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Children & Family

Portolesi's pledge to put children first

LABOR rising star and mother of one Grace Portolesi will oversee the development of almost every South Australian under the age of 18. The former Aboriginal Affairs minister was the big winner in Premier Jay Weatherill's first Cabinet reshuffle and now faces the daunting task of running a ministry that will define his government. On day one of his premiership, Mr Weatherill stated that children and families would be a central focus of his government as it seeks to unlock opportunity for all in the new economy.


Packer denies preying on problem gamblers

Crown Casino boss James Packer has angrily rejected suggestions his casino business relies on problem gamblers, calling critics the "latte set".

A policy jackpot for wily leaders

Malcolm Turnbull made a nuanced contribution on pokies reform this week. The day after Tony Abbott ''predicted'' the Coalition would oppose and then rescind mandatory pre-commitment reforms if they actually managed to get through this all-singing, all-dancing Federal Parliament, Turnbull was asked to advance his own view.


Time for conservatives to do the right thing

Mark Textor

Australians, including conservatives like me, are perhaps about to face the most important referendum most of us have never heard of. The government's expert panel on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples will soon recommend options that formally recognise indigenous Australians in our constitution, with a referendum on the issue possible by the next federal election.


Libs might be eager, but Labor cautious on Rudd

Lenore Taylor

It's amazing how many experts there are on the subject of Kevin Rudd's plans to run for the Labor leadership again. In the Liberal Party alone there must be several dozen.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Iranian actress Marzieh Vafemehr spared lashing

AMNESTY International has announced the release of the Iranian actress Marzieh Vafemehr without suffering 90 lashes and further imprisonment for her role in the South Australian film My Tehran for Sale.


Warning of detention deaths ignored


THE government was repeatedly warned of a high risk of suicides and self-harm in immigration detention and failed to implement changes that might have prevented deaths, according to documents obtained by the Herald

Sexualisation of Society

Spruiking Playboy to children? It's enough to boil one's bunny

Suzy Freeman-Greene

They have been selling Playboy-themed merchandise in a chain of Melbourne jewellery shops, right opposite the kids' stuff. On one wall, you could find Disney trinkets, stick-on earrings, puffy stickers and Silly Bandz elastic bracelets. Nearby, there were chunky rings spelling PLAYBOY, bunny hoop earrings and a pendant consisting of gold legs leading to an arse with a bunny tail.


SAS book will be a matter of honour for teen boys

TWO former SAS officers have published a controversial book designed to toughen up teenage boys and teach them courage, honour and loyalty.