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Children & Family

Fathers Day present from hell

Online Opinion - Warwick Marsh
The Gillard government's roll back of father's rights will seal its decline.

Caution needed on bold claims about fatherhood

Richard Fletcher OPINION SMH

Fatherlessness was named as the cause of rioting and looting in London and proclaimed to be in danger from same-sex marriages being proposed in Australia.

Pleas for welfare controls ignored

MARK SCHLIEBS The Australian 

ABORIGINAL pleas for welfare quarantining to manage the food crisis in the remote South Australian APY lands have been ignored by state and federal governments.

Church abuse victims call for government to step in
Barney Zwartz The Age

THIRTY victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Melbourne yesterday asked the Victorian government to investigate the church's handling of complaints, claiming it perverted the course of justice and bullied victims.


Gonski called to justify public funds for private schools

Andrew Stevenson - SMH

THE Gonski review panel has been challenged to articulate a clear vision of why public funds should continue to flow to private schools.


For Christ's sake: AD and BC ruled out of date for national curriculum 
CHRISTIANS are outraged that the birth of Jesus Christ will no longer be cited when recording dates under the new national history curriculum.

Clubs lift ban on Salvos after poker reform spat
Damien Murphy SMH

NSW clubs that declared war on the Salvation Army as payback for supporting a cap on poker machines are starting to make peace.

 Other - Politics

Labor leadership ructions loom large

SID MAHER The Australian 
JULIA Gillard is bracing for months of destabilisation

A return to Rudd looms as Gillard's leadership collapses

There is only one possible contender to replace the Prime Minister and that is Kevin Rudd.

LNP MP Peter Slipper threatens revolt as win looms for Mal Brough

FEDERAL opposition MP Peter Slipper has threatened to join the crossbenches if an internal vote today backs Howard government minister Mal Brough to head the branch of the Queensland Liberal National Party in his electorate of Fisher.


Tony Abbott puts Nauru deal to Julia Gillard as Labor faces split on detainees

TONY Abbott is offering to work with the Gillard government on a policy of processing asylum-seekers offshore, if Nauru is included, as Labor faces a split over how Australia handles refugees.

Malaysia Solution judiciary hits back at Julia Gillard's 'unfair' criticism

JOE KELLY The Australian 
OFFENDED judges and magistrates have hit back at Julia Gillard's criticism of the High Court and Chief Justice Robert French, labelling her attack as "unfair" and "extraordinary".

Without the Malaysian Solution, there's no refuge in sight

By Andrew Elder - The Drum
As the High Court has said nuh-uh to Malaysia and Nauru, there are now two courses of action open to the Federal Government as it tries to reinvigorate its asylum seeker policy.

Labor splits over offshore processing

The World Today The Drum
Labor's Left faction has called for an immediate end to the policy of offshore processing of asylum seekers, heaping more pressure on Prime Minister Julia Gillard in the wake of the High Court ruling on the Malaysia deal.

Not just kinder, also a cheaper solution

Wouldn't it just be easier, and cheaper, to process them here?