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Croydon Clinic stops late-term abortions

Staff Writer - Herald Sun

Australia's only clinic offering late-term surgical abortions has scrapped them. The Croydon clinic will no longer give abortions to women post 24 weeks.

A mother's nightmare as baby born deformed after doctors misdiagnose ectopic pregnancy and inject foetus with abortion drug

Daily Mail

A mother is suing the obstetrician who she claims misdiagnosed her pregnancy as ectopic and injected her foetus with an abortant, resulting in birth defects. Thirty-five-year-old Rachel Schoger of Caldwell, Idaho, says she was four weeks five days pregnant with her daughter, Seraphine, when her doctor injected her foetus with chemotherapy drug methotrexate in 2006. Two weeks later, the baby was found inside the uterus. And against all odds, Seraphine made it through term.

Charities & NFP

Dump ACT charity bins: Vinnies

Noel Towell - The Canberra Times

One of Canberra's leading charities has called for the hundreds of donations bins around the capital to be scrapped, declaring the concept a thing of the past. St Vincent de Paul's management made the call heading into a round table meeting of the city's leading charities, called to discuss the problem of illegal dumping around the bins.

Children & Family

Crash couple died after 60 years together

Vincent Morello - AAP

Donald and Patricia Logan had just celebrated 60 years of marriage when they died in a tragic head-on collision in Sydney's southwest. The elderly couple, aged in their eighties, were returning from visiting their newborn great granddaughter with their 59-year-old son Calvyn when they were killed by a runaway B-double truck. The truck had careered onto the wrong side of the Hume Highway, near Menangle, before ploughing into their Ford Mondeo.

Drugs & Alcohol

Australia Day drinking problem

Eleanor Hall - ABC

If Australia Day is a reflection of our nation's identity, the latest evidence suggests that we have a major problem. A study examining 10 years worth of emergency response calls shows more young Australians get drunk and violent on Australia Day than on any other day of the year. The authors of the study say it's partly a cultural problem but they say it's also one that can be addressed by government action.


Why we can't trust Gillard any more

Michael Short - SMH

The Prime Minister has let us all down, particularly young people. Some things transcend politics and policy and the lust for power. Truth, honesty, integrity, decency and fairness are immutable values. They are the ethical substance of life. They ought to be cherished. To sell them out is to sell one's soul. It is even worse when a leader expediently betrays these values, because it undermines the entire community.

The QLD election decoded

Julia Thornton - The Punch

The biggest complicating factor for the Queensland General Election, which is due before the end of March was the local government elections were due on 31 March. That left Premier Bligh with either dates of 18 or 24 February, or get mixed up in Easter or wait until May and by then she wouldn’t have a mandate. The Electoral Commission Queensland has asked repeatedly for a six-week buffer between the two general elections. To her credit, Premier Bligh has respected that and shunted the local government elections to April or May and scheduled the General Election for 24 March.

Petition for the release of imprisoned Christians in Saudi Arabia


International Christian Concern has learned that 35 Christian Ethiopian men and women were arrested after holding a prayer meeting at a private home in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on December 15th. Our sources indicate they have been imprisoned without trial and have not been told when or if they will be released. Our sources also indicate that the men in the prison have been violently assaulted by their interrogators and that one of them has sustained serious injuries to his ribs and was unable to move until recently. During interrogations some of the prisoners have been mocked by authorities for their Christian beliefs. The women report that they were strip searched upon their arrest and that unsanitary conditions during the search have led to illnesses among some of the prisoners for which they are unable to obtain proper medical treatment. - Also Saudi Arabian officials assault strip-search Christian prisoners

Sexualisation of Society

The authentic feminism of Melida Tankard Reist

Renate Klein and Susan Hawthorne - ABC Religion and Ethics

Since the publication of Rachael Hills's article "Who's Afraid of Melinda Tankard Reist" (and see her reflections two weeks later) at least ten on-line and print media articles have joined in a public dissection and commentary along the lines of, "she's a conservative religious fundamentalist" and "she's pro-life and can't be a feminist." The subliminal context of the attempts to bring Melinda Tankard Reist to her knees and destroy her work is of course the elephant in the room: if her considerable impact on educating the public about the harms of the sex industry could be reduced, the pornography and prostitution promoters and profiteers would rejoice.


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