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Idea of gay marriage slowly expands
Tom Dusevic - The Australian

One of the moments that lives in the mind was when Janice Waters from Old Toongabbie challenged the Prime Minister on same-sex marriage. Gillard reeled off Labor's policy and her own belief: marriage was between a man and a woman and there would be no change to the Marriage Act.

In bed with conservatives on gay marriage but are we buying it?
Julie Szego - The Sydney Morning Herald

So where does the Australian public stand on gay marriage? The question floated about last week, as the Howard government's Marriage Act, affirming the exclusively heterosexual nature of the institution, reached an itchy seven years. And those who know precisely where they stand put their convictions on colourful display and invited the public to make a choice. Given compromise isn't possible on this issue - you can't be a little married, just as you can't be a little bit pregnant - whose camp would you rather be in?

Religion is not a state obligation
Tim Soutphommasane - The Australian

SHOULD the federal government be funding school chaplains in state schools?

Religious Persecution
Muslim terrorists put chokehold on food to Christians
Michael Carl - World Net Daily

Members of Somalia's jihadi group al-Shabaab are on a campaign to starve the country's Christians by preventing food from being delivered to them, according to ministry groups working in the chaotic region.

Children and Family
Taking sides over shacking up
Adele Horin - The Sydney Morning Herald

Children are now more likely to be living with two biological parents who have never married each other than with a parent who is divorced.

Odds interest kids in betting, probe told
Lisa Martin - The Sydney Morning Herald

Exposure to live sports odds could be grooming children to be future problem gamblers, an inquiry has heard.

A parliamentary committee hearing in Canberra on Friday took evidence that children as young as seven were showing interest in gambling.