BBC's live abortion clinic program accused of promoting abortion, exploiting woman

Alex Murashko – Christian Post

Growing negative reaction to the BBC's plan to broadcast one of its Radio 5 Live shows from an abortion clinic is coming from pro-life groups in the United States as well as Europe. During the two-hour live show hosted by Victoria Derbyshire, women who have chosen to have an abortion and some clinic staff members will be interviewed, according to The Independent, a London-based paper.


Children & Family

Free-range kids encouraged to spread their wings

Miki Perkins – The Age

When New York columnist Lenore Skenazy wrote about letting her nine-year-old son travel on the subway alone she was lampooned in the media as ''America's Worst Mom'' and warned she would encourage parents to expose their children to kidnapping or child abuse.


Child protection boosted

Josh Gordon – The Age

The Baillieu government is set to unveil a $366 million budget plan to protect vulnerable children in Victoria with a new children's court, more child protection workers and tough new laws to tackle child abuse and predatory sexual behaviour.


Why are we not holding the government accountable for sex abuse?

Angela Sdrinis – On Line Opinion

While much has been written and said about the Victorian Government's parliamentary inquiry, little has been said of the failure to include in the current terms of reference an investigation of the Government's role in the handling of child sex abuse allegations. We should not forget that a grave concern of the Cummins Report, where the recommendation for an inquiry was made, was the need to protect children in government care.



Two new media industry bodies proposed

Ed Logue, AAP

Two new bodies should be set up to deal with the dramatic changes that have taken place in the media landscape over the past decade, to address regulation, competition, standards and ownership issues. The key recommendations are included in the final report of the independent Convergence Review inquiry into media and communications policy set up by the federal government in late 2010 and released on Monday.


Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Babies in race mix-up at London sperm bank

NewsCore – Courier Mail  

THE largest sperm bank in Britain is under investigation from health officials over claims they used sperm from the wrong donor after a gay couple had two children from different racial backgrounds. The alleged mix-up at the IVF clinic only emerged after the birth of the couple's second child, who is of different race to the rest of the family.



Gambling oversell ends badly for sports-mad males

Jonathon Horn – The Age

The Australian betting landscape has turned into a kind of Wild West. THERE'S an old saying: "In a bet, there is a fool and a thief." Running with that, the slippery-fingered one would be TAB Sportsbet's Jaimee Rogers, surely the hardest working person on Australian television, whose siren call rings wherever we watch sport.



School closed over gay message

Barney Zwartz – The Age

A Seventh Day Adventist church has closed down a language school for international students, migrants and refugees because its founder publicly supported gay marriage. Gateway Adventist Centre, the church's university outreach, closed the English-language school on April 15 as soon as its leadership became aware of Keith Paulusse's support for gay marriage, published on his Facebook page, Mr Paulusse said yesterday.



Coalition hits an 11-year high in latest Newspoll

Matthew Franklin – The Australian

Support for Julia Gillard's government has crashed to within a point of its record low, with voters shunning Labor despite its recent announcements of aged-care and disability reform and the fast-tracked withdrawal of Australian troops from Afghanistan. According to a Newspoll conducted exclusively for The Australian, Labor's primary vote has fallen two points in the past fortnight to 27 per cent while the Coalition's primary vote has climbed three points to 51 per cent.


Sexualisation of Society

Porn hurts women, so say the partners of users

Petra Bueshens – On Line Opinion

A largely untold story in the ongoing debate about pornography is the fact that a growing number of women are very distressed by their partner's porn use. A number of persistent themes are emerging in research, on internet support sites (for women), in therapists' offices, in the accounts of divorce lawyers, and anecdotally. This paints a clear picture of women's distress, and provides an additional argument for the harms of pornography.


Praise for a telco called to account

Ruth Limkin – The Courier-Mail

We can be quick to condemn corporate irresponsibility and it's often appropriate we do so. However, I would also hope we are as quick to celebrate responsible and positive corporate behaviour. An opportunity to do just that has now presented itself.



Miners battling depression and anxiety


Thousands of Australian miners suffer from mental health problems and a "macho mining culture" stops them from getting help, a new study has found. Up to 10,000 mining company employees each year have mental health problems such as anxiety, depression or substance abuse, the study commissioned by the NSW Minerals Council says.


Thousands to benefit as $8bn National Disability Insurance Scheme rolled out

Malcolm Farr - news.com.au

The National Disability Insurance Scheme will start a year ahead of schedule with 10,000 people set to benefit from mid-2013, it was revealed today. Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the early start to be followed by a further 10,000 to be covered in 2014."The timeframe announced today means the first stage of an NDIS will be delivered a full year ahead of the timetable set out by the Productivity Commission," the Prime Minister said.