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Pride of place is wiped out by welfare
Bill Edwards - The Australian

Fifty years ago I sat in the shade of a mulga tree near Officer Creek in the far northwest of South Australia observing work being done to supply infrastructure for a new settlement for Pitjantjatjara-Yankunytjatjara people.

McKell Institute think tank to reboot ALP values
Imre Salusinszky - The Australian

Labor heavyweights from all factions hope a new think tank, due to be launched in Sydney on Monday, will provide the intellectual muscle for a rebirth of social democracy in Australia.

Gillard’s dreaming and Abbott’s scheming
Laurie Oakes - The Punch

Don’t laugh - but Julia Gillard is staking her leadership on her abilities as a salesperson. The prime minister is gambling that she can sell voters on the idea that all asylum seeker boat arrivals from now on are Tony Abbott’s fault.

Intransigent Greens in danger of overplaying their hand and being dealt out
Christian Kerr - The Australian

The Greens need a lesson in democracy, veteran political commentator Dean Jaensch fears. The retired professor of political and international studies at Flinders University in South Australia is not known for partisan interventions.

Malaysia Solution asylum-seeker allocation 'will be exhausted within months'
Lanai Vasek - The Australian

The 800 asylum-seeker allocation under the Malaysia Solution will be exhausted within six to 12 months.

Diplomacy is lost amid our leaders' backyard squabbling
George Megalogenis - The Australian

The political death-roll between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott on asylum-seekers has been fascinating for its lack of basic manners.

Boat arrivals stoke asylum policy debate
Michelle Grattan - The Age

The arrival of two boats with about 175 passengers has fuelled the blame game, with government and opposition continuing to squabble over the doomed asylum legislation and policy in limbo.

Anti-Semitism the real issue that dare not speak its name
Greg Sheridan - The Australian

A year or two ago, I took a taxi from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. It was a brilliant sunny day and all around me the hills were green, as we passed a prosperous Arab village, a beautiful kibbutz, a bit of jangled traffic.

Abbas, Netanyahu call for immediate peace talks at UN
John Lyons - The Australian

The two leaders of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have called for the immediate resumption of stalled Middle East peace talks.

Pope Benedict XVI strikes chord of unity in Germany
David Charter - The Australian

The Pope was to lead historic prayers with Protestant leaders overnight in the German monastery where Martin Luther studied, on the second day of his trip to his increasingly secular homeland.

The Listening Heart: Reflections on the foundations of Law
Pope Benedict XVI - ABC Religion
This is the text of a speech delivered by Pope Benedict XVI to the Federal Parliament in Berlin during his Apostolic visit to Germany, on 22 September 2011. It is an honour and a joy for me to speak before this distinguished house, before the Parliament of my native Germany, that meets here as a democratically elected representation of the people, in order to work for the good of the Federal Republic of Germany. I should like to thank the President of the Bundestag both for his invitation to deliver this address and for the kind words of greeting and appreciation with which he has welcomed me.

Still masters of our destiny despite the appliance of neuroscience

Frank Furedi - The Australian
In a world where crisis has become a far too overused term it is tempting to draw the conclusion that humanity has lost its capacity to influence its destiny. Warnings of a financial meltdown, cataclysmic climate change, antibiotic-resistant superbugs and catastrophic super-terrorists all communicate the idea that the magnitude of the threats facing humanity calls into question its survival.

Exposing Chrys Stevenson's blind faith
Jim Wallace - ABC Religion

The Bible teaches us that faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. It seems to me that Chrys Stevenson has more faith than just about anyone I know.