Thousands protest against abortion in Spain

The Christian Institute

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Madrid on Saturday, calling on the Government to reform the country’s abortion law. Protestors from across the country were responding to the Prime Minister’s decision to drop plans which would tighten Spain’s liberal abortion laws. The law currently allows abortion on demand up to 14 weeks into a pregnancy.

Children & Family

One child a week lost to suicide

Natasha Bita - The Australian

A child dies of suicide in Australia each week while between 50 and 60 more are hospitalised for trying to kill themselves, damning new data shows.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Thailand: Commercial surrogacy bill passes first reading with 177 to 2 votes

The Nation

The National Legislative Assembly yesterday passed the first reading of a bill that seeks to outlaw commercial surrogacy. The bill was approved by the National Council for Peace and Order in late August after it was reported that an Australian couple had left a Down syndrome baby with his Thai surrogate mother.

Drugs & Alcohol

Rebels drug raids hit 70 properties

Kristian Silva and Danielle Cronin - The Age

Anti-bikie police have raided dozens of properties as part of a drug operation targeting the Rebels Motorcycle Club. Taskforce Maxima's 14-month investigation, codenamed Operation Lima Hacksaw, has resulted in the arrest of 75 people on 252 charges so far.

Victorian election: Labor vows random breath testing of parliamentarians

Melissa Davey - The Guardian

Victorian politicians who enjoy a tipple may find themselves penalised if Labor wins the state election on Saturday, with the party vowing to introduce random breath testing of parliamentarians.


Students with disability

Correna Haythorpe - On Line Opinion

Children with disability need the same things at school all children need – to feel accepted and happy, to learn to the best of their ability, and to get an education that equips them for life and work after school. Unfortunately this is not happening for many, despite the efforts of teachers, principals and support staff.


Meeting to discuss voluntary euthanasia for residents in the Central West

Chloe Hart - ABC

Central West residents are being urged to plan for their death now to ease the burden on their family.


Curb addictive gambling machines, say councils

The Christian Institute

Fast-paced betting machines, which have been called the “crack cocaine” of gambling, should be restricted, according to scores of local councils.


Gay marriage could pass Senate

The Age

If politicians are granted a free vote on the issue gay marriage could pass the Senate says Greens Senator Larissa Waters. But Nationals MP Andrew Broad thinks senators should focus on the budget.

Canberra has the highest divorce rate in Australia

Henry Belot - Canberra Times

The ACT has the highest divorce rate in Australia with the average marriage in the territory lasting 13.6 years before papers are lodged with divorce lawyers.


The Catholic Education Office is warning parents not to vote for the Greens in four inner-city seats the party hope to win

Henrietta Cook and Vanessa Desloires - SMH

The Catholic Education Office has intervened in the state election, warning parents not to vote for the Greens in four inner-city seats. In a letter sent to 5500 families in the electorates of Melbourne, Brunswick, Richmond and Prahran ahead of Saturday's state election, Catholic Education Office Melbourne executive director Stephen Elder said the Greens' education policy was likely to "adversely affect" Catholic schools.

Why Victoria would benefit from an openly gay MP

Star Observer

Neil Pharaoh is only openly-gay candidate running for a seat in Victorian Parliament's lower house, contesting in the electorate of LGBTI-centric Prahran as a member of Labor. Here, he explains why the state-wide LGBTI community would benefit from having an MP such as him, and a Labor government that consists of a dedicated Equality Minister. There will also be a state-wide roll out of the Safe Schools Coalition, to once again put equality back on the agenda in Victorian schools.


Morrison under pressure to compromise on Temporary Protection Visas

Michael Gordon - The Age

Immigration minister Scott Morrison is under mounting pressure from crossbench senators to compromise if legislation to restore temporary protection visas is to pass into law next week.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Asia Bibi’s final chance to escape the noose

Dan Wooding - Assist Ministries

A second and final appeal has been filed on behalf of Pakistani Christian mother, Asia Bibi, with the Supreme Court of Pakistani, Lahore Bench, against her death sentence for alleged blasphemy.


An American export we could use

Natasha Moore - ABC

Out of a flood of American exports to our shores - from Halloween to HBO - maybe Thanksgiving is the one to embrace - and be thankful for.