ACL compiles a daily media monitoring service of stories of interest to the Christian constituency relating to children, family, drugs and alcohol, marriage, human rights, religious freedom etc. Visit the ACL’s website each day to see what’s of interest in the news. Please note that selection of the articles does not represent ACL endorsement of the content.




Man accused of bashing pregnant wife

Natasha Rudra – The Canberra Times

A man who allegedly bashed his pregnant wife when she refused to have an abortion has been locked up. Sunny Akill, 31, of Palmerston, allegedly told his wife that if she did not have an abortion he would beat her until she lost the baby.


New documentary gives voice to children of anonymous sperm donors


From Jennifer Lahl and The Center for Bioethics and Culture, producers of the award-winning Eggsploitation (2010), Anonymous Father's Day presents the untold stories of children of sperm donors. Featuring the heart-rending reflections of now adult children fathered anonymously, these donor-conceived children share the pain, longing and uncertainties created by the secrecy of their conceptions. Each has a real, biological father kept secret from them by an industry fixated on profits and product.

Charities & NFP

Charity to refuse Fauxvember donations

Star Observer

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) has decided to refuse donations from rival Movember charity organisation, Fauxvember. Fauxvember founder Adrian Hempel said he had received no direct communication from PCFA before the decision was made and first learned of it when a Fauxvember participant noticed that all mention of the PCFA had been removed from the donation website.

Children & Family

What happens when kids’ sport turns ugly?

Melbourne Weekly Eastern

Most of the time, junior sporting events are healthy environments. But we’ve all seen parents on the sidelines who can’t keep their opinions to themselves. Overzealous parenting in sport is a serious issue. It reflects poorly on individuals and clubs, detracts from the spirit of junior sport, and can be detrimental to children’s development. Pressure or aggression from parents may cause stress and inhibit performance.

Teenagers pose near-naked in Sneaky Hat trend on Facebook

Angus Thompson - Herald Sun

A new Facebook craze where teenagers take near-naked photos of themselves has cyber-safety experts horrified. The Sneaky Hat trend has been branded a ''paedophile's paradise'' and involves mostly young people posing in nothing but a hat covering their genitals.


Stalking campaign banned, but 'Lolita' ad lives on

Clare Kermond – The Age

A facebook page that jokes about stalking has been banned by the advertising watchdog.

Drugs & Alcohol

Standen's drug importation role among gravest breaches of trust: prosecutor

The Australian

Former crime investigator Mark Standen's role in a drug importation plot was one of the gravest breaches of trust imaginable, his sentencing judge has been told. Tim Game SC, for the crown, said Standen used his position as a very senior law enforcement officer to further the objectives of the plot and maximise the chances of its success.


Foreign student slump blamed for university job cuts


Hundreds of jobs are to go from some of Australia's biggest universities and there are fears that more job losses will follow. Unions say it doesn't make economic sense because Australia's universities are making big profits and student numbers are strong. But the latest figures suggest the overseas student boom may finally be over.


The typical fraudster — the threat from within

Computer World

It's time to keep an eye on your manager: The typical fraudster is male, 36-45 years old and in a senior management position, according to auditor firm KPMG. In Australia and New Zealand, the typical fraudster is male, in a non-management position, has been an employee for five years and has been in their current role for three years, has no history of fraud, is about 38 years of age and is earning about $113,000 per year. Greed has outstripped gambling as the core reason for committing fraud, with fraudsters stealing on average $229,000 in 2010.


Welfare groups slam government's big-stick approach to jobless

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

Welfare groups have slammed the government's tough love approach to unemployed people, particularly Indigenous jobseekers, arguing the most vulnerable Australians are being put at risk as the Government kicks increasing numbers off the dole for missing appointments. Welfare Rights Centre Acting Director Lee Hansen said a May 2011 House of Representatives report into Job Seeker Compliance recommended that the Government collect and release information about why appointments are missed.


Gay marriage laws a low priority for voters

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

Most voters consider new laws to allow same-sex marriage a low priority and would prefer to delay any changes on the issue. This is the finding of a new survey and comes as the ALP faces ructions at its national conference next week and Julia Gillard's leadership risks damage over the issue.

