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News flash Anne, dictating what one should think isn't feminism

Joanna Howe - Herald Sun

Here's a news flash to Anne Summers and all you other feminist dinosaurs out there: I don't want to be a "feminist" if it's you who are defining it. Yes, I know your generation of feminists fought the good fight so women of my generation could work, so we could access childcare and maternity leave, and receive equal pay. I appreciate that I can now be a 28-year-old mother with a full-time law lectureship at the University of Adelaide.

Majority of Canadians back restrictions to abortion based on sex

Canada Health

Canada should adopt laws to govern a woman's freedom to abort a pregnancy based solely on the sex of the fetus, according to a majority of respondents who participated in a recent Angus Reid poll. Sixty per cent of those surveyed — including two-thirds of women — believe there should be laws to deal with the use of abortion as a means of sex selection, suggesting that Canadians are questioning the country's lack of legal restrictions on pregnancy termination, according to a news release from the polling firm.

Miracle twins

Tracy Grimshaw - ACA

They were the miracle twins that defied the odds and captured our hearts. Given only a five percent chance of survival these identical twins are now almost five years old. Host Tracy Grimshaw speaks to the family about their incredible journey.

Drugs & Alcohol

Big boozing women seek fast solution

Kate Hagan - Brisbane Times

The dominant participants in Febfast, the campaign that encourages people to abstain from alcohol in February, are heavy-drinking professional women in their 30s, 40s and 50s. VicHealth research released to coincide with the start of the 2012 campaign shows that women represented 75 per cent of last year's participants, many of them tertiary-educated and earning high incomes.


Govt knew about school bus bungle


The NSW opposition has slammed the government over a bungle that left hundreds of disabled students stranded on the first day of school, saying they were alerted to the problem more than a week ago. On Monday 740 students across the state were left without school transport, after a dispute over new contracts led to some services being withdrawn at the last minute.


Euthanasia ‘Must Always Be Prohibited,’ European body says

Patrick Goodenough - CNSNews

Anti-euthanasia activists are praising the passage by a leading European governmental body of a resolution stating clearly that euthanasia “must always be prohibited.” Although not legally-binding on the 47 countries belonging to the body, the measure may have an impact on legislative and judicial processes, they say.

Murder charge over 'mercy killing'

Christiana Jones - The West Australian

An 81-year-old man has been charged with murder over the suspected mercy killing of his wife. Perth court was told this morning that the elderly man was currently "chained" to a hospital bed. Herbert Erickson was originally charged with aggravated grievous bodily harm after paramedics found his wife of more than 50 years, Julie Betty Kuhn, dead in the couple's Armadale home this month.

New genetic technology asks hard life and death questions

Anthony Fisher - The Australian

We naturally rejoice in the extraordinary achievement of the human genome project and other research, which has contributed so much to our understanding of the human condition and which is so pregnant with therapeutic possibilities. The big problem is that for the foreseeable future the principal use of this technology will not be therapeutic at all. Alongside ultrasound and other procedures, genetic technology will be used for testing the unborn, and where diagnosed as carrying some disease or other unwanted characteristic the child will routinely be "terminated".


Wilkie 'kept in dark over pokies timeline'


Federal independent MP Andrew Wilkie says he wasn't told about advice received last year by the Labor government warning his timeframe for poker machine reform could not be achieved. The opposition has called on the minority government to reveal all its advice on poker machine reform, following its decision to renege on a written agreement with Mr Wilkie on mandatory pre-commitment technology.

Gambling a gamble on mental health?

Lisa Omagari - Transforming the nation

We all know it happens, we all know how devastating the effects can be. So what is being done to solve problem gambling and the mental health of those individuals who have fallen as prey? Gambling, according to The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, could be seriously detrimental to mental health. In a statement released on 25 January, the college encouraged the government to remain committed to introducing gambling reforms.


Christian lobby backs Coalition on traditional marriage

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

The influential Australian Christian Lobby has politically endorsed Tony Abbott and the Coalition for their "integrity" on traditional marriage a week after saying Julia Gillard had lost integrity and trust over broken promises. Jim Wallace, ACL managing director, wrote to all Coalition MPs and senators yesterday to "congratulate the Coalition on its keeping its election promise on marriage" and accusing the Greens and Labor's Left of wanting to "destroy the sacred meaning of marriage".

