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Grim Christmas: Charities report high demand for free meals from poor and homeless

Anne Barker - ABC

One of Sydney's biggest charities is reporting a 25 per cent jump in demand for free meals as the poor and needy struggle with a blowout in the cost of living. The Exodus Foundation serves 1,200 meals a day to the poor and needy at its famous Loaves and Fishes restaurant at Ashfield in Sydney's west.

Children & Family

60 parliamentarians from 20 countries adopt pro-family declaration at UN


Group hopes to encourage UN to remember the family in its plan for sustainable development.

Drugs and firearms seized in police sting targeting Hells Angels in South Australia


Drugs and firearms have been seized and five people arrested in a major South Australian sting targeting the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle club in the state's south-east. Police seized significant quantities of methamphetamine, cocaine and cannabis along with weapons and firearms, including two rifles, one shotgun and a replica handgun.


The West

WA is in the grip of a methamphetamine epidemic. This series investigates the addiction, the family trauma, the crimes and the health consequences.

Ice use is everyone's problem

Mark Baker - The Examiner

The crackdown on the importation and distribution of the drug ice in Tasmania is one of the most crucial operations undertaken by police in recent years.

Australian and UK alcohol industry lobbyists are hijacking policy – study

The Guardian

Lobbyists are hampering attempts to curb drinking rates, despite alcohol consumption being the leading global cause of death, experts report.


Govt pledges aid funds for climate change


The foreign minister will outline Australia's commitment to a climate fund at the UN climate summit. A $200 million government backflip on an international green climate fund will come at the expense of Australia's foreign aid budget.


NT dole scheme slammed as slave labour

News Ltd

The NT government's proposed work-for-the-dole scheme is tantamount to slave labour, Aboriginal traditional owners say. THE Original Peoples Freedom Movement (OPFM) says the scheme is punitive and exploitative and will make people living in remote areas work five days a week over 52 weeks to receive the dole.

Indigenous ice problem growing

Cooma Express

Ice use was becoming more common in the indigenous community, according to the organiser of a health road show which visited Batemans Bay on Monday. NSW Health’s Natalie Beckett said the Times Are Changing road show reflected the changing pattern of drug and alcohol.


UK: PM told, bring back those alienated by gay marriage

The Christian Institute

David Cameron should work to win back people who support marriage between one man and one woman, the Grassroots Conservatives group has said. Bob Woollard, who leads the organisation, said new laws were needed to “protect those who believe in traditional marriage”.


Andrew Barr elected unopposed as ACT Labor leader, Simon Corbell as deputy leader


Andrew Barr is a step closer to becoming the ACT Chief Minister after being elected unopposed as Labor leader. Last week Chief Minister Katy Gallagher announced that she would step down from the top role to contest the upcoming Senate vacancy created by ACT Senator Kate Lundy.


Victorian council bans circuses with wild animals, Christian prayer at meetings

Margaret Paul - ABC

A Victorian council has banned circuses with caged wild animals from performing on its land and abandoned Christian prayers at its meetings.

UK: Third of kids don’t know Christmas is about Jesus

The Christian Institute

A third of children aged between ten and 13 do not know that Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ, a survey of 2,000 families has found.