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Pro-Life groups cheer upcoming probe of planned parenthood
Steven Ertelt - LifeNews
Leading pro-life groups applauded the news LifeNews first reported today that a congressional subcommittee will investigate the alleged financial impropriety and potential coverup of criminal activities at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics.

First embryonic stem cell trial is given go-ahead in the UK
The Christian Institute
British doctors will inject stem cells derived from human embryos into the eyes of young patients suffering sight problems, in the first clinical trial of its kind approved in Europe. Embryonic stem cell research remains highly controversial because it involves the destruction of human embryos. Doctors at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London will attempt to [...]

Drugs & Alcohol
MP and economist Andrew Leigh questions social cost of death from drinking
Sue Dunlevy - The Australian
Labor backbencher and former economics professor Andrew Leigh has questioned whether there is a social cost if someone drinks themselves to death. He made the comment as he defended the government's refusal to consider alcohol taxation changes at next week's tax summit.

Should we have a pledge of allegiance at schools?

Daniel Piotrowski - The Punch
Some countries conduct oaths of loyalty in schools. Many US states encourage (and some require) kids to take a pledge of allegiance to “the flag of the United States of America” at school. But what should an Aussie pledge of allegiance consist of? Should we even have one?

Gambling crime link 'shows reform needed'

Supporters of the federal government's poker machine reforms have seized on a new study showing almost three-quarters of drug crime is linked to gambling debts. The survey, conducted by a Vietnamese client services officer with NSW Corrective Services, found that out of more than 600 ethnic Vietnamese drug offenders in three NSW suburbs, 72 per cent had been lured into drug crimes to pay off gambling debts.

Victorians losing $300,000 an hour on pokies
Ashley Gardiner - Herald Sun
Victorians are losing $300,000 an hour on the pokies at pubs and clubs - $2.6 billion in the past year. The losses are $55 million more than in 2009-10 and come as Victorian clubs admit they are spending, on average, 5c out of each dollar of net revenue on direct community benefits.

Panel asked to 'fix' social housing

Former federal housing department secretary Jeff Harmer will lead an expert panel appointed to fix Australia's "inadequate" social housing system. The federal government says it's invested a record $5.6 billion since 2007 to have more than 21,000 new public housing dwellings built, but admits there's still holes in the way the system works.

Human Rights
Bolt loses in court but will public condemnation follow?

Bridget Griffen-Foley - The Conversation
Columnist and commentator Andrew Bolt has lost his racial discrimination case in the Federal Court. The action under the Racial Discrimination Act had been brought by nine Aboriginal people including high profile figures like Sydney academic Larissa Beherendt who claimed Bolt had discriminated against them by alleging they had sought professional advantage due to their Aboriginality.

Indigenous issues
Jenny Macklin in on welfare payments quarantine for APY Lands

Michael Owen - The Australian
The Gillard government will step in to determine the best model of intervention to quarantine welfare payments and allow families to buy food in troubled remote Aboriginal communities in South Australia. Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin emerged yesterday from crisis talks with the Rann Labor government in Adelaide and made clear her intention to act after four weeks of scrutiny over the state's alleged mishandling of food and service provision and funding inaction in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands.

World is witnessing indigenous reawakening
Kevin Rudd – SMH
We have an enormous privilege to share this continent with the oldest continuing culture in human history. They've been trying to trace when Aboriginal people first came to Australia, and the arrival is now estimated at 70,000 years ago.

Bolt unrepentant but slur victims hail victory
Karl Quinn - SMH
Andrew Bolt has had many better days, but Pat Eatock hasn't. ''This is the highlight of my life,'' the 73-year-old wheelchair-bound Aboriginal rights activist said outside the Federal Court in Melbourne yesterday after winning her race trial against the newspaper columnist.

Mayorship not weakened by boycott

The new mayor of Marrickville says it is time to move on from the Sydney council's shortlived and controversial boycott of Israeli goods. Independent councillor Morris Hanna was elected mayor of the inner-west Sydney council yesterday after former Greens mayor Fiona Byrne didn't contest her position. Ms Byrne, who was mayor during the Greens-led council's boycott of Israeli products and services, told councillors she could not afford to feed her family on a salary of $47,000 a year.

Protesters target Gillard in Melbourne
More than 100 protesters are targeting a Melbourne function attended by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, condemning the government's stance on same-sex marriage and asylum seekers. Carl Katter, the gay half-brother of federal independent MP Bob Katter, has addressed protesters outside a hotel in Melbourne's CBD where Ms Gillard is to address the University of Melbourne's AsiaLink conference.

Religious Persecution
Iranian Christian Imprisoned for about one year
Jeremy Reynalds - ASSIST News Service
An Iranian-Armenian Christian was arrested while leading a house church gathering and working as a social worker among drug addicts and prostitutes. In 2009, Mohabat News said, security forces arrested and jailed him. They accused him of opposing the Islamic faith and propagating Christianity.

Muslim extremists in Nigeria kill Christians in two states
Compass Direct News
Muslim extremists bent on ridding Nigeria’s volatile middle region of Christianity killed five Christians in Niger state on Thursday (Sept. 22) and three others the previous week in the north-central state of Kaduna, including a 13-year-old girl, sources said.

High Court decision a chance for refugee rethink

Sev Ozdowski - The Australian
The federal government's plans for asylum-seekers are in disarray. After coming into office and disbanding the Pacific Solution, a deal was struck with Malaysia that clearly undermines the human rights of people fleeing war-torn nations and our obligations under the refugee convention. According to human rights organisations, refugees in Malaysia would endure canings, tiny cells and diseases spread by vermin. The High Court thankfully has struck down this policy, citing the lack of binding arrangements to protect refugees.

Sexualisation of Society
Queensland HIV cases have doubled in a decade

Spencer Howson - ABC
Far from HIV being an 80s disease, the number of diagnoses in Queensland has doubled in the last decade. And in past year, we've had more cases than any other state.