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Gene rights ban rejected

Mark Metherell – SMH

A proposed ban on the controversial patenting of human genetic material has lost the support of a Senate committee which threatens to renew the intense debate that has pitched patients and doctors against researchers and biotech companies.

Eugenics in Australia: The secret of Melbourne’s elite
Ross L Jones - The Conversation

Eugenics — the science of improving the race —was a powerful influence on the development of Western civilisation in the first half of the twentieth century. And Melbourne’s elite were among its chief proponents. In this period all the institutions and practices of modern societies came into being and eugenics played an important role in moulding them.

Children & Family
Gen Y can’t I have everything I want … and now!

Ken Coates - The Conversation

Every adult generation in history has worried about the young people following in their wake. Youth have almost always been found wanting, seemingly lacking the attributes and qualities necessary for lifelong success. That adults are currently deeply worried about the current “Entitlement Generation” follows in a well-established pattern. But, if the experience of many university professors is a guide, adults may be right this time.

Earth to gamer, come in gamer: Video games are warping your view of reality

The Telegraph

Some video game players are so immersed in their virtual environment that when they stop playing they transfer their experiences into the real world, according to new research.

How video games blur real life boundaries and prompt thoughts of 'violent solutions' to players' problems
Jenny Hope – Mail Online

Some video game players are transferring their screen experiences into the real world - prompting thoughts of ‘violent solutions’ to their problems, say researchers.

Drugs & Alcohol
Call for minimum price on alcohol


Victorian health experts are calling for a minimum price on alcohol to combat alcohol abuse. A symposium is being held in Melbourne today to help shape the Victorian Government's alcohol and drug strategy. Professor Dan Lubman from the Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre says the accessibility of alcohol must be addressed.

Where is the worst place in the world to be a doctor?

Michael Cook – Mercatornet

Could there be a worse place in the world to be a doctor than the Netherlands? Not because of the standard of its health care; it has one of the highest life expectancies in the world and one of the lowest infant mortality rates. But because the professional association of Dutch physicians has decreed that euthanasia is an integral part of a doctor’s job.

Hot stock: Crown
Greg Fraser - SMH

There is a high-stakes game being played out between Crown’s Melbourne and Perth casinos and Echo Entertainment Group’s newly renamed The Star Casino in Sydney. Echo has spent $960 million on its upgrade but Crown will have spent almost $2.1 billion across its two casinos by the time everything is finished.

'Cruelty to homeless' during CHOGM in Perth

Nicolas Perpitch - The Australian

The Barnett government has been accused of cruelty for providing only 30 extra beds for the homeless during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth next month.

Indigenous issues
Barnett 'disgusted' by racist slurs in WA
Josh Jerga -SMH

Western Australia's Premier Colin Barnett says he's disgusted by the racial vilification of Aboriginal land owners who support a gas hub near Broome. Newsletters are being distributed in Broome deriding the Aboriginal groups who support Woodside's $30 billion liquefied natural gas hub as "money-hungry coconuts". Traditional land owners signed a deal with the WA government and Woodside in June to allow the project at James Price Point to go ahead in exchange for $1.5 billion in community, education and employment benefits.

One more step to reconciliation
Michael Gordon - The Age

Convincing voters to recognise the first Australians in the constitution will be no easy task.

Indigenous women tell it straight about trouble at home
Lauren Wilson - The Autsralian

Lillian Gray has spent decades working in her Queensland community of Cherbourg to curb systemic alcohol abuse and family breakdowns.

SA Aboriginal lands likened to Somalia
Natasha Robinson - The Australian

A Cape-York style of voluntary income management is sorely needed in South Australia's Anangu, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara Lands, which have been compared to Somalia by the former chief of the Northern Territory intervention.

Back to the drawing board, again
Rosemary Neill and Michael Owen - The Australian

Chris Malcolm is well aware of how the Red Cross recently delivered food parcels to hungry families in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands, a vast, indigenous-owned region in South Australia's northwest.

The real truth of biology

Catholic Leader

All societies have defined marriage as the voluntary union for life of a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others, for self-fulfilment and open to the begetting of children. Nature and history have abundantly shown that this true marriage is the bedrock of society and must be protected for the proper birthing, bonding, nurturing, and the best security, identity and education of children.

