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Some occupy to protest, others to hamper, harangue and hurt

Occupy Melbourne was expelled from the City Square after just one week, but another group of protesters has targeted an East Melbourne footpath for more than 20 years. They are anti-abortion campaigners picketing the Fertility Control Clinic in Wellington Parade.

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Bioethics – cloning & stem cell research



Children & Family – for kids sake, child abuse


Mentor as anything - and Big Brother is watching you

SOME kids learn the harsh truth early on: families are not from storybooks, and friends are hard to come by when you are 11 years old and at sixes and sevens with the world. Just ask Shannon, who can't remember a time when it was easy.

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Time for intelligent debate on euthanasia

A LIFE and living - the difference can be stark. When the former descends into the latter, when a quality existence becomes no more than the organic function of being alive, many would argue it is time to end life.

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I want to go my own way

JANE CARO'S 80-year-old mother has plenty to live for: a happy marriage, a busy social calendar and six granddaughters. But the author and media commentator knows her mother is ''absolutely determined'' to end her life when she can no longer take care of herself.

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Doctors form lobby for right to die with dignity

HUNDREDS of doctors have formed a coalition to support voluntary euthanasia and lobby state governments to decriminalise the practice.

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Controversial euthanasia doctor in town

A CONTROVERSIAL doctor who runs workshops on euthanasia and assisted suicide for people who want to end their lives is holding a meeting in Eastbourne.





Don't block gambling payments, say banks

THE banks and the credit card company Visa have warned the federal government that any attempt to use the payments system to clamp down on internet gambling would be unworkable.



Marriage – includes same-sex marriage


A Labor conscience vote means gay marriage will eventually come to pass

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Julia Gillard should let her party have a real debate on the issue. A FORTNIGHT from Thursday, a group of men and women will crowd into Sydney's shmickly renovated Trades Hall for a standing-room-only chat about political strategy.

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Overseas Aid


Shot in arm breathes hope into lives of world's most vulnerable

By the time you reach the end of this article, nine children will have died of pneumonia. Despite its relative obscurity to most Australians as a 21st century problem, pneumonia is still the single leading cause of death globally for children under five.

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Casino in prostitution investigation

THE illegal shuttling of prostitutes to The Star casino complex by known ''pimps'' is under investigation by a government review into the licence of the revamped casino.

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Malaysia plots laws against gays

TWO Malaysian states are considering passing laws that could punish gay Muslims and gay rights supporters with prison sentences. "Homosexuality is against Islam. Men should look for women, not men. So that's why we don't want to follow this activity promoted by Western countries," Mohamad Ali Rustam, chief minister of southern Malacca state said.