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Josiah Hartley really is a miracle child after being born at 23 weeks
Staff Writer , The Sunday Mail (Qld) 
HE IS named after an ancient warrior king and fought like one to stay alive in the first harrowing minutes of his life. Josiah Hartley, the miracle child who refused to give up and defied impossible odds to take his place in the world.

Children & Family

Mining success at cost to families as fly-in, fly-out workforces impact regional centres
Daryl Passmore - The Sunday Mail (Qld) 
It is the flipside to the multi-billion-dollar boom driving the economy. Pressures and breakdowns in family relationships of workers who spend large amounts of time living away from home;

God may be first casualty as Guides look for a fresh start
''I promise that I will do my best: to do my duty to God, to serve the Queen and my country; to help other people; and to keep the Guide law. THESE are the first words a little girl utters when she becomes a Girl Guide and they haven't changed in more than 40 years. But now the Girl Guide promise is being reviewed to bring the 100-year-old organisation into the 21st century - and God and the Queen could be casualties of the modernisation.

Professional babysitting fees soar as parents shell out for night out without the kids
Kristin Shorten - The Courier-Mail 
DESPERATE parents are shelling out half an average week's wage for a night without the kids as the demand for professional babysitting soars.


One dollar bet limit may win a compromise
RESEARCH on a $1 maximum bet limit has been commissioned by the federal government as the crucial independent MPs move towards it as their preferred option to deal with problem gambling. Although it insists the work has being done purely for research, the Department of Families and Community Services is studying how a $1 bet limit would work.

Pub pokies get the thumbs down as Queenslanders say throw the lot away
David Murray - The Sunday Mail (Qld) 
QUEENSLANDERS have delivered their verdict on pokies - there's too many of them and they're destroying our pubs. According to an exclusive Sunday Mail/Channel 7 poll, pokies are the state's most harmful form of gambling and a blatant government cash grab. One in three want them banned.


Prime Minister Julia Gillard seeks conscience vote on same-sex marriage
By Samantha Maiden- Sunday Telegraph
JULIA Gillard will defy a push by Left faction powerbrokers for a formal position on gay marriage by backing calls to offer MPs a conscience vote.

Mothers, divorce and the HSC itch
Sarah Whyte SMH
IT IS called the ''post-HSC'' divorce. Women in their 40s and 50s keep the family together for the youngest child's exams, then start hatching their own plans for freedom.


'Coal girls' hit paydirt at Queensland's booming mining towns
Kathleen Donaghey Daryl Passmore Jackie Sinnerton - The Sunday Mail (Qld) 

They are the coal girls happy hookers striking it rich in booming mining towns across the state. Fly-in, fly-out "working girls" travelling from as far away as New Zealand to the resource-rich regions of Queensland and Western Australia are making as much money in one or two days as mine labourers earn in a week.

Religious Persecution

Churches, police targeted in deadly Nigeria attacks
ABC News
Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for a string of bomb attacks in the country's north and warned that more attacks will follow.


Greens Senate ticket to expose faction rift
AT LEAST two NSW Greens MPs are being urged to run for the Senate at the next federal election, setting up a potential preselection battle that would expose the increasingly factional nature of the minor party.

MPs set to defect from Campbell Newman's Liberal National to Bob Katter's party after polls
Renee Viellaris - The Sunday Mail (Qld) 
DISGRUNTLED conservative MPs are plotting to defect to Bob Katter's party after they are elected as part of Campbell Newman's Liberal National team at the upcoming state election. It's a move that could make them kingmakers - particularly if there is a hung Parliament - and change the election result.