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Elderly being dumped by families at hospital

Suellen Hinde The Sunday Mail (Qld)

ELDERLY people are being left at Queensland hospital emergency departments by relatives during the holiday season in a trend dubbed "granny dumping".

Parents, that bundle of joy is really a beelzebub!

MOST couples assume having children will make them happier. But time and again researchers find parents are no happier than childless couples. More often children seem to bring unhappiness.

Women more likely to feel torn over roles

Melissa Davey

THE promotion of Nicola Roxon, Tanya Plibersek, and Julie Collins to senior ministry positions shows women do not have to sacrifice having children to reach the top, but ''having it all'' is more likely to leave women guilt-ridden than men, research shows.

Thousands abused in Dutch Catholic institutions: commission

Europe correspondent Philip Williams

An independent report into child sex abuse in Dutch Catholic institutions in the Netherlands has identified tens of thousands of alleged victims and 800 alleged perpetrators.

Police arrest 112 in online child porn bust

Police in 22 European countries swooped on 112 suspects for allegedly sharing "the most extreme form" of online videos of children being sexually abused and raped, policing agency Europol said on Friday.

Young mothers 'drugged, shamed' inquiry told (video)

Tasmanian mothers appearing before a Senate inquiry into forced adoptions, say they were so drugged they could not remember signing adoption consent papers. Five women who gave their babies up for adoption in the 1960s told the inquiry they believe they were drugged, shamed and given no other option than to relinquish their children.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Jay Weatherill backs IVF for gays

MICHAEL OWEN The Australian

JAY Weatherill has backed a push by a gay MP on his frontbench to allow same-sex couples to access IVF in South Australia.

Human Rights

Laws 'may take race relations backwards': Coalition


DRAMATIC changes proposed to the Constitution to prohibit race discrimination and specify that laws must be made for the advancement of indigenous people have been dealt their most serious blow, with Tony Abbott's opposition declaring it is unlikely to support the move.


The conscience vote in gay marriage

Yuri Koszarycz 

Abbott's decision to not allow a conscience vote on gay marriage polarises the broader community to either support 'the Party that supports gay marriage', or 'the Party that opposes amendments to the Marriage Act'.

Overseas Aid

World's poorest let down, says Craig Emerson


TRADE Minister Craig Emerson has accused developed countries of abrogating their responsibility to help the globe's poorest nations by tolerating an impasse in global trade liberalisation talks.


Hundreds missing in asylum boat sinking


A WOODEN ship suspected to be heading to Australia and carrying more than 200 migrants, many of them from the Middle East, has sunk off Indonesia's main island of Java, local media report. So far only 33 people have been rescued.


Lara Giddings remains Tasmanian Premier, for now

SUE NEALES The Australian

TASMANIAN Labor leader Lara Giddings has been labelled a "lame duck" premier who has lost the support of her parliamentary colleagues. But her job looks safe in the short term, despite likely challenger David O'Byrne having the backing of at least seven of the 12 MPs in the Labor minority government.


Kyle's bile no match for net activists' might

CRITICS call them ''slacktivists'' - people who sign internet petitions in favour of ''real'' social activism. But there's nothing slack about Emily Hehir. In four weeks, the 25-year-old persuaded more than 60 sponsors and advertisers to boycott The Kyle and Jackie O Show.