Cecile Richards: We want to make pro-life candidates "completely unacceptable"

Voices for the unborn

Antagonism towards pro-lifers from the abortion lobby is nothing new. Andrew Cuomo notoriously said that pro-lifers are not welcome in the state of New York, for example. And Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards showed the utter contempt she has for pro-lifers in a new interview with pro-abortion sympathizer Jill Filipovic for Cosmopolitan magazine, in which she says that she wants to make pro-life candidates “completely unacceptable”

Mom who refused abortion when her water broke at 20 weeks celebrates her healthy son’s 1st birthday

Kirsten Andersen - Life Site News

A British mother who refused doctors’ pressure to abort her son after her water broke just halfway through the pregnancy is now celebrating his 1st birthday. Mhairi Morris had just had her 20-week scan – which revealed a healthy baby boy with no visible problems – when her water unexpectedly broke, leading her doctors to insist that she abort, reported the Surrey Mirror.


Don’t buy from these companies at Xmas! Collective Shout releases annual ‘crossed off’ list of corporate offenders

Melinda Tankard Reist blog

It’s that time of year again! With the Christmas season upon us, retailers are taking it up a notch competing for your business. Now is the time to remember the companies who objectified women and sexualized girls to sell products and services. They do not respect women and have refused to change their ways. They should not be allowed to profit on the backs of women and girls.


National curriculum changes top of the agenda but agreement unlikely at Education Council meeting

Rebecca Barrett - ABC

State and territory education ministers will today meet their federal counterpart Christopher Pyne to consider the recommendations from the review into the national curriculum. The review by academics Kevin Donnelly and Ken Wiltshire made 30 key recommendations, including a back-to-basics approach to deal with an overcrowded curriculum, a greater focus on numeracy and literacy in the early years of primary school as well as reduced emphasis on Indigenous history and Asian studies.

NSW schools told to show how they are lifting standards

Alexandra Smith - SMH

Public schools in NSW will have to detail exactly how they plan to lift their HSC and NAPLAN results and identify ways to push their brightest students further and help their most disadvantaged out of a cycle of underperformance.


Vermont: Pro-euthanasia politicians lose big in midterm elections

Life Site News

The Vermont legislators behind the 2013 passage of a bill legalizing doctor-assisted suicide faced major backlash in the 2014 elections.


New stem cell opens door to regeneration

John Ross - News Corp Australia

Scientists have identified a previously unknown type of stem cell, raising hopes of a new source of personalised tissue and organ transplants. The discovery, announced this morning in two of the world’s top journals, brings the world closer to a new era of ­regenerative medicine in which currently incurable illnesses are conquered using patients’ own cells as an alternative to the ethically thorny harvesting of embryonic stem cells.

The AIDS problem in Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea, Australia's closest neighbour, is dealing with an HIV/AIDS epidemic. A high incidence of sexual aggression, violence against women, the impact of alcohol and drugs on sexual behaviour and commercial sex are just some of the reasons for the level of HIV infection in the country.

Three things Christian churches can do to fight ebola

Larry Ross - Time

Communities of faith are supposed to be about restoring lives broken by suffering and fear. The following are three practical ways local congregations can get involved in combating this deadly disease.


Number of indigenous in prison jumps 84pc in a decade

Patricia Karvelas - News Ltd

The number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in prison has increased by 84 per cent over the past decade, according to a new ABS report.

Tony Abbott vows to 'sweat blood' for Indigenous referendum

Michael Gordon - The Age

Tony Abbott wants a referendum to be held in May 2017 to recognise Indigenous Australians in the constitution, but won't commit to a date until he is confident it will succeed.

Abbott and Shorten to appear together to push Indigenous recognition

Michelle Grattan - The Conversation

Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten will make their first joint appearance to promote the constitutional recognition of Australia’s first people on Thursday night.


Andrew Barr won't give up fight for same-sex marriage

Tom McIlroy - The Canberra Times

Andrew Barr has pledged to use his historic status as the nation's first openly gay head of government to continue to advocate for same-sex marriage in Australia.

Overseas Aid

Australia turns its back on a world in need

Paul O'Callaghan - Eureka Street

An extraordinary gathering of survivors and Catholic leaders occurred last week in Colombo, Sri Lanka, for the 10th anniversary of the Boxing Day Tsunami, the most devastating natural disaster in modern history.


Christian leaders 'strip searched' over political prayer vigil

Stephanie Anderson - SBS

Fifty-three Christian leaders were arrested or removed from the offices of politicians on Wednesday as part of a nationwide prayer vigil to protest the detention of asylum seeker children.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Why are we abandoning the Middle East's Christians to Isis?

Douglas Murray - Spectator

She took the call herself the night the Islamic State came into Mosul. ‘Convert or leave or you’ll be killed,’ she was told. The callers, identifying themselves as Isis members, knew the household was Christian because her husband worked as a priest in the city. They fled that night.

Open Doors thanks supporters at end of 'worst year' in Christian persecution

Gabriel Ruiz - Christian Today

Persecution watchdog, Open Doors USA, has thanked supporters at the end of what is being labelled the "worst year" in persecution against the church.


Hope is contagious in Mongolia

Lindsay Steele - MNN On line

The church in Mongolia has seen spectacular growth since 1990 when the country moved from communism to a democratic form of government. At the time, there were only four known Christians in the nation of 3 million.

Ten facts about America's churchless

Barna Group

Fewer Americans are attending church. So, who are these new churchless Americans? Are there significant demographic or psychographic differences among those who attend church and those who don’t?