Wilkie’s motion to protect the church from consequences of same-sex marriage

Jim Wallace - International News

The risk to the church of any change to marriage legislation. The ACL said today that while Mr Wilkie may have been well intended in his motion to protect churches and ministers of religion from any consequences of a same-sex marriage bill, it would not give churches much confidence, or lessen mainstream religious opposition to same-sex marriage. The experience of the church around the world has been that there are always enough same-sex activists intent on persecuting the church through marriage or civil partnership legislation to ensure that such guarantees never hold for long.

Ruling Wednesday on Canada's polygamy law could have wide-ranging implications, lawyer says

Vancouver Sun

The constitutionality of Canada's polygamy law will be decided Wednesday by B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Bauman.

If the judge decides to strike down the polygamy law, it could have wide-ranging implications for pensions, health benefits and immigration policies, a Vancouver lawyer said Tuesday.


Best claims Ferguson gay hate file

ABC News

Labor backbencher Brenton Best has renewed allegations a Liberal MP incited hatred against homosexuals. Mr Best was forced to apologise to the Liberal MP Michael Ferguson in July after making the initial accusation.

Line of left behind Obama forget old beliefs

Peter Costello – SMH

When the American president addressed joint Houses of the Australian Parliament back in 2003, Senator Bob Brown interjected. In fact so worked up was he that the Speaker ordered his removal from the chamber. He was yelling about Iraq and Guantanamo Bay.

Mining tax gets the Greens' light

Patrick Lion - The Daily Telegraph

The Gillard government's mining tax passed a crucial step in parliament after last night winning the support of key Greens MP Adam Bandt in the lower house. The parties struck a deal after the government caved in to pressure over a revenue hole of up to $100 million.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Woman charged with prostituting daughter

Marissa Calligeros - Brisbane Times

A Brisbane woman charged with more than 170 offences relating to the prostitution of her young daughter will not face court again until next year. The matter involving the 40-year-old woman, who cannot be identified, was mentioned in Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

In new Egpyt, Christians live in fear

New York Times

The Arab Spring was a luminous instance of democratic euphoria in a country that had no history of democracy or euphoria. What happened to the Copts this fall cast a dark cloud, which the interim government, whatever its true convictions, would do well to dispel. Egypt should not lose its Copts. For if that is what autumn brings, then, to paraphrase Shelley, winter may not be far behind.

Christian couple attacked soon after their release from prison in Iran

Michael Ireland - ASSIST News Service

An Iranian Christian were attacked soon after their release from prison, according to the Farsi Christian News Network. FCNN says they were one of two married couples who had been taken from their home by agents of the Ministry of State Security of the Islamic Regime in Sep. 2010, and held imprisoned for up to eight months without ever being formally charged.

Sexualisation of Society

Kmart pulls 'disgusting, sleazy' girls underwear off shelves

Alexandra Smith, Bridie Abour - The Age

The retail chain Kmart has been forced to withdraw a line of underwear for young girls that carries slogans such as "call me" and "I (love) rich boys" after the store was accused of sexualising teenagers. Kmart has confirmed that it will remove the underwear, which is part of its popular Girl Xpress range, after it was the target of a Twitter campaign led by outraged parents, who described the slogans as "disgusting" and "sleazy".

Girls' fashion sends wrong sexual signals

Melissa Keogh The Advertiser

Appropriate clothes for teens and preteens are hard to find because of overt sexual messages, experts say. Dr Zai Marshallsay, a sociology lecturer at the University of South Australia, says prepubescent girls are constantly pressured to dress sexually.


Fear that traditional churches are in decline as attendance dwindles

Naomi Selvaratnam - Herald Sun

Experts fear that a steep decline in the number of parishioners attending weekly services at Catholic and Uniting churches may signal the end of small traditional churches. A new study conducted by the Christian Research Association has found that attendance at traditional Uniting churches across Australia has declined by 30 per cent over the past ten years, while parishioner numbers at Catholic churches have dropped by 19 per cent.