Pro-life activists claim that more college students now support post-birth abortion!

Ever since Roe vs. Wade, abortion has been a very touchy topic to talk about. Whether someone identifies themselves as pro-life or pro-choice, the singular point that is evidently clear is said topic has been in the limelight more so in the last six years.

Children & Family

Stay-at-home parents face isolation despite technology

Marilyn Rodrigues - Catholic Weekly

“Do you want to meet up for coffee?” I texted my friend the other day. “I feel like a hermit.” For a week or two which included a couple of small work commitments and two of the kids getting sick, on top of my usual running around, I hadn’t seen or spoken at length to anyone outside of our immediate family.

Drugs & Alcohol

International drug syndicate 'led by South Australian bikies' busted; 16 arrested and drugs seized


Two bikie groups based in South Australia - the Rebels and the Finks - are allegedly behind an international crime syndicate distributing methamphetamines across three countries.

$43m meth haul takes hits off streets

Perth Now

More than half a million hits of ice have been taken off Australia's streets, with Customs uncovering $43 million worth of the drug imported in wooden pallets.

Girl sues mother for drinking heavily while pregnant

News Ltd

Lawyers for a girl born disabled because of her mother’s excessive alcohol consumption say the woman committed a ‘crime of violence’.


Education early issue of Vic election


Education has emerged as an early issue of the Victorian state election, with the major parties duelling over the maths of building new schools.

Increasing numbers of children are being home schooled in SA

Eleanor Miller - Leader Messenger

The number of families choosing to homeschool their children almost doubled in the past eight years, Education Department figures shows. Since the current system of recording began in 2006, the number of families educating their children out of school has jumped from 374 to 636.

Human Rights

Lawsuit for chimpanzee human rights: Is humanity really the issue?

Nathanael Yates - Christian Today

As an animal researcher, considering the welfare of animals is an almost daily occurrence, I have to make day to day decisions about what is and what isn't ethical (something often very ambiguous). Even after 8 years of animal research, I still find it unpleasant to conduct it. However I continue because of the broader benefit to humanity (which I have discussed previously).


Former magistrate calls for more explicit sex education classes for Indigenous communities

Nicolas Perpitch - ABC

More explicit sexual education classes are needed, an Aboriginal sexual health forum has been told, with gonorrhoea rates among Indigenous people 39 times higher and chlamydia five times higher than the WA average.


Ashers: Equality watchdog issues new legal threat

The Christian Institute

A Northern Ireland equality watchdog has issued a new legal threat against a Christian-run bakery, claiming its refusal to produce a pro-gay marriage campaign cake breaches political discrimination laws.

From counselling to therapism: how expert help could harm your marriage

Mercator Net

Modern marriage therapy has come to promote individualism over marital commitment.


US: Meet Saira Blair, the 18-year-old Republican who won her seat in a landslide

Nick O'Malley - SMH

Blair, who not surprisingly is poised and articulate, ran on a platform that would do a southern Tea Partier proud. She is anti-abortion and pro-gun. She notes that America was founded on "Christian-Judean principles" and says marriage is the holy union of man and god.


PNG prepares to give training, visas, job assistance to refugees detained on Manus Island

Liam Cochrane - ABC

Papua New Guinea will start making final decisions on the refugee status of asylum seekers detained on Manus Island and prepare them for temporary resettlement in PNG.

Asylum seekers on Manus enmeshed in marijuana trade, detainee says

The Guardian

Government refuses to comment on allegations that more than 10% of people held in Australian-government centre are smoking the drug every night and 30-40% on a regular basis.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

"We need your head": Muslim persecution of Christians, July 2014

Raymond Ibrahim - Gatestone Institute

Among other Islamic attacks, a Christian church that had stood Iraq for 1,800 years -- a church that was erected less than 200 years after Christ -- was reportedly torched by the Islamic State, according to countless news agencies, including Al Arabiya.

Sexualisation of Society

Julien Blanc: Protests shut down seminar given by his buddy

News Corp Australia

Angry protesters have shut down a controversial seminar on picking up women, forcing police to clear attendees off a boat booked for the event. The #takedownjulienblanc social media campaign reached a flashpoint in Southbank tonight, where about 50 young men gathered to get tips for luring women.


China: Cracks in the atheist edifice

The Economist

The rapid spread of Christianity is forcing an official rethink on religion.