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Organisers praying to stop abortion

Paul Dobbyn - Catholic Leader

The organisers of 40 Days For Life prayer campaigns around the world similar to one which starts in Brisbane on Tuesday have claimed the closure of 20 abortion centres as signs of success. Campaign organiser Brendan Wong hopes it will soon be Brisbane's turn "for similar victories" when a prayer vigil continues throughout the 40 days of Lent outside a Bowen Hills abortion clinic.


Australian government says yes to R18+ video games bill

Claire Connelly and Lee Taylor -

After 10 years of fighting and negotiations, a bill that will usher in an 18+ category for video games has been introduced. A bill was introduced into Federal Parliament today bringing classification categories for gaming in line with existing categories for films and television shows.

Drugs & Alcohol

Cocktail of pills and alcohol killed Whitney Houston

Rhys Blakey - The Times

Whitney Houston is thought to have died after taking a cocktail of prescription medicines and alcohol, but probably did not drown in her bath, investigators believe. Houston, 48, was found in the bath in her room at the Beverly Hilton hotel, Los Angeles, on Sunday (AEST). It is thought her aunt, Mary Jones, found her. Ms Jones had laid out a dress for the singer and left the room for about half an hour; when she returned, Houston was unconscious.


Young men targeted by gambling companies


Researchers from Monash University say gambling companies are increasingly targeting young men who have disposable incomes.

Casino executive who complained of sexual harassment loses her job

 Sean Nicholls, Matthew Moore - SMH

One of the two female executives at The Star casino who complained they were sexually harassed by its sacked former managing director, Sid Vaikunta, was told she had lost her job on Monday. The woman, a senior human resources executive at the casino for more than three years, is a close friend of Peter Grimshaw, a senior adviser to the Premier, Barry O'Farrell.

Human Rights

China vows to improve human rights

Herald Sun

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping says Beijing will take concrete steps to improve human rights as he admitted "there is always room for improvement." Xi said that in his talks in Washington with President Barack Obama, he "stressed China has made tremendous and well-recognised achievements in the field of human rights over the past 30-plus years since reform and opening up".


Should you take his name?

Andrea Black - SMH

You're at a wedding, the vows have been made, rings exchanged and kiss sealed when the celebrant makes the announcement to the standing party: "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the loving couple Mr and Mrs Benjamin Jones." Depending on your point of view, those last five words can sound romantically unifying or they can rankle. What happened to the bride's identity? While there are no official Australian records to verify if more brides are taking their husband's surnames than, say, 20 years ago (Births, Deaths and Marriages and Australian Bureau of Statistics don't keep a record), evidence suggests that more are returning to that tradition.

Should same-sex marriage be legalised in Australia, and why?


Kevin Andrews, and Stephen Jones debate the push for same-sex marriage laws in Australia.


Odds rapidly Shorten on a different leader

Malcolm Farr - The Punch

Labor MPs now feel condemned to an unhappy routine of Gillard Government advances crashing into the roadblock of the leadership standoff with Kevin Rudd. Many are also despairing over the prospect that the only way to end instability caused by Kevin Rudd’s ambitions is to gratify them.

Don't dump PM, union bosses tell feuding factions

Phillip Coorey - SMH

Senior union figures are urging Gillard government MPs contemplating changing leaders to consider the political disaster that NSW Labor became. With pressure building on Julia Gillard and even her most loyal supporters conceding the matter could come to a head sooner rather than later, the union national secretaries told the Herald that dumping another prime minister would just exacerbate Labor's plight.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

The disquieting treatment of Christians by the Palestinians

Michael Curtis - Stonegate Institute

In the voluminous commentaries on the Middle East today very little attention has been given to the sad fate of Christians in the Arab and Muslim countries. Even less attention has been paid to the contrast between the treatment of Christians in Israel and their treatment in Arab countries. In Israel Christians have religious freedom and their numbers have increased. In Arab countries the religious freedom of Christians is restricted and their number has been reduced because of harassment, fear, and persecution.


UN chief calls for calm on refugees

Kirsty Needham - SMH

The United Nations refugee chief has called Australia's collective obsession with asylum seekers arriving by boat ''out of proportion'' and urged that the ''very politicised'' debate be conducted in a less polarising manner.

Sexualisation of Society

Sexed up tween advertising shows fashion needs to grow up

Emma Rush and Caroline Norma - SMH

"The 'sexualisation' of girls for the purpose of selling products has been condemned worldwide for several years now as a form of 'corporate paedophilia.'" 'Corporate paedophilia' is a worrying global trend on the rise. For those who might have missed it, Witchery has just launched a new clothing range for eight- to 14-year-old girls called "8fourteen".

Porn teacher quits

Gelong Advertiser

The teacher at the centre of an online porn video has resigned from his position at Oberon High School. The Highton man, who was filmed having sex with his partner a former student at the school handed in his resignation as the storm raged over whether he was fit to continue as a teacher.


Gay activists attack church over same-sex marriage message


Same Sex Marriage supporters attacked Wallsend Presbyterian Church last night in response to a message criticising same-sex marriage displayed on the building’s outside notice board. [ Note the graffiti message: “Tolerance is a virtue” and the forgiveness ]