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Why the outrage?

Margaret Somerville - MercatorNet

Philosophers Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva’s recent article in the BMJ’s Journal of Medical Ethics has been widely reported around the world, eliciting outraged responses. The authors asked, “Why, when the mother or parents find a newborn baby a burden, should that baby live, when an unborn baby can be aborted in similar circumstances?” In other words, is there a relevant moral or ethical difference between abortion and infanticide?

Charities & NFP

Fundraisers slam unethical practices claim

Nine MSN

News Limited newspapers on Sunday reported on a Fundraising Institute of Australia conference on the Gold Coast, at which charity workers were advised how to make the most out of psychological profiling to boost donations and receive lucrative deceased estates through death-bed visits and the use of lawyers.

Children & Family

Lesbians in historic US custody battle

The Australian & SMH

An American lesbian who took the biological child of her former partner to Australia has sparked a groundbreaking custody battle over their eight-year-old daughter in the Florida Supreme Court. The case might force state lawmakers to reconsider a 19-year-old law regarding the rights of sperm and egg donors. The women, now in their 30s and known in court papers only by their initials, were both police officers in Florida. One partner donated an egg that was fertilised and implanted in the other. That woman gave birth in 2004, nine years into their relationship.

Increased adoption rights for Tasmanian same-sex couples

Serkan Ozturk - Gay News Network

Same-sex couples in Tasmania will be allowed to adopt local and overseas children under changes being considered by the State Government. Presently, same-sex couples in the state may only adopt children they are already related to or who are in the custody of their partner, otherwise referred to as ‘known children’.

Sex, lies and adoption

Ly Bender - Eureka Street

The father of my children was adopted at birth, and as a psychologist I now counsel many who have been part of the adoption triangle. The stories that reach me convey a sense of being robbed an abandoned. While for some there is gratitude for the life that has been 'given' to them by their birth mother and subsequently the adoptive parents, there is commonly also a pervasive rage.

Study: Children of divorce suffer 'injustice'

Mark Norton - BP news

Millions of children each year experience their parents' divorce, and the impact on their lives can be far-reaching, even though it may be difficult to observe, according to a new report. "Have you seen the effects of divorce on their life? Probably not. It's only when you get to the macro level and begin to aggregate it all that you can see the clear pattern of the advantage of kids from intact marriages over kids from divorced families," said Patrick Fagan, director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI), in an interview with Baptist Press.

I've lost the love of my life, says wife of dead policeman David Rixon

Clementine Cuneo - The Daily Telegraph

He was her soulmate and her rock, the cornerstone of their family. Fiona Rixon, the wife of slain policeman Senior Constable David Rixon, made a moving tribute to her husband, the father of her six children, saying yesterday: "I have lost the best part of myself." As the family battles to deal with Sen-Constable Rixon's shooting during a routine traffic stop, The Daily Telegraph boosted a fund to support his family with a $10,000 donation.

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol in movies influences young teen habits

Health Canal

Teens exposed to alcohol use in films are at risk for binge drinking and other risky behaviors, Cancer Center study shows. According to researcher James Sargent, PhD, 'This study shows that exposure to movie depictions of alcohol predicts alcohol onset and progression to binge drinking during adolescence, and argues for greater attention to both smoking and drinking in movie ratings.'


Yoghurt grows on trees according to kids in 2012

Craig Zonca - ABC

I've heard lots of parents say their kids think money grows on trees.... but would you believe that a quarter of of Aussie kids think yoghurt grows on trees? A survey released today showed just under half of year 6 students didn't know where products like bread, cheese and bananas came from. Farmers are wanting investmest in agricultureal education,saying jobs in ag won't even register as an option for kids- unless they're taught about how the indutry works.

Should religious education be compulsory?

PR Wire

The role of religious education in schools has been the subject of media debate in Victoria over the past 12 months. Sections of the community have called for the withdrawal of any form of religious education, while others have argued for a broader, multi-faith approach. Access Ministries, which is responsible for the provision of Christian religious education in state schools, has come under criticism for its approach. Additionally, a report in The Age in November 2011 suggested that Christian churches are not responding to the spiritual needs of the community.


National coal seam gas agreement an important step in protecting water

Samantha Hepburn - The Conversation

A new national agreement designed to protect water resources from coal seam gas extraction and coal mining could offer a level of protection so far unseen in Australian environmental legislation. Any states serious about protecting water for farming and the environment should be signing up.


Koori schooling too long a failure

The Age

It seems an intractable problem - how best to cater for indigenous students within the Victorian education system. The recent tumultuous history gives some insight into the factors that led last week to the temporary closure of Ballerrt Mooroop College in Glenroy, which had just one remaining full-time student and 13 staff.


A Weimar moment for America

Robert R. Reilly - MercatorNet

When do you know it's over? When do you know that civilization has collapsed inwardly to such an irreparable extent that the next stop is barbarism? When is that Weimar moment? Certainly, the legalization of abortion was one such moment, as barbarism is defined as the inability or unwillingness to recognize another person as a human being. Abortion is the denial of procreative sex by nullifying its effects, which are seen as accidental. If you have an accident and conceive a baby, you can just clean up the mess by aborting it.

Katter Party & LNP join forces to promise repeal of civil unions

My Sunshine Coast

As gay couples flock to Noosa for the Mardi Gras Recovery Week, they won't be welcomed by the LNP member, Glen Elmes, or the Katter Party candidate, Bob Jarvis. The Greens candidate for Noosa, Jim McDonald, said that both Mr Elmes's party and the Katter Party have promised to repeal legislation legalising civil unions for gay couples if they get the numbers. “Campbell Newman told the Australian Christian Lobby that 'if we can, we will repeal' the Civil Partnerships Act. Mr Elmes voted against the Civil Partnerships Act in the Parliament. He had a bit each way, saying beforehand he would vote for it if given a conscience vote.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Confronting the Australian politics of resignation on prostitution

Caroline Norma - Melinda Tankard Reist blog

The chair of a committee appointed to review the ACT’s Prostitution Act took the significant step last week of attaching a 9-page appendix to the committee’s final report outlining her ‘dissent’ to its findings. In this appendix, the Shadow Attorney General Vicki Dunne criticises her colleagues for ‘trying to depict prostitution as normal and inevitable’, and so missing an ‘opportunity to take a fresh look at the harms of prostitution and innovative ways to ameliorate those harms’.

Sexualisation of Society

$5 an hour sex workers: ‘We’ve been excluded from IR law’


Sex workers have been prevented from accessing justice through Fair Work laws due to the full or partial criminalisation of the sex industry, the union representing sex workers says. In a submission to the Fair Work review, the Scarlet Alliance claimed sex workers have been unable to gain genuine access to workplace laws. “There is no access to the federal minimum wage, the majority of the National Employment Standards are not applicable to casual employees, and sex workers and our employers have not had the education and support required to enable access,” the alliance said.

App for sex hook-up sparks fears

Kieran Campbell - Sunshine Coat Daily

A dramatic increase in casual sexual encounters sparked by the emergence of a new iPhone application has been met with trepidation from health experts. They have issued a warning to anyone using the networking iPhone application Blendr for casual sex, amidst reports of a rapid rise in "hook-ups" on the Sunshine Coast. The app uses GPS technology to find other users in close proximity and defines itself as "a new way to meet new people.