Backing for Jones over same-sex marriages

Mario Christodoulou - Illawarra Mercury

A Union heavyweight has taken a swipe at efforts to destabilise Throsby MP Stephen Jones ahead of his historic private member's bill to legalise same-sex marriage. Australian Workers' Union (AWU) branch secretary Andy Gillespie yesterday said the "vast majority" of unions supported Mr Jones' stance on same-sex marriage. He said he believed elements of the Labor Party were using the issue to try to undermine Mr Jones.


Prime Minister Julia Gillard's supporters count the numbers as NSW Right leads Rudd revolution

Simon Benson - The Daily Telegraph

Julia Gillard's key backers have begun counting numbers to gauge her support among MPs in a clear sign the PM is concerned about a possible leadership challenge from Kevin Rudd. It appears she may already have lost the support of the powerful NSW Right, with a majority now said to have swung behind the former PM.

Julia Gillard and Labor flatlining with voters: Newspoll

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

Support for the Gillard government is flatlining, with Labor in its weakest position on record for the start of a new parliamentary year as Julia Gillard gives ground to Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister. Labor support among voters has not shifted during the summer break, with the party's primary vote on 30 per cent and the Coalition maintaining its clear election-winning lead going into the year on 45 per cent.

Party trolls shall not pass, or be named

Noel Topwell - The Canberra Times

Here at The Canberra Times, we're no strangers to the internet trolling scene. We see the occasional instance of several ''concerned Canberrans'', commenting on our website, usually about political yarns, who all just happen to share the same IP address. Then we get the occasional flurry of angry, oh so angry, comments from ''readers'' that, coincidentally, all come from a cluster of computers, probably situated in the same office. Could it be political? Surely not. Lobbyists, trying to influence public policy? Why, you oughtta be ashamed of yourself, with that suspicious mind of yours.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Girls for sale! Changing the conversation on exploited kids in the U.S.


A recent study cites that 20% of men who’ve bought sex know that they are buying someone or something trafficked illegally against her will and over 40% believe it causes psychological and physical harms. So why do they participate in it? The truth is that they don’t care. They’re getting their sexual gratification met. And to them, that’s your job, that’s what they see. That’s what you’re there for. A lot of those men feel like there will always be a population of women who may have had horrible lives or whatever, but they’re there to meet your sexual needs. The lack of empathy is really appalling.

Sex slaves nationwide and in West Michigan

Crystal Hilliard - WoodTV

An estimated 2400 children are living as slaves in West Michigan, according to the US Department of State. They're tricked, kidnapped or sold into human trafficking rings. Police continue to find them and non-profit organizations continue to work toward rehabilitation. "We're getting victims so it's not so much a question of if it's happening," Andy Soper with Wedgwood Christian Services said. "It's how and where it's happening and how we can work together to solve those issues."

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Petition for release of Christian convicted of blasphemy reaches half a million

Benge Nsenduluka - Christian Post

A Pakistani Christian woman convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death has successfully appealed a court's ruling, just as a petition demanding her release has reached over 500,000 signatures. Asia Noreen Bibi, whose case has received global interest, including that of Pope Benedict XVI, was sentenced to death by hanging in 2011 after spending more than a year in a Pakistani prison. Asia Bibi, a wife and mother, is accused of making derogatory remarks about the Prophet Muhammad by Muslim witnesses, which she has denied.


Breaking the 'boat people' deadlock

Lyn Bender - Eureka Street

If you are tired of hearing about asylum seekers imagine how weary they must be.

Much of the analysis regarding asylum seekers does not seem to drive home the core truth: that the debate conducted by politicians is not really about solving the so called refugee problem. It is predominantly a show for an audience. It is a game of hardball.

Sexualisation of Society

Sexual assault added to child porn charges

Daily Telegraph

Additional charges of sexual assault have been laid against a Sydney man facing child pornography charges. In December a 49-year-old man was arrested and charged after more than 35,000 still images and 800 video files of alleged child abuse were seized from a house in Rosemeadow.