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Are we sleepwalking through the great infanticide?


The human mind can hold onto blatant contradictions, but in order to do so it must block out certain unpleasant truths. One such uncomfortable truth has now come knocking at the door in Philadelphia, where a "house of horrors" abortion clinic was discovered early this year. At this clinic viable babies were outright murdered after their births had been induced and they had been fully delivered.

Children & Family

Family Squeeze: Cuts to baby bonus to get back to surplus

Malcolm Farr -

More than $400 will be shaved off the baby bonus and some visa charges will jump as the Government battles to turn a $37 billion Budget deficit into a $1.5 billion surplus. Treasurer Wayne Swan outlined widespread Budget pruning as he released the Treasury's regular assessment of the economy, the Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook.


Centipede crawls out of Australian cinemas

Dan Nancarrow - Brisbane Times

A graphic horror movie has been banned by the Classification Review Board just three weeks after it made its Australian premiere at the Brisbane International Film Festival. Originally classified R 18+ by the Classification Board in May, Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence was refused classification by the Review Board on Monday with the review team decrying its "gratuitous, exploitative or offensive depictions of violence", as well as its displays of cruelty.

Seven stands by Good Christian Bitches


The Seven Network has come under fire from viewers following the on air promotion of its new drama Good Christian Bitches. The network has opted to use the original title for the controversial American dramedy, sparking anger from viewers.

Drugs & Alcohol

Drugs worth $30 million seized in Sydney: police

Glenda Kwek - SMH

More than 200 kilograms of drugs estimated to be worth $30 million have been found hidden in boxes of raisins from Afghanistan, the Australian Federal Police alleges. A 34-year-old man was charged after the shipment - allegedly containing 97.7 kilograms of heroin and 118.4 kilograms of pseudoephedrine - was seized by federal police and Customs officers at Port Botany on November 7, the federal police said.


Anglican Church enters Murray-Darling water debate

Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

Human welfare needs to be balanced against the need to maintain rivers for future generations, according to the Chair of the Anglican Church’s Environmental Working Group in Australia. Dr David Mitchell has released a discussion paper on the future of the use of water in the Murray Darling Basin, saying that the church is “concerned for the long term wellbeing of all life on earth”.


Do you have the right to die?

Quentin Dempster - ABC

Suicide is no longer a crime in Australia. Prosecutions were pointless… the offender was already dead. Assisting anyone in any way to take his or her own life is still a serious criminal offence. Penalty? Ten years. So while you can take your own life, you put in jeopardy anyone you may ask to assist you in the task.


Northern Territory intervention has brought hatred, says Arnhem elder

Stuart Rintoul - The Australian

Clan leaders in the community of Ramingining, in East Arnhem, have issued a statement declaring the Northern Territory intervention has brought hatred and discrimination and is slowly drowning Aboriginal culture. Speaking on behalf of six clan groups, senior lawman Mathew Dhulumburrk, 67, said elders in the remote community were shocked and angered by last week's announcement that "the fundamentally destructive" intervention measures would be extended for another 10 years.


Passion for same-sex marriage a problem for Labor

Paul Kelly - The Australian

The Labor Party comes to next weekend's national conference with a political passion for same-sex marriage far removed from its low priority with the public and fixated by the false polemic of "marriage equality". The same-sex cause is a crusade now close to seizing Labor's heart. At a time when Labor is weak on conviction, this is a remarkable event. It is an insight into the transformed values of Labor's rank and file and how much its membership is pledged to cultural Left causes. Labor, it seems, wants to become a same-sex marriage party and is even prepared to humiliate Julia Gillard in this quest.

Julia Gillard battles to keep faith on gay rights

Dennis Shanahan The Australian

It is extraordinary that Julia Gillard has been forced to use the authority of her office to make her NSW Right colleagues and supporters back her opposition to same-sex marriage and keep faith with the electorate.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard faces Labor Right faction split on gay marriage in lead up to national conference

Courier Mail

A split has emerged within Labor's dominant Right faction that could lead to Julia Gillard's opposition to gay marriage being overruled at the party's national conference in Sydney this weekend.

Same-sex debate one of division

Ruth Limkin - The Courier-Mail

It's an interesting week in Queensland. Politicians are being asked to make a decision, but not the one we're being led to believe.

New research findings reveal the more significant question being put to them, and it's disquieting.

Labor Left powerbroker Albanese backs change on same-sex marriage platform

James Massola - The Australian

Labor Left powerbroker Anthony Albanese has backed the ALP changing its platform at national conference to support same-sex marriage, accusing his opponents of hypocrisy. In a sign of the Left's growing confidence, Mr Albanese said delegates should be allowed a free vote at conference on the issue.

Five good reasons: Civil partnerships

ABC 612 Brisbane

Queensland MPs tonight vote on Andrew Fraser's private members bill which, if successful, will see the introduction of civil partnerships in Queensland.

State's same-sex nod to stir forum debate

Roseanne Barrett - The Australian

Civil unions are expected to be narrowly approved in Queensland parliament on Thursday, ramping up pressure on Labor the day before gay marriage is debated at the ALP national conference. The bill to formalise same-sex unions is expected to succeed on Labor numbers, despite at least three MPs tipped to use a conscience vote and oppose the bill.


Treasurer Wayne Swan's unkindest cuts of all

Gemma Jones and Henry Budd - The Daily Telegraph

As Treasurer Wayne Swan took a razor to parents, schools, teachers and university students, he insisted the $3 billion cost of the carbon tax was essential spending. The multi-billion-dollar splurge, including compensation for families and businesses before the tax even starts in July, will be a loss to the budget over four years, a mid-year review revealed.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Minister Ian Macdonald me feel sick, says prostitute Tiffanie

Vanda Carson - The Daily Telegraph

The prostitute who testified she was paid $400 to kiss and fondle then-Labor minister Ian Macdonald in a city hotel room described the encounter as so repulsive that she wanted to vomit.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Indonesia - Hundreds turn out for Bogor rally to denounce besieged Yasmin church

Vento Saudale - Jakarta Globe

Hundreds of hard-line Muslims rallied outside the Bogor City Hall on Sunday to decry the “arrogance” of a beleaguered church in the city that remains shuttered by authorities despite a Supreme Court order to open it. The protesters, from Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia and the Indonesian Muslim Communication Forum (Forkami), said they wanted to show that all Muslims were united in opposition to the presence of the GKI Yasmin Church in the city.

At least 45 Christians killed in Plateau State, Nigeria

Compass Direct News

Fulani Muslim herdsmen along with Muslim soldiers have killed at least 45 ethnic Berom Christians in Plateau state in the past week, Christians in this northern-central Nigerian town said. Smaller attacks beginning on Nov. 20, reportedly over allegations by Fulani Muslims of cattle theft, preceded an attack on a Barkin Ladi church on Nov. 23 that killed four Christians, and an assault the next day left 35 Christians dead in Barkin Ladi and nearby Kwok village, according to area Christian leaders.


Rejected and cheated: asylum seekers blamed as riot ringleaders

Kirsty Needham - SMH

The Christmas Island and Villawood riots have been blamed on "ringleaders" who had been rejected as refugees and were angry they had paid thousands of dollars to travel to Australia. The findings are part of the independent report by Allan Hawke and Helen Williams into this year's detention centre riots, originally handed to the federal government more than three months ago.


How do religious belief and practice affect Europeans’ happiness?


The European Values Study 2005-2008 presents a much more nuanced picture. In half of the surveyed countries, the majority of the people, sometimes an overwhelming one, found the statement “There is a personal God.” as that which comes closest to their belief, while in the other half, the statement “There is some God, spirit or life force.” was chosen.