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Children & Family

A plea for an inquiry and a tale of the one who got away

A MANAGER from the Catholic Church’s social welfare arm has accused the church of mishandling its response to sexual abuse by clergy and is urging the state government to launch an inquiry.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy 

Wait for babies is risky

THE next breakthrough fertility treatment could be a return to a good old-fashioned romp at a younger age, a leading reproductive specialist has suggested. British fertility expert Siladitya Bhattacharya said too many women have taken the sex out of reproduction and were pinning false hope to technology to help them have a baby in their mid-30s.


Defending dignity in death

The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) recently recommended that the Criminal Code of Canada be amended so that people in poor health (usually a terminal illness) would have the right to physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia. And just like that, Canadians have, once again, found themselves immersed in another heated debate on the issue. Cue the predictable fear mongering.


Senate Declines to Redefine Marriage For Now

 Late Thursday evening, the U.S. Senate passed a $662 billion defense authorization bill — without any amendments redefining marriage. Democrats, who a few weeks ago approved a bill repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) through the Senate Judiciary Committee, had contemplated attaching Sen. Diane Feinstein’s Respect Marriage Act to the defense bill as a way of forcing it through, even though it wasn’t popular enough to pass on its own merits as a stand-alone bill.


Christians remind PM of her promise

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) says the Labor Party's vote in favour of same-sex marriage means there is now a clear difference between federal Labor and the coalition. The ACL again reminded Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Saturday of her 2010 election promise that "the Marriage Act will remain unchanged".


Gay marriage debate shifts to Abbott

Same-sex marriage advocates have federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in their sights after the ALP took the historic decision to change the definition of marriage. At its national conference on Saturday, the party voted 208 to 184 in favour of a motion by Prime Minister Julia Gillard to allow state and federal MPs a conscience vote on gay marriage.


Private members bill to propose same-sex marriage law

FEDERAL MPs will vote next year on a bill to allow same-sex couples to marry, with Left MP Stephen Jones to propose the change in a private members bill when the parliament resumes after the summer recess. Labor today amended its official policy platform to advocate same-sex marriage, but the party's MPs will be allowed a conscience vote on the issue in the federal parliament. The success of the Jones-sponsored bill is likely to hinge on whether Tony Abbott allows his own MPs a conscience vote.

Thousands march calling for gay marriage to be recognised in law

 GAY rights advocates, including couples and drag queens, have marched in Sydney calling for same-sex marriage to be recognised in law. Police estimate more than 5000 people marched through the city from Hyde Park to the Australian Labor Party national conference in Darling Harbour

I do: Labor to gay marriage

A BILL to legalise gay marriage will be rushed into Parliament early next year after Labor voted overwhelmingly yesterday to adopt marriage equality as its official policy - but granted a conscience vote to its MPs to avoid a damaging split.


Ousted PM Kevin Rudd tipped to challenge Julia Gillard by May

KEVIN Rudd still has "the ticker" to tackle Julia Gillard for the prime ministership and is preparing to challenge within months. Despite a belief that Mr Rudd's leadership ambitions had been put on ice following a recent turnaround in fortunes for Julia Gillard, supporters of the deposed PM want him to move on her before next year's Budget in May.

Religious Freedom & Persecution


Islamists take control of Egypt's uprising

ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE Islamists who anticipate a strong presence in the new Egyptian parliament have outlined plans for a strict brand of religious law that could limit personal freedoms and steer Egypt towards becoming an Islamic state.

Robert Spencer interview on ABC Brisbane


Labor platform endorses offshore processing of asylum-seekers

LABOR has effectively endorsed offshore processing of asylum-seekers in its party platform for the first time.  Immigration Minister Chris Bowen won support at today's ALP conference for ''regional cooperation and bilateral arrangements'' in refugee processing, in return for a boost to the party's aspirational refugee intake to 20,000 a year.

Seven stands by Good Christian Bitches

The Seven Network has come under fire from viewers following the on air promotion of its new drama Good Christian Bitches.  The network has opted to use the original title for the controversial American dramedy, sparking anger from viewers.