Gammy case: new ‘victim’ emerges from child sex offender’s past

Sonia Kohlbacher - The Australia

THE child sex offender fighting to keep a twin girl procured from Thailand in a botched surrogacy deal has another alleged victim, a girl whose mother reluctantly chose not to put her young daughter through the trauma of a trial.

Children & Family

Vatican report indicates progress in acceptance of homosexual couples, divorcees

Jacqueline Maley - SMH

Progressive Australian Catholics have cautiously welcomed a Vatican document that uses soft and accepting language towards gay and divorced Catholics, while noting it does not change the church's doctrinal stance of homosexuality being an "objective disorder".


Euthanasia: Lethal dose has fearful consequences

Anthony Fisher - SMH

On Wednesday, a Senate committee will hear evidence on a euthanasia bill that would allow some people to be given a lethal injection on compassionate grounds.


Opposition parties and unions pan Mike Baird's new donations laws for 2015 election

Circumventing political donations laws in NSW will be punishable by up to 10 years in jail, under changes announced by Premier Mike Baird to be in place for next year's state election following revelations at the state's corruption watchdog.

Unions, lobbyists feel sting of NSWelectoral revamp

Mark Coultan - The Australian

A NEW system of election funding means the major NSW parties will need to raise little or nothing from private donations, while limiting the ability of lobby groups, companies and unions to run campaigns during an election.


Australia faces asylum court challenges


The Australian government is facing two challenges in court on Tuesday over its policies towards asylum seekers.

‘No basis’ for persecution fears

Stephanie Balogh - The Australia

THE Sri Lankan asylum-seeker who is challenging the federal government’s boat interception and turn-back powers had no permission to come to Australia and had breached Australian laws in attempting to do so, the High Court has heard.


Alleged jihadist recruiter Alqudsi to mount High Court challenge against foreign incursion laws

Rachel Golding - SMH

Two Australians accused of supporting terrorist groups in Syria have vowed to go to the High Court to challenge the national foreign incursion laws under which they are charged.

A Symbolic Vote in Britain Recognizes a Palestinian State


LONDON — Against a backdrop of growing impatience across Europe with Israeli policy, Britain’s Parliament overwhelmingly passed a nonbinding resolution Monday night to give diplomatic recognition to a Palestinian state. The vote was a symbolic but potent indication of how public opinion has shifted since the breakdown of American-sponsored peace negotiations and the conflict in Gaza this summer.