Tasmanian same-sex vote to put pressure on federal Labor
Matthew Denholm – The Australian

Gay activists say yesterday's vote by Tasmania's lower house calling for gay marriage -- the first in an Australia parliament -- will build pressure on federal Labor ahead of its national conference.

Same-sex marriage vote succeeds
Felicity Ogilvie - ABC

Tasmania's Lower House has become the first in the country to vote in favour of same-sex marriage. The Greens motion is supported by Labor MPs and calls on the Federal Government to change the Marriage Act, but it does not have the full support of the Tasmanian Parliament because it was not considered by the Upper House.

Taking marriage message to Town Hall
Star Observer

DJ and flash mob maestro Dan Murphy is teaming with GetUp this Sunday September 25 to shoot a large-scale video in support of marriage equality at Sydney Town Hall. Without giving the surprise away, the idea is to fill the ground floor of Sydney Town Hall with hundreds of supporters of marriage equality. Participants will work together to represent visually how the statistics in support of same-sex marriage have increased over time.

Tasmania's giant leap for same-sex marriage
Senthorun Raj - The Age

"We should value difference and diversity, and devalue discrimination."

Overseas Aid
Horn of Africa: A crisis deepens but who is helping?

Eva-Maria Kolman and John Pontifex - ACN News

The international community ignored the warning signs and has reacted too late as East Africa falls victim to a massive famine. This is the conclusion of Salesians of Don Bosco, who are organising aid relief amid worsening reports of famine centring on Somalia and spreading to Ethiopia and Kenya. Warnings of a humanitarian disaster came in December 2010 but at the time “nobody was listening”, Mattia Grandi, one of the local Salesian project coordinators told Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need.

Religious Persecution
Authorities refused treatment to Christian who died in Pakistan prison

Luiza Oleszczuk - Christian Post

A Christian man accused of blasphemy in Pakistan died of tropical fever in prison on Sept. 9, after the prison authorities refused him treatment, The Christian Post has learned. Aslam Masih died reportedly of the dengue virus, an infectious tropical disease.

Asylum impasse fuels ALP tensions as Julia Gillard loses supporters

Matthew Franklin - The Australian

Tony Abbott's refusal to rescue Julia Gillard's border security policy has sparked new speculation about her grip on the Labor leadership, amid growing nervousness on the backbench. And the Coalition has sought to capitalise on Labor's jitters, fanning rumours that dumped prime minister Kevin Rudd has been "working the phones" to drum up a leadership challenge while attending a UN meeting in New York.

Asylum bill due for vote today
Michelle Grattan - The Age

The government plans to bring its legislation to validate offshore processing to a vote in the House of Representatives today, after earlier indicating it would delay it until next month.

Make way for jetset asylum seekers
John Masanauskas - Herald Sun

Asylum claims by people who fly to Australia have doubled in the past five years, figures show.

Sexualisation of Society
Rescuing sex from porn
Clive Hamilton – ABC Religion

In June this year Hugh Hefner opened a new Playboy Club in London. When asked about the feminist demonstrators outside, Hefner said: "Playboy and the Playboy Clubs were the end of sexism."

Inviting Muslims to be heard


The Australian government faces a difficult situation. Who should it consult on issues of Muslim integration and radicalism? Who represents Islam? Is it the overseas-trained imams who have a firm grip on classical Islamic jurisprudence? Is it the grassroots community leaders who may not have the training of the imams, but have their finger on the pulse of their communities?

Viewers see no funny side with ABC show At Home with Julia
Paul Tatnell and Phillip Hudson - Herald Sun

The ABC has been swamped with complaints about its "low rent" elevision show about Prime Minister Julia Gillard. At Home with Julia - which has been described as "tasteless" and "offensive" - has left the network scrambling to defend its image while it moved to gag the show's creators. And the viewers are not impressed: the Herald Sun can reveal the ABC has received 463 complaints about the show since it aired just two weeks ago.

Archbishop 'ignored' church offer
Catherine Hockley in Canberra – The Advertiser

Archbishop John Hepworth was offered an investigation into rape claims two years ago but only authorised the Catholic Church to proceed this year.