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Children & Family 

Pensioner Michelle Stewart refuses to be gagged with $220,000 in hush money

A MUM whose son died suspiciously has been offered $220,000 by the Department of Human Services to end her fight for justice and keep the deal secret. Pensioner Michelle Stewart - whose son Nathan was aged 16 when he died from a stab wound to the heart - has received the six-figure offer in a legal letter from the DHS.

Drugs & Alcohol 

Bongs sell in South Australian shops

BONGS, pipes and other implements are on sale in city shops despite devices being banned three years ago.   At least two city shops - within 100m of the Hindley St police station - are selling "smokeless" pipes, glass pipes and chillum pipes, traditionally used for smoking cannabis.


Crown casino restaurant tender corrupted, manager concedes

CROWN casino oversaw a corrupted tender process for an exclusive waterfront restaurant, a senior executive has admitted, raising serious probity concerns about the gambling venue

Human Rights 

What exactly is the question?

FREEDOM of speech and freedom of the press, Barack Obama said yesterday, are universal human rights. The President's remarks could have been interpreted as a prod to China and other authoritarian regimes, but they also serve as a reminder to governments and journalists in democratic societies of the need for constant vigilance.


Marriage of equality is a core value for all to hold dear

When my parents married in 1967, Australia was still dismantling the White Australia policy. While a marriage between a Chinese man from Malaysia, and an Australian from the Adelaide Hills was not illegal, it was certainly unusual. Nevertheless, bans on inter-racial marriage were not unknown in Western democracies of the time. That year, the US Supreme Court struck down laws in various American states prohibiting interracial marriage. Changing laws didn't change public opinion; a year later 72 per cent of Americans remained opposed to interracial marriage.

Wong rejects gay conscience vote

PENNY Wong says equality should be a matter of policy - not a question of conscience - in an impassioned plea for the ALP to endorse same-sex marriage.  The federal Finance Minister has rebuked the Prime Minister's proposal that gay marriage be decided by a conscience vote, and rejected her oft-repeated support for the current definition of marriage.


The less Parliament sits, the better off we all will be

The present government has passed 140 laws, and this is definitely not a good thing.  'WE'RE getting on with the job.'' This has long been the standard response of Julia Gillard and her leadership team to questions about low poll numbers, the Foreign Minister's latest tweet, or anything else they don't want to talk about.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Saudi women with sexy eyes may be forced to cover them up

SAUDI women with attractive eyes may be forced to cover them up, the news website Bikya Masr reported, in a move that could mark the latest repressive measure taken against women by the Islamic state. A spokesperson for Saudi Arabia's Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (CPVPV), Sheikh Motlab al Nabet said the committee had the right to stop women revealing "tempting" eyes in public.

Sexualisation of Society

Porn studio Vivid wants HTC to change name of its smartphone

Adult movie studio Vivid Entertainment wants HTC to change the name of one of its smartphones, HTC Vivid, as it fears users might think the two are somehow connected.


Conscience votes hardly a matter of conscience

Last week, the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, sought to take the heat out of the gay marriage issue. In an opinion piece in the Fairfax press, she announced she would offer Labor MPs a conscience vote if a private member's bill was presented. In the same article, the PM supported a recommendation from the 2010 National Review of the Labor Party to trial a new preselection process designed to engage the community.