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Minister Mary Wooldridge's pro-choice stance on abortion leads to low ranking by conservative micro-parties

Henrietta Cook - The Standard

Conservative micro-parties have put senior government minister Mary Wooldridge near the bottom of their preference flows in the Victorian upper house because of her pro-choice stance on abortion.


US: Life Wins!

Voices of the Unborn

The Goliaths of the Abortion Industry took a real tumble as pro-life Davids across the country faced incredible odds, almost unlimited bank accounts and massive media support, exemplified by candidates like Texas’ Wendy Davis, California’s Sandra Fluke and Colorado Senator Mark Udall who all attempted to win election by waging a false “war on women.” But voters said NO to the abortion lobby’s favorites and the radical abortion activism they and others represented.

My abortion clinic was a happy, laughter-filled place…except for this one room

Abby Johnson - Life Site News

People always ask me what it was like to work inside an abortion clinic. They want to know what the atmosphere was like. Was it a sad place? Did people walk around with tears in their eyes? Was it a somber environment? Was it quiet?

Extremist Catholic sect sparks campaign for abortion clinic exclusion zones

Ella Smith - The Examiner

An extremist sect of the Catholic Church protesting against terminations has prompted a retired obstetrician and women's health advocate to campaign for exclusion zones around NSW termination clinics to protect a woman's medical privacy.

Children & Family

Natural family is ‘the most beautiful idea in the history of civilization’: UK Chief Rabbi to Vatican event

Jonathan Sacks - Life Site News

The idea of the traditional family as the love that brings new life into the world, Lord Jonathan Sacks told an audience in Rome on Monday, is “the most beautiful idea in the history of civilization.”

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Sperm bank children are ‘social experimentation’

The Christian Institute

Deliberately bringing children into the world without a father figure has been described as “social experimentation” by Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali. He was speaking after the launch of a national sperm bank, which drastically reduces the cost of buying sperm.

Drugs & Alcohol

GHB overdoses at The Ivy nightclub spark warnings about ‘new’ party drug

Ben McClellan - Daily Telegraph

Notorious date rape drug GHB has become the new party drug, leading to a spate of overdoses and warnings from police and medical experts about the dangers of illicit substances.


Wesley becomes Excelsia College

Russell Powell - Sydney Anglicans

Plans for Australia’s first Protestant university are gaining momentum, with a formal partnership between Sydney’s Wesley Institute and Indiana Wesleyan University that will see the institute renamed Excelsia College.


Why Labor has had its fill of Greens

Josh Gordon - The Age

If there is one issue that has been conspicuously absent from the Victorian state election campaign thus far it is the environment. This might seem odd because, in the lead-up to the 2010 election, Labor couldn't stop talking about it. Indeed, the then government had whole teams of people working on policies to tackle climate change, promote renewable energy, make buildings more efficient and protect biodiversity.


Info sharing deal targets Vic race fixers

News Ltd

The police and the Victorian Racing Integrity Commissioner are joining forces to stamp out race fixing in Victoria's racing industry.


Lifesaving antibiotics losing effectiveness

Bryan Seymour - Yahoo News

We are now confronting one of the greatest threats to public health because of what we eat. Antibiotics have saved hundreds of millions of lives but are rapidly becoming useless because of overuse.

Human Rights

Modern day slavery: 3,000 people are slaves in Australia - Global Slavery Index

Athena Yenko - International Business Times

Three thousand people are exploited in Australia in what is currently called as modern slavery. This is equivalent to 0.013 percent of the country's entire population, according to the Global Slavery Index 2014 from Walk Free Foundation. Modern slavery in Australia involves men, women and children who are subjected to forced labour, sexual exploitation and forced marriages.


Govt won't set indigenous justice target

Courier Mail

The federal government won't set a closing-the-gap justice target despite a new report showing indigenous incarceration rates are on the rise.


Vatican opens conference on traditional marriage

Washington Post

Pope Francis Monday opened an unusual high-level interfaith conference to support traditional marriage, saying “children have the right to grow up in a family with a father and a mother.”

Tough love is still love

Jennifer Roback Morse - Mercator Net

Is it possible for the Catholic Church to be both orthodox and compassionate?


Lambie doesn't want to stay, doesn't want to quit

Paula Matthewson - ABC

It's no longer a matter of when but how Jacqui Lambie will leave the party that delivered her one of the most decisive (and divisive) roles in today's polity.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

US: Accommodation, the new coercion

Brian and Garrett Fahy - Town Hall

In both red and blue states across the country, business owners of faith have found themselves on the losing end of a legal assault brought by the gay rights mafia, simply because they lived out their values in their business decisions. How did this happen?

Syria - 25 Christian families still in Raqqa. Obligation to pay a "protection tax"

Agenzia Fides

In Raqqa, the city of northern Syria which has become a stronghold of the jihadists of the Islamic State (IS) since 2014, counts only 23 Christian families of the 1500 who lived there before the beginning of the Syrian conflict.

US: House committee hosting hearing on religious freedom in military

Chad Groening - OneNewsNow

An advocate for religious liberty in America's armed forces will testify before a House panel on Wednesday concerning the need for strong religious protections and accommodations in the military.


Rise Up Australia candidate Rosalie Crestani wants Casey Council to ban same-sex promotions

Craig Butt - The Age

A local councillor's attempt to call for a ban on the City of Casey promoting anything relating to homosexuality has been derailed, with a council meeting dissolved after a fellow councillor storming out.