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Pro-life campaigners should give up intimidation for Lent

Lee Rhiannon - The Drum ABC

Over the past weeks, just a few blocks from my office in Sydney, there has been a group of protesters holding rosary beads stationed outside an abortion clinic. There is a very large professionally printed banner urging people to pray and fast for an end to abortion and there are leaflets being handed out. I can only guess what disturbing images and guilt-making rhetoric they may contain. As we celebrate International Women's Day, this action has special resonance.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Same-sex custody battle could change US law

James L Rosica -

A US custody battle in Florida between two lesbians could fuel the growing national debate over the definition of motherhood. It also might force state lawmakers to reconsider a 19-year-old law regarding the rights of sperm and egg donors. The women, now in their 30s and known in court papers only by their initials, were both law enforcement officers in Florida. One partner donated an egg that was fertilised and implanted in the other. That woman gave birth in 2004, nine years into their relationship.

Drugs & Alcohol

Heroin deal linked to shooting death of policeman David Rixon

Clementine Cuneo - The Daily Telegraph

Slain police officer David Rixon was shot after he unwittingly interrupted a heroin deal on a Tamworth street, investigators will allege. Police will claim Senior-Constable Rixon had found approximately 500g of heroin in a car he pulled over moments before he was fatally shot last Friday.

Death penalty sought for Aussie drug accused Edward Myatt

Karlis Salna -

The Australian arrested last week for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs into Bali can expect no mercy as the customs chief confirmed his office will press police and prosecutors to seek the death penalty. Edward Myatt is yet to be formally charged, but authorities have already indicated they intend to deal with him in the harshest of ways after he was allegedly caught attempting to smuggle hashish and methamphetamines into Bali in his stomach.

ACT pubs and clubs bemoan policing fee

Noel Towell - SMH

Canberra's liquor industry says it is paying too much of the cost of policing alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour on the city's streets. The ACT branch of the Australian Hotels Association told a Legislative Assembly committee yesterday that recent reductions in alcohol-related incidents and arrests should result in lower licensing fees for venues that sell alcohol.


Greens to quiz PM Gillard on euthanasia

Nine MSN

Australian Greens MP Adam Bandt will use question time in parliament next week to try to reignite the voluntary euthanasia debate. Mr Bandt has agreed to ask Prime Minister Julia Gillard about the issue following a poll on the most popular question time topics by activist website OurSay.Org. "The old parties have vacated the political battlefield of ideas, so they shy away from advancing issues like dying with dignity ... despite having popular support to do so," he said.


Federal opposition tight-lipped on pokies policy

The federal opposition has opted to sit on their new policy to tackle problem gambling, in light of Prime Minister Julia Gillard's recent U-turn to withdraw support for pokies mandatory pre-commitment technology. In November, the coalition set up an internal gambling taskforce to talk to community and industry representatives about ways to tackle poker machine addiction and was supposed to report back in late February.

American Indian tribes cautious on online gambling

Oskar Garcia - SMH

Leaders who run casinos for Indian tribes told regulators and companies on Tuesday that they won't support new laws involving online gambling unless it's clear how tribes nationwide will be affected. Chairwoman Leslie Lohse of the California Tribal Business Alliance said at the iGaming North America conference that online gambling has cultural and economic implications that shouldn't be brushed off because others are in a hurry to start taking bets.


Marriage boosts survival following coronary artery bypass surgery

News Medical Net

Married adults who undergo heart surgery are more than three times as likely as single people who have the same surgery to survive the next three months, a new study finds. "That's a dramatic difference in survival rates for single people, during the most critical post-operative recovery period," says Ellen Idler, a sociologist at Emory University and lead author of the study, which appears in the March issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior. "We found that marriage boosted survival whether the patient was a man or a woman." While the most striking difference in outcomes occurred during the first three months, the study showed that the strong protective effect of marriage continues for up to five years following coronary artery bypass surgery. Overall, the hazard of mortality is nearly twice as great for unmarried as it is for married patients about to undergo the surgery.

Big gay wedding before they're over the Hills

Herald Sun

About 20 couples have registered for a mass same-sex TV "wedding" to be hosted by Adam Hills this month. Hills expects many more couples to register over the next fortnight for the wedding on the ABC chat show Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight. "Same-sex couples may not be able to legally marry in Australia yet, but they sure as hell can have a great big TV wedding," he said. Top British comedian Stephen Fry, a champion of same-sex marriage, has sent a message of support.


Are the Democrats dying or is it just a flesh wound?

Tory Shepherd - The Punch

Political parties with more than 500 members include the Australian Sex Party, the HEMP Party, the Shooters and Fishers Party, and the Communists. Family First could probably muster 500 members from a single mega-church. But the Australian Democrats, once the third force in Australian politics, are being threatened with deregistration because the Australian Electoral Commission says its national membership has fallen below the 500 threshold.

Soft-porn claims hit LNP candidate

Suzanne Lappeman - Gold Coast

Gold Coast LNP candidate Mark Boothman ran a soft porn website that featured pictures and videos of naked women and sex scenes before he was preselected to run in the seat of Albert. In yet another sex scandal involving an LNP candidate -- and on International Women's Day -- the Bulletin can reveal Mr Boothman is the registrant, administrative contact and technical contact for, which from 2003 to 2008 promoted "hot sex scenes" and had links such as "Control Your Bitches", "So much porn" and "hot teen".

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Regional development, and a new approach to prostitution

Sarah Gillman - ABC Hobart

Leon Crompton caught up with Dr Ernest Sirolli, who has been working with individuals and larger groups to develop community entrepreneurialism. Leon also spoke with anti prostitution campaigner Laila Mickelwait ,and former Children's Commissioner Paul Mason, about the 'Swedish Model' for law and sexual services. Leon looked at calls for a change in Tasmania's laws on prostitution. American Laila Mickelwait of Exodus Cry says the system adopted in Sweden, Norway and Iceland could protect people coerced into prostitution.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

'Religious cleansing' going on in America

Russ Jones - OneNewsNow

A legal advocacy group is confronting growing religious hostility toward veterans' memorials in the U.S., as some liberal organizations seek to tear down many public monuments. In October 2011, the full Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declined to review or reverse its own panel decision calling for the removal of the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial cross near San Diego. So a non-profit legal firm dedicated to defending and restoring religious freedoms across the nation is taking action. "We have all kinds of veterans' memorials [displaying] crosses or Stars of David, and they would literally all be bulldozed or sandblasted if this decision is upheld," warns Kelly Shackelford, president of Liberty Institute.

US ABC blasphemes Jesus with GCB show

Ted Baehr - WND

The ABC Network has taken blasphemy against God, the Bible, God’s church and Jesus Christ to new levels of depravity. An advertisement for ABC’s new program, “GCB,” found in a New York subway, not only is a blasphemous use of the biblical command to “Love thy neighbor,” it also blasphemes Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to save the souls of all people who have faith in Him. Based on the book, “Good Christian Bi—-s,” by Kim Gatlin, “GCB” is about a woman named Amanda Vaughn, played by Leslie Bibb, who returns home to Dallas with her two children after facing marital and financial troubles. The trailers, ads and name suggest this series will not be family friendly or even respectful toward Christians.


Abbott's visa pledge for 1000 women refugees

Phillip Hudson - Herald Sun

A guaranteed 1000 women judged to be the most "at risk" - and their dependent children - will be made priority refugees every year under an Abbott government. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will today make the pledge for International Women's Day. "Women at risk and their dependants waiting in camps and other desperate places offshore are among the most vulnerable of all who seek a better life in Australia," Mr Abbott said.