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Donor Conception and Surrogacy

MPs back same-sex IVF Bill

Lauren Novak AdelaideNow

A BILL to allow same-sex female couples legal access to IVF in South Australia is a step closer to becoming law.

The Assisted Reproductive Treatment (Equality of Access) Amendment Bill was introduced as a Private Members Bill by Communities and Social Inclusion Minister Ian Hunter.


When freedom of religion becomes bullying

Dan Haesler – Online Opinion

In polite company, I tend to avoid discussing politics or religion, and whilst writing around educational matters, often requires me to comment on the former, I've managed to steer clear of the latter. Until now.

In response to the federal government announcement that it intends to consolidate the five separate human rights policies into a single Act, Christian Schools Australia (CSA) argue that they must be able to retain the right to discriminate against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender (GLBT) teachers, or those heterosexual teachers who live with a partner out of wedlock.

Gonski report's not-so-hidden Fabian agenda

Kevin Donnelly – ABC Drum

Notwithstanding David Gonski's argument that his report is impartial and balanced, it's clear that it embraces a cultural-left, deficit view of education; one that justifies compensating government schools and their communities at the expense of non-government school parents.


Union Boss may be charged after police raid

SMH and National Times

THE union boss Michael Williamson may face criminal charges after allegedly being caught trying to smuggle documents out of the Health Services Union headquarters during the middle of a police raid.

MPS to heed the fate of NSW Labor and stick with Gillard

SMH and National Times

THE general secretary of the NSW Labor Party, Sam Dastyari, has urged federal MPs to cease the leadership speculation and get behind Julia Gillard. With support among Mr Dastyari's own NSW Right faction drifting away from the Prime Minister, and much of the Left having abandoned her, Mr Dastyari said the party must heed the lessons of the former state government and its multiple leadership changes.

Xenophon defamed by Islamic National newspaper, seeks retraction

SMH and National Times

INDEPENDENT senator Nick Xenophon has been subjected to an extraordinary attack by a state-controlled Malaysian newspaper - publishing a 2009 speech in which he was critical of Scientology, but replacing references to that religion with the word ''Islam''.

Le-Pen conscience vote deals blow to Sarkozy

SMH by Angelique Chrisafis

PARIS: Nicolas Sarkozy has stepped up his appeal to France's far right by lauding national identity, borders and French Christian heritage at a vast open-air rally in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. But the President's re-election hopes were dealt a blow by the National Front leader, Marine Le Pen, who told a rally on the other side of Paris that she would cast a blank ballot on Sunday and told her supporters to ''follow their conscience''.

Human Rights

Barefoot and blind, the Power of One

Mercator Net by Michael Cook

A blind Chinese peasant has given the whole world a lesson in the power of one. Chen Guangcheng became one of China’s best-known civil rights activists after defending women in his province who had forced abortions under the one-child policy.

Artistic freedom clashes with Ismalic morals in Turkey

Washington Post

ANKARA, Turkey — In a recent play in Turkey, two actors wore trench coats in their role as assassins posing as perverts planning to flash girls near a school. The scene and its themes of nudity and sexual depravity are at the center of a debate over freedom of expression in Turkish arts, where the Islamic-rooted ruling party has become increasingly critical of plays and television shows deemed to violate moral or religious values.


Migrant workers and visa fraud

ABC news

Two Immigration Department insiders have broken ranks to reveal serious claims of frequent and widespread fraud in visa applications, which they say has led to child trafficking on Australian soil.

The allegations relate to family visa applications in which Pakistanis are claiming to be from Afghanistan.


Ten Heresies spread by Secularists about Christianity

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Michael Coren, a television host, radio personality, syndicated columnist, author, and speaker. His TV show The Arena airs on Sun News Network in Canada. He is the author of Why Catholics Are Right, which was on the Canadian best-seller list for three months. His new book is Heresy: Ten Lies They Spread About Christianity.

FP: Michael Coren, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Let’s begin with you telling us why you wrote this book.

The most direct and practical answer is that the publisher, Random House, asked me to do so. The last one, defending Catholicism, had sold more than 50,000 copies, and so a large, secular publishing house had realized what a hunger there was out there for books explaining the Christian position to a mass audience. I wanted to go beyond the Catholic Church, to the attacks on universal Christianity and Christians. There are lots of books about prayer for example – perhaps too many! – but very few that respond to all of the most common attacks on the Christianity. I always take an eclectic approach. So as well as history and theology, I cover science and abortion, the De Vinci Code and biographies of great Christian writers, and so on. It’s supposed to be a handbook of Christian self-defense if you like.

Research will validate truth of Christianity

In a condescending, arrogant letter April 27, “Man created God, not other way around,” a writer speaks of her “information” (twice), as if no one ever thought of it before, and “even the Jesus Seminar,” as if it were the epitome of objective research. The Jesus Seminar was founded by Robert Funk in 1985, basing its conclusions on definitions and presuppositions, not evidence, ruling out in advance the miraculous and supernatural. They came up with Jesus as a purely natural being.