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Children & Family
Literary hit set to slap up a new storm - A TV adaptation of Christos Tsiolkas's book
The Slap is set to renew the debate on the smacking of children.

Schools insert God into Australian anthem

Thousands of schoolchildren are being forced to sing an alternate version of the Australian national anthem that installs "Christ" as the country's head of state and removes any reference to the Southern Cross.

Repeal dusty sections of Racial Discrimination Act
In 1981 the students union at James Cook University and the Townsville Treaty Committee convened a three-day event on the theme of land rights and the future of race relations. Henry Reynolds, a historian, wanted to defuse an argument about whether one of the speakers was, as he claimed, an Aborigine. He moved a motion: "This conference recognises that the prerequisite for Aboriginality is cultural loyalty and not any false 19th-century genetic theory."

Opposition warns against reviving Bill of Rights debate
The federal opposition has warned against reviving the Bill of Rights debate in the wake of conservative commentator Andrew Bolt's court loss.

Australia condemns Israel homes plan
Australia joins growing chorus of condemnation over Israel's decision to build 1100 new homes in East Jerusalem. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said the expansion of the settlements in Gilo, in annexed east Jerusalem, was counter-productive to Middle East peace.

Court muddies the waters for free speech
The full ramifications of this week's Federal Court judgment against Melbourne columnist Andrew Bolt for breaching racial discrimination laws are still unknown. But there is no doubt the decision has further muddied the waters for proponents of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

The other side of Tony Abbott
From the progressive Left that loathes him to the right-wing free market lobby that distrusts him, Tony Abbott's political character as cautious, conservative and pragmatic remains the source of denial and alarm.

Religious Persecution
Police tail Sydney's jihad gang
An extremist Islamic group suspected of planning a crime spree across Sydney to raise money for the Taliban has been uncovered by counter-terrorism police. The Sunday Telegraph can reveal that NSW Police and national security agencies have been investigating the group members for over a year, with the case currently active.

Sexualisation of Society
Watch out: Porn sites targeting your Facebook timeline


Sexually explicit nude calendars backfire on charities