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Committed to life

Paul Dobbyn - Catholic Leader

Dwindling numbers at Brisbane's annual Walk for Little Feet and other gatherings opposing the liberalisation of abortion laws in Queensland have pro-life organisers concerned. But a campaign to unseat politicians supporting abortion legislation is gearing up across Quensland.

Children & Family
Last term I was a boy, now I’m a’s fun

Emma Little - The Sun

A boy spoke of his joy yesterday at being able to go back to school as a girl. The ten-year-old child — who has behaved like a girl since around the age of two — said his new life was "fun". His mum diagnosed him with "gender dysphoria" after she read about the condition on Google.

More opposition to SA euthanasia bill

Opposition is mounting to the latest moves in South Australia to legalise euthanasia. The Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Law Society of South Australia have already opposed the latest legislation before state parliament. Now the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia (CMDFA) has also spoken out against the bill, which will be subject to a conscience vote later this month.

Human Rights
Victoria must not weaken its rights charter

Opinion – The Age

For institutions, the meanest death is to be preserved in a manner that undermines their reason for existence. That fate now looms for Victoria's Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities, the most progressive legal reform of Labor's years in power and the only rights charter yet adopted in an Australian state. (The ACT is the only other Australian jurisdiction with a charter.) This week the joint-house scrutiny of acts and regulations committee presented to Parliament its report on the operation of the charter, which was enacted in 2006. The report is comprehensive in scope, drawing from legal expertise and widespread consultation in the community. But its conclusions are depressingly and predictably partisan, reflecting the gulf that has existed between Labor and most Coalition MPs since a charter was first mooted by former attorney-general Rob Hulls.

Handle with care
Farah Farouque - SMH

A parliamentary committee yesterday tabled its review of the state's human rights charter. Are the rights and liberties of Victorians under threat?

Vic's human rights reputation 'at risk'
Edwina Scott - SMH

Victoria risks keeping company with countries like Belarus and Zimbabwe if it adopts recommendations to wind-back the state's key human rights legislation, a civil libertarian has warned.

Laurie Ferguson alone in same-sex support

Vera Bertola - Macarthur Chronicle

Werriwa federal Labor MP Laurie Ferguson is the lone voice among Macarthur MPs supporting proposed changes to the Marriage Act. Mr Ferguson said he would be inclined to support the changes although he considered the option of civil union to be a reasonable compromise. Hume federal Liberal MP Alby Schultz and Fowler federal Labor MP Chris Hayes, both made speeches to the House highlighting their belief in the sanctity of marriage.

Overseas Aid
Church acts on Sudan crisis

Catholic News

The Catholic Church is offering emergency aid in response to a new humanitarian crisis in Sudan caused by a fresh out-break of fighting in the Blue Nile State. Conflict broke out in Damazin town on September 1 between the Sudanese military, based in Khar-toum, and soldiers aligned to the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) North, following armed attacks on government buildings.

Religious Persecution
No rights or drinking water for residents in one of Islamabad’s Christian ghettoes

Jibran Khan - AsiaNews

Forced into a ghetto without basic human rights, Pakistani Christians often lack drinking water and decent sanitation, with up to seven people living in one-room hovels, children included. Many call the France Colony home, an area in central Islamabad that is isolated from the rest of the city by a wall. Despite complaints, nothing has changed. Now, there is a glimmer of hope after the Masihi Foundation set up a school for local children, providing them with books, bags and uniforms free of charge, a project activists hope to bring to the rest of the country.

After 10 years, few changes in Saudi extremist textbooks
Benjamin Mann - Catholic News Agency

A new report shows that Saudi Arabia, home to 15 of the 19 terrorist hijackers of 9/11, continues to promote a violent form of Islam through its school system and textbooks 10 years after the attacks. Texts continue to teach students that “the Jews and the Christians are enemies” of Muslims, and that “the struggle of this (Muslim) nation with the Jews and Christians … will continue as long as God wills.”

Gillard refuses to outline asylum Plan B

Adam Gartrell - SMH

Prime Minister Julia Gillard is refusing to say whether she has an asylum seeker backup plan if Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will not help her resurrect the Malaysian people swap deal. Mr Abbott has accepted Ms Gillard's offer of a briefing from senior officials on Friday about Labor's plan to amend migration laws to allow offshore processing, placed in doubt by the High Court last month.

Rudd guru Joshua Gans slams NBN monopoly as deal 'will harm consumers'

Annabel Hepworth - The Australian

Key planks of the National Broadband Network business case are anti-competitive and will send Australia backwards, one of Kevin Rudd's "best and brightest" economic brains has warned. In a blistering critique, economist Joshua Gans, who in 2008 was hand-picked to attend the then prime minister's 2020 summit to discuss productivity, has criticised plans to subsidise the rural NBN rollout through the prices that urban consumers pay.