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Planned Parenthood: Husband not allowed in abortion counseling

Susan Tyrrell –

If Planned Parenthood had its way with influencing Alisha, she might not be the mother of two sons today. Last week we told you of Addison, who went to Planned Parenthood in Houston for help when she thought she was pregnant and found they only wanted to help her if she was interested in killing her baby. Sadly, this wasn’t a unusual story, and Alisha learned it a few years ago in Tampa, FL when she was just a 23-year old newlywed.


Donor families lose their say after transplant system overhaul

Kate Sikora – The Daily Telegraph

Families will no longer be able to overrule a relative's wish to be an organ donor in one of the biggest overhauls of the transplant system. The government is also looking at scrapping the Roads and Maritime Services (formerly RTA) donor registry in favour of the Medicare Australian Donor Register as part of a discussion paper released today.

Children & Family

Children fall victim to paedophile predators on internet

Alison Sandy – The Courier-Mail

Predators are trawling internet games and school websites as police estimate that four in every five children online already have been targeted. Police warn school holidays are peak season for paedophiles and have urged parents to closely monitor web activity. Queensland Police Service's Child Safety and Sexual Crime Group says recent investigations reveal that as well as using social media, pedophiles are trawling through school websites to plan abductions or targeting "single mothers'' via online dating.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Cancer patient hunts biological father in Malta

Sarah Carabott – Sunday Times

Fourteen years after being told she was conceived with the help of a sperm donor, a woman recently diagnosed with advanced cancer is determined to find the man who could shed light on her genetic and medical history. Born in Australia, Narelle Grech, 29, from Melbourne, is one of hundreds of Australians searching for their biological relatives. But since she was born before 1988, she has no legal right of access to her biological father’s details. Both her parents were born in Malta, so the clinic matched the blood group and Maltese origins when selecting the donor. "It has broken my heart many times over."


Christian group ready for bigger chaplaincy role

Dan Harrison – SMH

Access Ministries, a Victorian provider of chaplains and religious instructors, which has been accused of proselytising, plans to provide Christian workers to schools across the nation from next year under an enlarged chaplaincy program. The federal School Education Minister, Peter Garrett, ordered an investigation in May after a recording emerged of Access Ministries' chief executive, Evonne Paddison, telling a 2008 conference: ''We need to go and make disciples.''


Assisted Suicide – Canada revisits an old debate

Associated Press

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of Canada countered that Canadian political attitudes had not changed — that only last year Parliament voted 228-59 against changing the law to allow doctors to help people die "once the person has expressed his or her free and informed consent to die." The British Columbia Supreme Court is expected to rule early next year, but it is likely the decision will go to the Canadian Supreme Court, meaning no change in the law can be expected before next winter at the earliest.

Human Rights

NGOs hound Fiji over human rights concerns


A group of international non-governmental bodies has handed the Fijian interim prime minister a letter urging him to end press censorship and human rights abuses. Groups like the International Federation of Journalists and Human Rights Watch sent the letter on Monday, marking five years since the military coup that brought Frank Bainimarama to power.


MPs fear backlash on same-sex marriage in marginals

Matthew Franklin – The Australian

Labor MPs have warned that their party's embrace of gay marriage in its platform will damage their re-election chances in suburban and regional Bible belts. And the Australian Christian Lobby has foreshadowed an anti-Labor campaign at the next election, accusing Julia Gillard of breaching a direct undertaking she gave before last year's federal election to ensure the party's policy platform continued to reserve marriage as an institution between a man and a woman. The Prime Minister rejected the accusation, saying she had promised the government would not move to change the Marriage Act, and it would not be doing so.

Gay, but not happy about this “reform”

Andrew Bolt – Herald Sun

For all the screams against the “slippery slope” argument, I have yet to hear same-sex marriage advocates give a cogent reason why marriage - in their opinion - may be between any two consenting adults of any sex, but not between three.

Church marriage opposition 'not religious'

Graham Dowie – The Canberra Times

Church opposition to same-sex marriage had nothing to do with religion, general secretary of the Australian Bishops Conference Brian Lucas says. ''Marriage is uniquely the social structure within which we nurture the next generation,'' he said yesterday.

Christian lobby warns ALP of backlash over its policy change on same-sex marriage

Lanai Vaskek – The Australian

The head of the nation's powerful Christian lobby has warned of social upheaval as a result of Labor's approval of same-sex marriage. The Australian Christian Lobby's Jim Wallace said Labor had broken an election promise by endorsing same-sex marriage in its party policy, and the decision would carry “consequences”. “It was a promise given to me in person and I sent it out along to the Christian constituents and I almost feel as though I am compliant in this (broken promise),” Mr Wallace told Sky News.

Abbott maintains gay marriage opposition


Federal Coalition MPs who support same-sex marriage may have to wait until parliament resumes in February before learning whether they will be allowed a conscience vote on the issue. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott continues to insist the Coalition strongly opposes any change to the Marriage Act.

Marriage no fix-all for gay community: Entsch

Marissa Calligeros - Brisbane Times

A senior Liberal MP and long-time gay rights advocate says he will not support same-sex marriage legislation due to come before Federal Parliament next year. Warren Entsch, the opposition whip and Member for Leichhardt in north Queensland, successfully campaigned for equal rights for same-sex couples throughout the Howard government era, especially in the areas of superannuation and taxation.

Pastor supporter of gay marriage out in the cold

Barney Zwartz – The Age

Matt Glover, the Lilydale Baptist pastor who supports gay marriage, has been sacked at a secret church meeting to which he was not invited. The Lilydale church office yesterday confirmed that Mr Glover was no longer senior pastor, but said the congregation had been instructed to remain silent.


ALP 'Rudd' leak is now a deluge - a new split in Labor emerges

Simon Benson & Patrick Lion – The Daily Telegraph

A new and bitter split in the Gillard government has emerged over the battle for the Labor leadership with accusations that Julia Gillard sanctioned a "selective" leak from an internal Labor review critical of Kevin Rudd. The leak was being viewed as "payback" for Mr Rudd's performance at the ALP national conference at the weekend, after he was deliberately airbrushed from Labor history during the PM's speech.

Sexualisation of Society

Heads in the sand over AIDS

Carolyn Moynihan - Mercatornet

How many more lives, how many billions of dollars, will be sacrificed to western sexual ideology?


Victorian government to use survey results as basis for sentencing reforms

Pia Akerman – The Australian

The Baillieu government will consider the results of a public survey released today as the basis for sentencing reforms, despite concerns from lawyers. Over 18,500 Victorians took part in the survey, providing views on appropriate sentences for a range of hypothetical crimes. Respondents were most likely to want to increase sentences if the crime severely affected victims, was premeditated or involved a continuing attack against an incapacitated victim.

Christians a minority at 'biased' BBC where staff are more likely to be atheists or non-believers

Jonathan Petre – Daily Mail

The BBC employs more atheists and non-believers than Christians, an internal ‘diversity’ survey has found. The new research has been seized on by critics who accuse the Corporation of bias against Christianity and marginalising the faith in its output. The survey found that just 22.5 per cent of all staff professed to be Christians.

Conception to birth—visualized


Image-maker Alexander Tsiaras shares a powerful medical visualization, showing human development from conception to birth and beyond. (Some graphic images.)