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In Italy, gain and loss in the struggle for life

Josephine Quintavalle - MercatorNet

The abortion rate has halved in 15 years, but there is a disturbing new trend. I receive an excellent newspaper cutting service from the Movimento per la Vita in Italy, and am grateful to my pro-life colleagues in that great country for keeping us up-to-date on the significant progress they are making on so many ethical fronts.

DNC chair and an ‘extreme view of life’


The chair of the national Democratic Party has issued a statement on a vote taking place next week in Mississippi on an amendment saying human life begins at conception or fertilization. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Democratic congresswoman chosen by President Barack Obama to head the party, called making such a statement “an extreme and radical step,” according to a new CNS News report.

Children & Family

Daniel Morcombe's parents to blitz Gold Coast schools over stranger danger message

Greg Stolz - The Courier-Mail

Bruce and Denise Morcombe will 'blitz' Gold Coast schools to reinforce the stranger danger message following a spate of child abduction scares on the Glitter Strip. Education Minister Cameron Dick announced the plan today at a high-level summit he convened on the Coast to address community fears.

Focus on 'prevention' abusing kids

Jeremy Sammut - Online opinion

Despite increasing government spending on programs meant to prevent child abuse and entries into care, record numbers of children are currently in Out of Home Care in Australia, and this is the most expensive part of the child welfare system.

Wesley Mission calls for national youth mentoring strategy after new research

Wesley Mission

Wesley Mission released a 10-point plan to build better mentoring support in our community after its latest research report revealed that three in four young people who have been formally mentored have been able to set realistic goals and realise an expanded and positive view of the future.


Advertising watchdog rules controversial childbirth commercial is not offensive

Julie Robotham - SMH

A fertility clinic commercial that shows a woman giving birth does not offend community standards and is acceptable viewing for children, the national advertising watchdog has ruled in a decision set to further polarise opinion on the use of babies' images to promote in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

Drugs & Alcohol

Push for alcohol health warnings

Peter Jean - The Canberra Times

The results of an opinion poll will be used to pressure Australia's health ministers to quickly introduce mandatory health warnings on alcohol containers. Fifty-eight per cent of Australians support the introduction of health warnings on alcoholic beverages, according to a Galaxy survey commissioned by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education.

No room in the womb for alcohol


A flagship Indigenous health care initiative in Western Australia's remote Fitzroy Valley has received vital funding that will allow it to progress to a new phase. The Lililwan Project, as it is known, is part of a wider community-led strategy developed by local Indigenous women to address the diagnosis and prevention of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) in their community. It also provides support for parents and carers of affected children.


Schools' wake-up call

Emma Mc Donald - The Canberra Times

Australia's education performance is stalling, indigenous students are falling further behind and the global financial crisis is preventing educated and skilled young Australians from getting a job.

Independent school starts fee war

Bruce McDougall - The Daily Telegraph

An independent school has fired the latest salvo in Sydney's "school wars" as debate heats up over whether families should be given more choice between government and private schools. Mamre Anglican School at Kemps Creek is claiming a national first by slashing fees by 10 per cent in 2012 to help low-income families and lift enrolments - which have already soared 60 per cent over the past three years.


Assisted suicide/euthanasia case is a recipe for elder abuse and a threat to individual patient rights

News wire

Will Johnston, a Vancouver physician and Chair of the EPC - BC states: "I see elder abuse in my practice, often perpetrated by family members and caregivers. A desire for money or an inheritance is typical. To make it worse, the victims protect the perpetrators. In one case, an older woman knew that her son was robbing her blind and lied to protect him. Why? Family loyalty, shame, and fear that confronting the abuser will cost love and care.

Australia’s Dr Death heading back to UK for euthanasia tour


An Australian euthanasia campaigner is set to hold a seminar on suicide methods in a seaside retirement town as part of his tour of Britain.

Dr Philip Nitschke has faced criticism for advising the elderly and terminally ill on suicide methods.


Insider trader makes case for reduced sentence

Leonie Lamont - SMH

Insider trader John Hartman yesterday exchanged his prison greens for a suit and tie as the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal began the process of re-sentencing the one-time Orion equities dealer. He told investigators he was a gambling addict, with substantial losses at the Sydney casino and with bookmakers. He repaid $1.59 million under the proceeds of crime legislation.


Left figures oppose conscience vote on gay marriage

Michelle Grattan – The Age

The push for a compromise to defuse the gay marriage issue at next month's ALP conference is facing resistance from the party's Left. A Left convener, Doug Cameron, yesterday joined Mental Health Minister Mark Butler in saying that a conscience vote for MPs - being seen as a face saver on the issue - is not adequate. They say the party should endorse gay marriage and MPs should be bound to vote for it.

The Bulls, the beds and the hotel rules: no unmarrieds

Steven Morris - Watoday

Peter and Hazel Bull launch appeal after they were told to pay damages for banning a gay couple from sharing a double room. Devout Christian hotel owners who refused to allow a gay couple to share a double room have insisted at the appeal court that they should have been allowed to impose the ban.

Most Christians in Britain opposed to plans to legalise same-sex marriage

Christian Today

A new poll has found strong opposition among Christians to the legalisation of same-sex marriage. The survey of more than 500 churchgoing Christians found that 83% are opposed to the Conservative Party's plans, with 75% "strongly opposed".

Fraser confident on Qld civil union bill


Acting Premier Andrew Fraser is confident a bill to allow same-sex civil unions in Queensland will pass in state parliament.


Virginity sale shows state of morality

Jim Wallace – The Daily Telegraph

The revelation that a Sydney escort agency is offering for sale a virgin should provide a reality check on the state of morality in our society.

Overseas Aid

Pakistan pleads for more flood aid

Australian Network News

Aid groups in Pakistan are warning that a lack of foreign donations is threatening relief efforts for five million people affected by flooding in the Sindh province. Less than a third of the United Nation's $US357 million flood appeal has been met.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Iran presses pastor: Islam or death

Benjamin Weinthal - JPost

Iran’s government and security apparatus have ratcheted up the pressure on Evangelical pastor Youcef Nadarkhani to convert to Islam or face execution, Fox News reported on Saturday. Youcef Nadarkhani, now 34, was arrested in 2009 for questioning the compulsory Islamic education of his children and for seeking to register a home-based church. He was sentenced to death in 2010.

Three Christians killed in attacks in Nigeria’s Kaduna State

Compass Direct

It was a few minutes before 10 at night when the staccato sound of gunfire interrupted the serene worship of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church near Zonkwa, Kaduna state. When the chaos ended, two women lay dead and 12 people were wounded. The attack by a Muslim extremist gang in Tabak 1 village on Thursday (Nov. 3) shattered the peace long known to Christians there, area sources said. The following night at about the same time, the gang raided another Christian community near Zonkwa, Kurmin-Bi, killing one Christian and injuring another.


Compensation payouts to asylum seekers reach $23m

Kirsty Needham - SMH

THE federal government has been forced to pay $18 million in compensation to asylum seekers for unlawful detention, and $5 million to former detainees for negligence. The $23 million in compensation is more than twice the level previously admitted by the federal government

Sexualisation of Society

Boob tube: Google signs up 24/7 porn

The Age

Vivid Entertainment is bringing porn to Google TV. The Los Angeles adult entertainment company launched its Vivid for Google TV channel on Monday as "the first TV app designed to make sexually explicit content available through the new Google TV set-top device".