Children & Family

Children in care: Australia’s adoption challenge

Carolyn Moynihan - Mercator Net

Australia is known as the Lucky Country, but lucky is not exactly how you would describe the nearly 40,000 children in its foster care system waiting for a permanent home with loving and stable parents, or the many couples wanting to adopt a child.

Moral failures and market failures: why we should abandon intercountry adoption and support local foster care

Vittorio Cintio - On Line Opinion

Adopt Change, a high profile lobby group has persuaded the Abbott government to cut the red tape to speed up intercountry adoptions. In December 2013 the SMH reported that, "Tony Abbott says he wants to make it "much much easier" for Australian couples to adopt children from overseas, saying tens of thousands of babies could be brought to Australia from orphanages".

Why we should all care about adoption

Jane Hunt - Womens agenda

Many children come from and experience ‘hard places’ in Australia and overseas. In Australia last year there were approximately 11,341 children removed from neglectful and violent families and over 50,000 children in foster care. Worldwide there are more than 18 million orphans; all of these children would flourish in a permanent loving family.


Mumbrella hangout with Ad Standards Bureau CEO Fiona Jolly


Mumbrella will be holding a video hangout with Ad Standards Bureau (ASB) CEO Fiona Jolly this afternoon to talk about self-regulation in the advertising and marketing industry and how the Ad Standards Bureau and its board works.

Drugs & Alcohol

Hello Sunday Morning: Young Australian women are most dependent on alcohol

News Ltd

They're out at clubs late at night, drinking to excess and paying for it the next day. Young, cashed-up professional women are the most “high risk” or dependent on alcohol, new research claims.

Homelessness & Poverty

'Ghost tower' warning for Docklands after data reveals high Melbourne home vacancies

Aisha Dow - The Age

Docklands could become a suburb of ghost towers, experts have warned, after an analysis of water use data identified hundreds of apartments suspected of being empty in the CBD precinct. The study found about 65,000 of 1.5 million properties in prime areas of greater Melbourne could be left empty at time when more than 22,000 Victorians are believed to be homeless.


Nhulunbuy's homes go empty while public housing suffers

Emilia Terzon - ABC

The front lawns are slowly browning in Nhulunbuy as the Northern Territory mining town's exodus continues. Hundreds of houses are sitting empty following the loss of more than 1,000 jobs at Rio Tinto's nearby Gove alumina refinery earlier this year.


Most Brits back Ashers, new poll finds

The Christian Institute

Close to two-thirds of British adults disagree with the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland’s decision to launch legal action against a Christian-run bakery, according to a new independent poll.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Greens should take their sex work principles seriously

Jane Gilmore - ABC

This is the second time the Greens have preselected a candidate to run in a winnable seat whose history of activism on sex work goes against the party's platform.


Papua New Guinea government issues refugee visas to 10 asylum seekers held at Manus Island

Naomi Woodley - ABC

The Papua New Guinea government has granted one-year refugee visas to 10 asylum seekers being held at the Manus Island detention centre. They are the first visas to be issued since the Federal Government struck a refugee resettlement agreement with the PNG government in July 2013.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Jabhat al-Nusra blows up Armenian church in Deir el-Zour: A savage blow that echoes through Armenian history

Robert Fisk - The Independent

In the most savage act of vandalism against Syria’s Christians, Islamists have blown up the great Armenian church in Deir el-Zour, built in dedication to the one and a half million Armenians slaughtered by the Turks during the 1915 genocide.


‘It is impossible to have a healthy gay relationship’: Robin Beck on 35 years of ‘hell’ in the gay lifestyle

Pete Baklinski - Life Site News

Robin Teresa Beck, 59, is not afraid to tell anyone, even Pope Francis himself, that homosexuality turned her life into a living hell of suffering, darkness, smashed dreams, and lasting regret. And after 35 years of homosexual behavior over the course of 12 relationships, Robin knows exactly what she’s talking about.

Fierce Humanity, Faithful Witness: In Memory of Nicholas Tonti-Filippini

Scott Stephens, Ray Campbell, Tracey Rowland, et al - ABC

Last Friday, 7 November, renowned Catholic ethicist Nicholas Tonti-Filippini died in Melbourne, aged 58, after living for nearly four decades with chronic auto-immune disease. Thank God for Nicholas Tonti-Filippini. We are poorer without him.

The hope of the church: Sydney's new archbishop looks at the past, looks to the future

Anthony Fisher - ABC

"My hope is for a Church in which the Gospel is preached with joy, the wisdom of our tradition mined with fidelity, the sacraments celebrated with dignity and welcome."

Important conversations

Important conversations

Important Conversations is happening on Thursday 13th November as part of a range of events in Brisbane as we participate in the 2014 G20 summit. Facilitated by ACL's Wendy Francis.