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Children & Family

Father role linked to teen boys’ behaviour

SMH Amy Corderoy

TEENAGE boys with a father figure in their lives are seemingly less likely to engage in delinquent behaviour, a US study has found. But lacking a father figure does not have a similar effect on girls.


Ban on clubs using cash to lure patrons

SMH Matthew Moore, Jacob Saulwick

HUNDREDS of NSW clubs will be banned from giving cash prizes in late-night raffles after the minister responsible for gaming said they might be illegal.


Andrew Fraser plans civil union push

ABC News

Civil unions may soon be allowed in Queensland, while a federal debate takes place about same-sex marriage. Acting Queensland Premier Andrew Fraser is planning a push to allow civil unions in the state.

Conscience call on gay unions

SMH Phillip Correy

THE Labor Party must change its policy platform to at least allow a conscience vote on gay marriage if it is to rejuvenate its flagging membership and modernise, the party’s national president, Jenny McAllister says.


The erotic economy


The idea that sex and beauty should be traded just like any other commodity is gaining capital. Rachel Hills reports on a controversial new trend.


Malaysia to deport 1000 Burmese

The Age Kirsty Needham

THE Malaysian government plans to deport 1000 Burmese being held in immigration detention back to Burma, after reaching a deal with the Burmese government for a ”swap” of detainees.

The shame we keep locked away


This just gets worse. My column last week about the scores of Indonesian teenagers imprisoned in Australian jails and detention centres turned up some appalling cases of mistreatment and abuse. They shame the government, the Parliament, the justice system and the nation.

Asylum-seeker processing in Australia: an unintended victory for common sense

Online Opinion – James Dunn

The Gillard government’s decision to start processing asylum-seekers in Australia may have been a reluctant one , but it is the best outcome for the refugees, and for our wider national interest, representing the kind of fair-minded, humanitarian attitudes we like to think Australians stand for.

Sexualisation of Society

Surge in access to online child porn

The Advertiser – Tessa Akerman

THE number of South Australians accessing child pornography on the internet has surged dramatically. And it is prompting police to warn of a “new generation” of offenders who wrongly believe they won’t be caught.


Fred continues the journey without his best mate

SMH- Liz Hannan

DEATH came as Elaine Nile hoped it would, fixed in the loving gaze of her children and her husband, Fred. ”I was praying with Elaine,” the Reverend Fred Nile told the Herald. ”I could tell she was having difficulty breathing so I committed her to the Lord. I said you are going to meet Jesus Christ now … Then she passed.”

Better get a lawyer, mum, better get a real good one

The Age – Opinion Richard Glover

What do Bill Henson, Photoshopped models in magazines and a mother before the courts in Ipswich have in common? All have been affected by our inability to discuss morality and behaviour without it instantly becoming a debate about laws, bans and police knocking on the door.

Senator Eric Abetz blames Green for Ombudsman’s resignation

Herald Sun – Phillip Hudson

LIBERAL Senate leader Eric Abetz says Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young is to blame for the resignation of the Commonwealth Ombudsman. Allan Asher quit this week after losing the confidence of the Government following the revelation he wrote questions for Senator Hanson-Young to ask him at a parliamentary inquiry.

Move to ban councils from imposing foreign boycotts

SMH – Kelsey Munro Urban Affairs

AFTER the furore surrounding Marrickville Council’s boycott on Israel this year, North Sydney Council is pushing for a state government ban on local councils adopting sanctions against any nation.