Complaints to ASB tops 5,000 with Ashley Maddison and MyPlates among main offenders


Complaints submitted to the Ad Standards Board have already surpassed 5,000 this year, up from around 2,000 complaints submitted last year, Ad Standards Bureau CEO Fiona Jolly has said.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

British mother, daughter are carrying a gay couple’s surrogate children

Thaddeus Baklinski - Life Site News

Welcome to the Brave New World. Three British women – including a mother and her daughter – are carrying the surrogate children of two homosexual men. The "surrogacy circle" is run by Karen Harris, also know as "mama stork"; her daughter, Bex, 32; her former daughter-in-law, Becky, 27; and neighbors Viktoria Ellis and Jemma King.

Drugs & Alcohol

Man behind Yellow Tail wines charged over his alleged involvement in a major drug syndicate

Nick Ralston - SMH

One of the three brothers who transformed Yellow Tail wines into one of the great Australian export success stories has been charged over his alleged involvement in a major drug syndicate operating out of Griffith. Marcello Casella, the youngest brother in Australia's largest family-owned winery, Casella Wines, is alleged to be part of the criminal syndicate that produced, distributed and sold commercial quantities of cannabis and methylamphetamine throughout southern NSW.


As the cost of education grows, so does the cheating

Paul Sheehan - Sydney Morning Herald

The tainting of Australia's tertiary education sector by financial pressure has become systemic and endemic. The revelations by Fairfax's Amy McNeilage and Lisa Visentin of a large and flagrant university course cheating operation, all transacted in Chinese, reopens the door to a problem that is pervasive and entrenched.


Voluntary euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke: 'I wish I had never met Nigel Brayley'

Emma Canavan and James Dunlevie - ABC

Voluntary euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke says he wishes he never met the man at the centre of a case that led to his suspension from practising medicine. Mr Nitschke was suspended after admitting in an ABC interview to supporting 45-year-old Perth man Nigel Brayley's decision take his own life. A three-day appeal against the suspension ended in Darwin yesterday.

I’m worried my wife will say ‘you’re better off without me’

The Christian Institute

Legalising assisted suicide would increase pressure on vulnerable people to ask for help to kill themselves, the House of Lords has heard. Lord Tebbit said his wife, who was severely disabled by an IRA bomb in 1984, had already told him that he would be better without her.


Sydney casino deal reveals 'triad fears'

Ehssan Veiszadeh - Yahoo News

James Packer's Crown has had to assure NSW authorities it won't deal with alleged underworld figure Stanley Ho in order to get approval for his Barangaroo casino.

Homelessness & Poverty

G20 handling of the homeless appalling

Bill O'Chee - SMH

This week, Brisbane will be trying its hardest to schmooze the G20 leaders, with wall-to-wall pampering, and the best that money can buy. To be honest, I'm appalled. I'd rather we spent the money helping the homeless than spend a single cent on the likes of Vladimir Putin or some of our other visitors.


Seventy-seven non-religious reasons to support man/woman marriage

Ruth Blog

Do you support natural marriage, but don’t know how to explain why, especially without reaching for a Bible?


Victorian election: Poll shows Napthine government remains in losing position

Josh Gordon - The Age

The Napthine Government remains mired in a losing position, despite six out of 10 voters backing its signature East West Link. Barely two weeks from the November 29 election, the latest Fairfax Ipsos poll shows the Coalition's primary vote bogged on 39 per cent, down sharply from the 2010 election result of 45 per cent.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Yazidi families struggle to bring enslaved daughters home from captivity

Alice Su - Aljazeera

Aysha hears screams in her sleep. Nightmarish memories flash through her mind — her husband writhing on the village road, face to the ground, hands tied behind his back; 2,000 women huddled on the floor, with men prowling around them, growling words they don’t understand; a man with a deep voice approaching, saying “You are for me.”


More than 5700 submissions on Scott Morrison's controversial immigration bill

Sarah Whyte - SMH

A parliamentary committee has received more than 5700 submissions against a controversial bill introduced by Immigration Minister Scott Morrison that could allow Australia to neglect its human rights obligations under international law if passed by the Senate.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

The world's most persecuted minority: Christians

Raymond Ibrahim - Answering Muslims

The International Society for Human Rights reports that 80 percent of all acts of religious discrimination are directed against Christians. If 80 percent of all acts of religious discrimination were directed at any other group, it would be the top story on every news channel and the chief concern of our leaders. But it's Christians, so . . . no worries.

Christian cries for justice can save women of all faiths

Christy Vines - Christianity Today

Christians have rallied around the stories of our sisters across the globe who’ve faced horrific punishments for their faith, from Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan to Asia Bibi in Pakistan. While the church is rightly concerned with the persecution and eradication of Christians in many parts of the world, including in the regions currently under ISIL’s control, there is reason for us also to be alarmed by the global attack on women of all faiths.

Persecution of Christians in Pakistan

By Asim Qadeer Rana - Daily Times

A report submitted to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif claims that all the culprits involved in torturing and burning to death a Christian couple have been apprehended, it is learnt. In the latest example of mob violence against minorities, a Christian bonded worker couple was burned to death by the mob in the tiny village of Chak 59 near Kot Radha Kishan town, 60 kilometres southwest of Lahore.

Sexualisation of Society

Anti-sexual harassment taskforce to stop 'shameless conduct' by Victoria Police officers

Steve Lillebuen - The Age

A senior Victoria Police member who threatened to ruin a junior officer's career unless she engaged in sexual conduct is one of nearly two dozen cases prompting a review into the treatment of women in the state's male-dominated police force.


Internet porn: an entirely new child's game

Elizabeth Farrelly - Sydney Morning Herald

Parents and schools worry about party drugs but the fact that boys aged 12 to 17 are the largest consumer group for this multibillion-dollar industry suggests that porn – or the dopamine it generates in the brain – is the modern child's drug of choice.