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Children & Family

Are you a workaholic?


Are you a workaholic? Take this test. We all know them: the people who are at work all the time. They come in early and make up for it by leaving late. Some love what they do; others are avoiding chores or strife at home; still others feel like more and more just needs to be done at the office.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Australian gay couple hit family jackpot

Herald Sun

An Australian gay couple have told of their joy at becoming parents to two sets of male twins. The couple, known only as Tony and Brett, revealed their unconventional family to the nation last night after bringing the babies home from India. The couple told the Nine Network they started the surrogacy process in 2009, flying to Delhi to meet a fertility doctor.

Drugs & Alcohol

‘Meow meow’ akin to ecstasy

Science Alert

A researcher at the University of Sydney has discovered how the increasingly common street drug mephedrone affects the brain, helping to explain why it is potentially such an addictive substance. A party drug also known by the street name 'meow meow', mephedrone works like a combination of methamphetamine (crystal meth or ice) and MDMA (commonly known as ecstasy), explains PhD student Craig Motbey.


Stakes are high for problem gamblers

Health Canal

People with gambling problems are unlikely to identify as having a problem or to seek help unless they have experienced serious impacts or harms, according to new research released today. Dr Tanya Davidson the Director of the Centre for Gambling Research at The Australian National University is one of the authors of two new reports profiling help-seeking and problem gambling in the ACT.


Homeless crisis looms in suburbs

Meagan Weymes – Northern Weekly

Single women are more vulnerable to homelessness as they get older and struggle to enter the housing market, a Salvation Army report has found. The report says a rise in the cost of housing had pushed some women into the outer suburbs, where support services were unable to cope with demand.

Human Rights

Distribution matters

Saul Eslake – Online Opinion

Among the often inchoate complaints of those who have been ‘Occupying’ public spaces in almost 1000 cities around the world over the past couple of months (including Melbourne and Sydney), one common theme appears to be resentment at the share of income and wealth controlled by, and the degree of political influence exercised by, the richest citizens of each nation.


Civil union push needs political union


There are calls for politicians to put politics aside in Queensland's civil union debate.

The disaster of monogamy - we should acknowledge that it rarely works

Liz Conor – The Age

The loss of sexual ignition is a simple, unavoidable and bewildering fact. There is a universal truth to all long-term sexual relationships that is never openly discussed. This widespread sexual malaise lurks behind all our frenetic sexual questing and provides a feast for all the opportunists, from philanderers to pornographers to Bettina Arndt

Overseas Aid

Australia and EU to improve Pacific aid


Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has announced a reciprocal aid project with the European Union to improve its execution of aid in South Pacific countries. The EU will deliver food security assistance on behalf of Australia in Southern Sudan, while Australia will deliver EU aid in Fiji.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Egypt: Coptic Bishop: “Christians are currently experiencing their worst time in recent centuries"

ACN News

Christians in Egypt are currently experiencing their worst time in recent centuries. This statement was made by the Coptic Orthodox Bishop Stephanos of Beba and Elfashn to the international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN). Christians are being violently killed under the eyes of the international media. Also, for the first time in many years, churches are being systematically burned and destroyed. The police are taking no action and nobody is punished for it.

Syria: Archbishop of Damascus requests prayers for peace

ACN News

“Pray for peace in Syria.” With these words, Samir Nassar, Archbishop of the Maronite Christian Church of Damascus, is appealing to Christians throughout the world to support a peaceful resolution of the current conflict and peaceful coexistence and dialogue between the religious communities of the Middle East. According to the Archbishop, Syria is currently home to around one million Christians of various denominations.

Facing a Muslim crowd


Bernie Power has been engaged in a series of debates and lectures with Muslims in Melbourne. Here is his report from the frontline. Several young Muslim men I met at a mosque invited me to speak at an Islamic conference sponsored by the Islamic Research and Education Academy (IREA). I was invited to speak for half an hour on “The Christian Concept of God”.


Territories close to having full rights

Federal ministers shouldn't be able to "trample on the democratic rights" of the ACT and NT by overturning territory laws the federal government doesn't like. An Australian Greens bill that removes the power of a single minister to override legislation passed by the territories' governments is set to become law. It means a scenario like that in 2006 when former prime minister John Howard's government overturned ACT civil union laws would not be able to happen again.