gaming licences, has been rejected by the powerful clubs industry because it would cost at least $3 billion and not curb problem gambling.

Pokies $1 limit 'favoured'

Royce Millar and Richard Willingham – The Age

Battle lines are being redrawn over reform of gaming in Australia, with a groundswell of support for a move to put a $1 bet limit on the nation's 200,000 poker machines.

Materialistic values 'weigh couples down': research

AFP – The Australian

LESS materialistic spouses are more likely to find themselves in happier marriages than those who dwell too much on money and possessions, a trio of US researchers says.

Student visa sex slavery claims investigated


Australia's student visa program will be investigated following allegations that women entering Australia on student visas are being forced into the sex industry.

Religious Persecution
Egyptian military failure written in Coptic blood

Ruth Pollard– The Age

''HIDE your cross,'' the cab driver told Vivian Meleka as he wound his way through the crowded streets of the Egyptian capital. It was the morning after the worst violence since the February overthrow of former president Hosni Mubarak and Cairo was a city on edge.

Tall order to tame extremists

GREG SHERIDAN, The Australian

ONE of the great failures of the post 9/11 decade all over the world has been the attempt to de-radicalise Islamist extremists. I have just returned from a week in Indonesia and I have to report to you that de-radicalisation there has been a bust.

Asylum policy a failure on all fronts

GREG SHERIDAN - The Australian

THE collapse of Australia's border control policy could turn out to be a day of great consequence in Australian political and cultural history. It could be a decisive loss of Australian sovereignty and a big step down the road to a future of European dysfunction.

Switch to onshore processing threatens a budget blowout

Kirsty Needham - SMH

THE collapse of the Malaysia solution will hit the federal budget, torpedoing Treasury forecasts that the government would slash spending on immigration detention next year because boats would stop arriving. The policy shift to onshore processing places further pressure on the Gillard government's pledge to return the budget to surplus in 2012-13.

Push for Stephen Smith to head off Kevin Rudd in leadership battle


LABOR'S failure on offshore processing of asylum-seekers has galvanised leadership plans within the government, with Julia Gillard's supporters preparing to fend off a push from Kevin Rudd and key right-wing ministers coalescing behind Stephen Smith as a third candidate.