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Unspoken grief: pastoral care around abortion

Denise Cooper-Clarke and Anne Neville - Melbourne Anglican

Up to one in four women in church may have had an abortion and may experience post-abortion grief. Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat Ministries Australia is a confidential healing ministry for the many people, both men and women, who have been touched by an abortion experience. The purpose of Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat Ministry is post-abortion reconciliation and healing for the “other victims” of abortion.

Children & Family
Income tax to top forum agenda

Herald Sun

The Federal Government is backing child care rebates over tax deductions because it benefits more families, but says it is open to discuss potential changes at the tax forum. Transfer payments, such as income support and family assistance, is listed on the agenda for the second and final day of the Government's big tax forum, which kicks off at Canberra's Parliament House today.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy
Advertisers exploit the female fear of infertility

Jordan Baker - SMH

This month, New York magazine features a naked, wrinkled, 60-plus pregnant woman on its cover, asking: is she just too old for this? The grey-haired woman stares at the camera, with an expression that dares the onlooker to be shocked.

NSW won't allow shooting in schools


There are no plans to allow target shooting in NSW schools, despite the Education Department investigating the proposal last year, Education Minister Adrian Piccoli says. An internal department submission obtained by The Daily Telegraph shows that planning was underway last year to allow shooting at 650 high schools across the state, with the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia consulted on the changes.

Nitschke brings euthanasia fight to Coast

Tanya Marschke – Gold Coast Bulletin

It is not easy to help someone end their life -- just ask voluntary euthanasia advocate, Dr Philip Nitschke. Dr Nitschke is known as the first doctor in the world to give a legal, voluntary lethal injection to a dying patient.

Students gambling on education

Meagan Weymes - Melbourne Times

International students are more likely to become problem gamblers than their domestic counterparts but less likely to seek help, a recent survey has found. The study also found international students increased their gambling when they come to Australia. Of the nationalities most at risk were Chinese or those from English-speaking western nations.

Overseas Aid
A 'reservoir of generosity' amongst Australians

Tom Bradbury - Melbourne Anglican

Australians can and should help those in need abroad as well as at home, former Foreign Affairs Minister Gareth Evans told a forum at BMW Edge in Melbourne’s Federation Square on 30 August. Responding to the notion that we should focus on helping those in need within our own borders, Mr Evans, Foreign Affairs Minister in the Hawke and Keating governments, said that Australia is capable of providing aid at home and abroad.

Tax forum: Game changer or top notch gabfest?

David Penberthy - The Punch

When governments find themselves in a corner there are two things they will do in a bid to turn things around - try to spend their way out of trouble and buy votes, or resort to cheap populism. John Howard might be one of the greatest conservative PMs Australia ever had but he spent his way out of trouble at the 2001 and 2004 elections with billions and billions in outlays for families and the aged, much to the anger of his Treasurer Peter Costello who regarded Howard’s tactics as profligate and reckless.

MPs revive ALP membership decline debate

Labor is at a crossroads and needs to figure out what it stands for, former NSW premier Kristina Keneally says. Labor has slumped in the polls and is challenged by a shrinking membership. Ms Keneally says that ahead of the party's national conference in December Labor should be thinking about the basics of its supporter base and moving away from non-core policy debates like gay marriage and the carbon tax.

Religious Persecution
Christians penalised in British courts, warns RC Archbishop

The Christian Institute

British courts are wrongfully penalising Christians through an “incorrect interpretation” of human rights laws, a Roman Catholic Archbishop has warned.

Wild allegations heaped upon Iranian pastor

The life of an Iranian pastor continues to hang in the balance as the Iranian state media is now getting involved in the case. 34-year-old Pastor Yousef Nardarkani was arrested two years ago this month for protesting Muslim education for his children because he is a Christian. He was convicted of apostasy, but now new false charges are being leveled against him. Todd Nettleton with Voice of the Martyrs says, "Now they're saying that what he's actually going to be executed for is not apostasy, not becoming a Christian, but actually rape and extortion that are the charges that he will be executed for. So it's really a 180-degree turn for the Iranian government."

Victory for a Moroccan Christian convert
American Center for Law and Justice

We are glad to inform you that our client, a former Muslim from Morocco, has been granted asylum in the United States. Our client, Z, whose name has been kept confidential for security reasons, is a young Christian who grew up in a wealthy and strong Muslim family in Morocco. After his conversion to Christianity, he was attacked by radical Muslims and was stabbed multiple times. After losing a lot of blood and remaining unconscious for three days, Z was miraculously saved.

Lawyer throws down challenge in people smuggler case

Geesche Jacobsen - SMH

The lawful right of refugees to come to Australia will be tested in the state's highest court as part of a challenge to Australia's people smuggling laws. A lawyer for an accused people smuggler says his client had not committed a crime because the people he was transporting by boat to Australia had a right to come and apply for refugee status under international laws.

Sexualisation of Society
Call to raise age of sexual consent

Louis Andrews - The Canberra Times

Prosecutors want to raise the age of consent to 18 in cases of teachers, step-parents or other authority figures accused of sexually abusing young people in their care. The move, raised in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions' annual report, would bring the territory into line with most other jurisdictions.

World Vision can fire non-Christians - court

The US Supreme Court has agreed the World Vision Christian charity organisation can hire and fire its workers based on their religious beliefs. The nine justices of the nation's top court, opening their new term, upheld a ruling by a lower court that World Vision was a religious organisation and as such was exempted from laws against religious discrimination. Three former employees, who had been fired in 2007 in a dispute over the requirement that they had to be Christians, had taken their case to the Supreme Court.

'Is My Son Gay?' Android app pulled
Lisa Zilberpriver - SBS World News Australia

A controversial app for Android smartphones that purported to help mums 'calculate' if their sons were gay has been pulled by Google, the developers say. 'Is My Son Gay' was released early last week, causing an uproar on Twitter and a host of online responses that slammed it for being homophobic and relying on stereotypes.