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Pub police: every sip you take, they’ll be watching

The Age

Police are secretly filming drinkers, hoping to obtain evidence of drunkenness in order to prosecute hotels and bars. Civil liberty groups are outraged by the practice, saying it is a serious invasion of privacy. Wearing cameras concealed in their clothes, police from the Razon taskforce, which is charged with enforcing Victoria’s increasingly hardline licensing laws, are tailing unsuspecting patrons and recording long segments of video.

Woman tells of late abortion horror

The Age

A controversial doctor is under investigation after performing an abortion on a seriously ill woman, reports Michael Bachelard. For Pheap Sem to be at home walking around is, her daughter Chantha says, ”a miracle”. Six weeks ago, the 40-year-old mother of four lay barely alive in an intensive care bed at Box Hill Hospital, her body racked with multiple organ failure.

Beer for $1 in supermarkets

The Sunday Telegraph

Discount supermarket giant Aldi will begin stocking its shelves with $1 beers — including 80c cans of light — across the state from next year, despite objections from NSW Health. The state’s licensing authority has shrugged off warnings against selling super-cheap alcohol in supermarkets to give Aldi the green light for 34 outlets to stock beer for $1 a can and wine for as little as $2.25 a litre.

Desperately seeking sperm: couple will swap for eggs


They are a loving couple in a stable relationship with a spacious family home in Sydney’s inner west. Now all they need to complete the picture is the family. Lesbian couple Elisa and Andrea have taken the unusual step of offering their eggs in return for sperm, so they can achieve their wish to have children. It has been a difficult road to navigate for the pair.

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