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Alabama Supreme Court in landmark ruling: 'each person has a God-given right to life'

Ben Johnson - LifeSiteNews

In a landmark legal case that established the right of a mother to sue if her unborn child wrongfully dies before viability, today the Alabama State Supreme Court unanimously ruled that “each person has a God-given right to life.”


An epic fight to preserve the spirit of a community

On Tuesday night, after a packed and emotion-charged meeting, the local Mount Alexander Shire authorised an appeal to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal against a decision that would more than treble the number of poker machines in the town, about 120 kilometres north-west of Melbourne.

Bruce Guthrie - Sydney Morning Herald


Greens hedge their bets on poker machine legislation

Richard Willingham - Canberra Times

The Greens are refusing to guarantee support of the federal government's poker machine reform legislation because the plan to trial mandatory precommitment and introduce technology on all new machines is holding back meaningful changes.


Indigenous suicide rate tackled

Russell Skelton - Sydney Morning Herald

IN A move to combat the high indigenous suicide rate, prevention programs will be strictly audited and required to be more transparent in the way they operate.  Counsellors hired by consultants will be also be urged to undergo cultural awareness training before they work in remote communities.

Indigenous children not to be part of ABS survey

Lisa Martin - Canberra Times

Indigenous children should be included in voluntary medical tests being conducted as part of a national health survey, a federal inquiry has heard.


New Jersey governor vetoes gay marriage bill


The governor of the US state of New Jersey has vetoed a bill allowing same-sex marriage just a day after it was passed by the state Assembly.  Chris Christie - a rising star in the Republican party - renewed his call for a referendum to decide the issue


Maryland House approves same-sex marriage

Tom McParland - Capital News Service

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - After a year of highly contested debate and political wrangling, the Maryland General Assembly is poised to become the third state legislature this month to approve same-sex marriage after the House of Delegates on Friday voted 72-67 to pass the Civil Marriage Protection Act.  ttp://



Election needed to move beyond Gillard-Rudd war, says Opposition leader


LABOR'S internal war over the leadership has paralysed the federal government, made it totally dysfunctional and a fresh election is needed, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said today.  Mr Abbott seized on reports Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd is preparing to challenge Prime Minister Julia Gillard for the Labor leadership.


Bligh to call Qld state election


The Queensland Premier is today due to see Governor Penelope Wensley, to call an election for March 24, meaning parliament will be dissolved and Anna Bligh’s government will go into care-taker mode.  The opposition Liberal National Party needs only a swing of about 4.6 per cent to topple the government.



When it's ethical to disclose your religious beliefs

Jennifer Wilson - Online Opinion

What I learned about being a Christian is that a follower is expected to live his or her faith. It isn't some abstract concept that is trotted out on Sundays. It's supposed to imbue every aspect of life, every action the believer takes is to be taken in God's light, and when a Christian encounters difficulties of any kind, a Christian prays to God for guidance and sustenance. No matter what one's profession, one is expected to perform it as a Christian, according to Christian values.