ACL in the news

ACL will use mobile app to lobby against marriage equality

Cec Busby - Gay News Network

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has reasserted its efforts to block marriage equality in Australia in 2015, with a post on their website urging members to take a stand against David Leyonhjelm’s Freedom to Marry Bill.

Children & Family

Be productive, then procreate

Gary Johns - On Line Opinion

Children who grow up in welfare-dependent families are much more likely to be dependent upon welfare as adults. This is the unsurprising finding of Professor Deborah Cobb-Clark in the Youth in Focus research project.


Facebook puts warning labels on graphic videos, uses age filters in bid to make members 'share responsibly'


Facebook has begun putting warning labels on graphic videos and using age filters to prevent young people viewing certain content.

Fifty Shades of Grey slammed by anti-porn group who says it glamorises violence against women

Sarah Thomas - SMH

Things are hotting up around Fifty Shades of Grey, with the release date just under a month away and details of the full star-studded soundtrack listing now released. But also gathering heat are protests over its controversial content, with a United States anti-porn group launching an attack over the rating awarded by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Drugs & Alcohol

Newman not a fan of balcony smoking ban

News Ltd

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has one message for body corporates wanting to ban smokers from lighting up on their own balconies: butt out. The premier was asked about the proposed changes on Tuesday and said he thought smokers should be free to do what they want on their own property.

Police grog trial has ‘huge’ potential for Katherine

Lyndon Keane - The Katherine Times

The Northern Territory government is refusing to make an early commitment to ensure temporary police beats become a permanent fixture in Katherine’s battle against alcohol abuse. The government launched the six-month trial on December 18, which aims to target the primary cause of antisocial behaviour in the town.


Chief Minister Andrew Barr lays blame for poker machine chaos at feet of Gaming Minister Joy Burch

Kirsten Lawson - The Canberra Times

Chief Minister Andrew Barr has laid the blame for the chaos over a now-abandoned change to poker machines squarely with Gambling Minister Joy Burch, saying she made a mistake and casting doubt over her future in the portfolio. Mr Barr has also made his views on poker machines clear to the Labor Party-owned Labor Club group, suggesting the group reconsider its reliance on gambling.

Foley downplays impact of Labor's proposed betting tax changes on problem gamblers


New South Wales Opposition Leader Luke Foley has downplayed the impact on problem gamblers of Labor's policy to cut taxes on betting wins, saying gaming machines are a bigger problem. The policy, announced on Tuesday, would see the tax on wagers cut by more than 60 per cent from January 2016, if Labor wins government at the March state election.


Medicare rebate cuts: Labor will oppose 'sneaky' move when Parliament resumes, Shorten says

Julie Doyle - ABC

The Federal Opposition has confirmed it will try to block a cut to the Medicare rebate for short consultations. From Monday, the rebate for appointments lasting less than 10 minutes will be cut from $37.05 to $16.95.

Human Rights

Tony Abbott open to revisiting Bolt laws, but rejects immediate changes in light of Charlie Hebdo

Latika Bourke - The Age

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has dismissed fresh calls from his backbench to strike out the 18c anti-discrimination laws that ban "insulting" and "offending" a person based on their race but says if the so-called "Bolt laws" are ever successfully used again, he would consider changing the act. Liberal senators Cory Bernardi and Dean Smith have called for the Prime Minister's backdown on amending the laws to be reversed, in light of the deadly terror attacks on the Parisian headquarters of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.


How marriage makes people healthier

The Economist

THE link between marriage and better health is well established. Less clear is whether marriage causes good health or vice versa—healthy people may simply be more likely to marry in the first place.

Why marriage shouldn't include same-sex couples

David Fowler and Doug Barth - Tennessean

As those who believe that marriage is the name given a unique relationship in nature between one man and one woman, we still could not help but feel the tug of heartstrings when reading the recent op-ed ("Help us gain protections straight couples get") by Ijpe DeKoe and Thom Kostura.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan criticised over muted response to massacre as world rallies for Paris

News Ltd

One week on from the deadly terror attacks that rocked Paris, millions have turned out holding pens and placards aloft in cities around the world, declaring “Je suis Charlie” in solidarity with victims and as a sign of defiance. Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan is in charge of a country reeling after what has been deemed the “deadliest massacre” in history with reports of up to 2000 people killed in an attack by Boko Haram.


Telstra's introduction of domestic violence leave welcomed by ACTU

Lily Partland - ABC

Domestic violence victims working for Telstra will have access to ten extra days of paid leave a year under a new policy.