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Children & Family

Overhaul for child protection services


The ACT Government will set-up a group home and reception centre as part of wide-ranging reforms to child care and protection services. It was revealed earlier this year a number of children were put in emergency care with an organisation that was not approved for such services.


TV wants classification freedom as networks object to uniform approach

Michael Bodey – The Australian

Television networks have railed against proposed changes to the classification process and are seeking an exemption from the universal system put forward by the Australian Law Reform Commission. The television sector has expressed its concerns about key reforms proposed in the ALRC's issues paper on the National Classification Scheme Review, including the overriding principle of a "uniform approach to the same or similar content, regardless of the medium of delivery".

Drugs & Alcohol

Research reveals worrying male drug trends


Research shows almost one in every 10 men under 30 years of age has regularly used a stimulant drug like speed, ecstasy, ice or cocaine. The study, published in the Medical Journal of Australia, found 100,000 young males in Australia were classed as having a lifetime "stimulant disorder".

Alcohol causes 'one in five' deaths by injury

Cathy O'Leary - The West Australian

Alcohol contributes to one in five of all deaths from injury in WA, including almost one-quarter of all road accident fatalities, new figures show. A WA Health Department study of injuries in the community from 2000 to 2008 found that alcohol was linked to almost half of all violence-related deaths and to one-third of suicides. It contributed to 13 per cent of drownings, 7 per cent of poisonings, 14 per cent of deaths from falls and one-third from fires or burns.


Schools take uniform approach to their image

Caroline Milburn – SMH

A growing number of high schools are updating their uniforms to a smarter, formal style, similar to those worn at private schools. Uniform suppliers have noticed the trend. "Government school principals have always been serious about educational issues but there's been a significant shift in their mindset about uniforms," says Anthony Sterpin, managing director of Dandenong company PSW, which has been making school uniforms for 21 years.

Greens object to teen parent bill

A plan to force thousands of teenaged parents to finish their high school education risks stigmatising vulnerable young people, the Australian Green says. Debate on Labor's draft laws for a trial in 2012 that would require parents under 19, who have a youngest child under six, to enter talks about how to complete Year 12 or equivalent resumed in the Senate today.

Kids told to join Team Australia

John Masanauskas – Herald Sun

ALL students would be "Australianised" - and encouraged to regularly sing the national anthem at school - under a push by a Baillieu Government minister. Alarmed that a significant number of migrant children do not identify as Australian, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Minister Nick Kotsiras is promoting a radical civic program to make kids feel part of "Team Australia".


Labor Left’s position on marriage would make next election unwinnable

International News Magazine

The ALP Left’s demand for same-sex marriage is neither an act of fairness nor politically astute according to the Australian Christian Lobby. The ALP Left’s insistence that same-sex marriage be the party’s official position would make the party permanently unelectable to a huge section of the population that would be deeply offended for religious or cultural reasons if the definition of marriage were changed.

Same-sex marriage is no guarantee of equality

David Ould – SMH

Penny Wong might also like to write an opinion piece on how children feel ''equal'' among other children with two parents of the same sex. Where's the ''equality'' for a child in being denied the right to begin life with its biological mother and father (other than in exceptional circumstances) because of the sexual orientation of the ''parents''?

The straight and narrow

Elizabeth Skinner – The Age

I am same-sex attracted. We should all disclose sources of bias and potential conflicts of interest up front in a transparent manner. It's a shame so many politicians, commentators and members of the general public aren't called upon to disclose their bias before declaring what is good for hetero and homosexual members of society. Instead, we are bombarded with arguments why same-sex-attracted people should not be able to marry (each other, mind you - nobody seems concerned that same-sex-attracted people might already be marrying members of the opposite sex) without any disclosure of personal bias. The key voice mostly missing from the broader public debate is that of same-sex-attracted people themselves. Let me add my perspective so at least one voice actually affected by the current law is heard.

Same-sex union Bill a step closer as it heads for Queensland Parliament

Koren Helbig – The Courier-Mail

THE legalisation of gay unions in Queensland is a step closer after a parliamentary committee last night recommended the proposed Bill be passed. State Parliament is now almost certain to debate the controversial same-sex union Bill when it sits for three days from Tuesday next week, its last sitting for the year.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Pakistani mobile users banned from texting 'Jesus Christ'

Dan Wooding – Christian Today Australia

A Pakistani Christian leader has attacked The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) who is reported to have told mobile phone companies to begin blocking text messages containing "obscene" words including "Jesus Christ". Mobile phone companies Telenor Pakistan and Ufone confirmed to the BBC that the PTA has sent them a "dictionary" of banned words and expressions.


Refugees share their stories

Jacquie Mackay – ABC

Sanctuary is a community based refugee support group who in the past 5 years have settled 43 refugees who originally came from the Democratic Republic of Congo. A recent fundraising dinner held by the charity featured three special guests - refugees Theo, Anna and Bolingo, who gave an insight into their families' journeys from a wartorn country into a land of peace and prosperity.

Sexualisation of Society

Ascham girls' school's next principal Dr Helen Wright says many parents failed by education system

The Daily Telegraph

Children are dressed up in "mini-me" sexy clothes and allowed to wear make-up and high heels because many parents no longer know right from wrong, a leading headmistress has warned.

Police Minister Peter Ryan urged to help pull down racy ad on bus

Elissa Doherty – Herald Sun

The advertising watchdog has taken the unprecedented step of asking the Victorian Police Minister to intervene over a raunchy ad on a bus. Kittens strip club has refused to comply with a ban by the Advertising Standards Board on the ad, featuring a giant scantily-clad woman along the length of the vehicle.