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What are the ethics of photography when everyone is a photographer?


How do you remain an ethical photographer when everyone's relentlessly Twitpic-ing, Facebooking and sharing pics taken from their 5 megapixel cameraphones with the latest Apps installed to give artifical effects and ambience to their images?

Drugs & Alcohol

$22m of cannabis seized as 58 houses raided: police


The mother of twin babies was among a number of gambling addicts arrested in a series of police drug raids across southwest Sydney that also netted $22.6 million worth of cannabis. Since March, the police have raided 58 houses, seizing almost 7,000 marijuana plants and 131kg worth of cannabis.


The marriage gap that’s destroying Middle America

Carolyn Moynihan - MercatorNet

It was a traumatic and costly lesson, but the rioting in English cities last weekend has forced “broken Britain” to face where its major social faultlines lie. Without a doubt, family breakdown is one of them, destabilising the welfare class over several decades by robbing children of their fathers and replacing them all too often with their mothers’ transient partners or with the Alpha males who run neighbourhood gangs

Marriage triples your chances of surviving major heart surgery

Daily Mail

Married couples are three times more likely to survive major heart surgery than cohabiting ones, researchers say.  However, the scientists from the University of Rochester in New York found that while men benefited no matter what the state of their marriage, women were only boosted if they were content in their union.

Poor reply to MPs gay marriage survey in Monash

Emma Schmidt - Waverley Leader

Fewer than 1 per cent of 86,000 constituents in a key Monash federal electorate responded to an online survey about the same-sex marriage debate.  Chisholm, held by federal Labor MP Anna Burke, drew the poor but passionate result of 335 votes against same-sex marriage and 233 votes in support.


Malaysia swap deal 'breaches' refugees' basic rights

Milanda Rout - The Australian

The full bench of the High Court has been told the Gillard government's Malaysian swap deal interferes with the right to liberty, freedom of movement and freedom from assault.  Lawyers for 41 asylum-seekers appealing their transfer to Kuala Lumpur told the first day of the two-day hearing yesterday that the forcible removal of asylum-seekers from Christmas Island would intervene with their fundamental human rights.

What was striking about the "Convoy of No Confidence" that rolled into Canberra yesterday was how many protesters looked like one-time traditional Labor voters. Not many employees or independent contractors can find the time or the money to travel to Canberra for a demonstration and the turnout was not large.