Adult shop posters falls foul of ad watchdog


Posters hanging in the shop window of the Vibes Adult Shop in Newcastle have fallen foul of the ad watchdog for being highly sexualised and having strong connotations of sexual violence. Five separate images featuring women in lingerie were complained about, with the complainant arguing the posters “are obvious to the general public including children”.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Overseas surrogacy needs greater regulation, Western Australian review finds

Stephanie Dalzell - ABC

More regulation of overseas surrogacy arrangements is needed, a long-awaited review of Western Australia's surrogacy laws has found. The review was already underway when the case of baby Gammy made international headlines earlier this year.

WA Health Minister Kim Hames says more work needed at national level to improve surrogacy laws


Work needs to be done at a national level to improve surrogacy laws, the WA Health Minister says. The state’s Health Department has completed a review of the 2008 Surrogacy Act, which allows altruistic surrogacy but prohibits it for financial or material reward.

Drugs & Alcohol

Fortescue Metals Group admits drug use by workers an issue for mining company


Fortescue Metals Group has revealed it is addressing drug problems among its workforce in Western Australia's Pilbara.

Prison needle exchange program compromise offered by union as part of EBA negotiations

Henry Belot - Canberra Times

The Community and Public Sector Union has removed from a proposed enterprise agreement a provision requiring union support before a syringe program can be implemented at the Alexander Maconochie Centre. But despite describing the development as a "significant compromise" made in good faith, CPSU ACT secretary Vince McDevitt said the union would still propose the government secure majority support from staff at the prison before the program could go ahead.


Netherlands aims to increase organ donations by euthanasia victims

Life Site News

Specialists from several Dutch medical schools have prepared a document that is to serve as official guidelines for organ donation after euthanasia, and aims to facilitate the procedure. Doctors expect the legal framework to step up the number of organ donations, which up to now have been few and far between: 6 cases in 16 years, less than in neighboring Belgium. It will help people who choose euthanasia to give a “meaning” to their death, the guidelines’ authors suggest.


Federal government to shelve $7 GP co-payment policy

Mark Kenny - The Age

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has privately conceded defeat on his controversial budget proposal to introduce a new $7 co-payment on bulk-billed GP visits and will formally shelve the policy before the end of the year.

Human Rights

Ashers: MLA in equality law ‘conscience clause’ bid

The Christian Institute

An MLA is seeking to introduce a “conscience clause” in Northern Ireland, in response to an equality quango’s legal action against a Christian-run bakery in the Province.


Same-sex marriage bill introduced

Nine News

Same-sex marriage is vital for three reasons: liberty, conscience and state power. That's the argument of Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm who on Wednesday introduced a private senator's bill to allow same-sex marriage.

Same sex free vote would lead to chaos: Liberal MPs

Latika Bourke and Judith Ireland - SMH

Conservative senators are warding off a renewed push for a free vote on same-sex marriage for Liberal MPs, warning it would lead to chaos and fail anyway in the party room.

Couples shunning federal cash for relationship counselling

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

An annual scheme offering 100,000 vouchers, worth $200 each, for relationship counselling has failed to hit the mark, with fewer than 7000 couples applying six months after it was launched.

How old you'll be when you marry in Australia (and how long your divorce will take)

Angus Kidman - Life Hacker

In 2013, 118,962 couples married in Australia and 47,638 couples were divorced. We’re older when both those things happen — but just how much older depends on where you live and whether you have been married before. Plus: how long divorce takes and how many of us don’t get married in church.


Christmas message: Tony Abbott prepares to knock the 'barnacles off the ship'

Mark Kenny - The Age

Tony Abbott has asked nervous government MPs to maintain internal discipline in the face of the ABC funding controversy and bad polling, reassuring them he will knock "one or two barnacles off the ship" before Christmas.

Clive Palmer’s parallel universe: a tale of two cases

Hedley Thomas - The Australian

In Clive Palmer’s mind, there is a trivial legal case unfolding in ­Brisbane. The Palmer United Party founder describes this Supreme Court case, its allegations, evidence, and the stories arising from it as a monstrous beat-up, a non-event, and a silly conspiracy.


Scott Morrison may be forced to give 31,000 asylum seekers chance of settlement

Lenore Taylor - The Guardian

The government would be forced to provide 31,000 asylum seekers with the possibility of a permanent visa or else abandon sweeping new asylum laws under a plan being negotiated by Labor, the Greens, the Palmer United party and other crossbench senators.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Lawyer representing 3 Christians facing prison for faith in Iran denied access to clients

Christian Post

The lawyer representing two Christian pastors and a deacon facing six years in prison in Iran for their faith has reportedly been denied access to his clients ahead of an appeal hearing.

Sexualisation of Society

To end violence against women challenge the culture of sexual objectification

Melinda Tankard Reist blog

When it comes to violence against women, sexual objectification is the missing puzzle piece: Collective Shout makes this equation whole, writes Laura McNally.


US journalist pens open letter: ‘Why I no longer want to be gay’

Liam Pabon - Gay Star News

Luis Pabon writes about his attitude towards his sexuality and the gay community saying: ‘it has outlived its usefulness’ A gay journalist has written an article detailing all negative aspects of being gay, entitled ‘Why I no longer want to be gay.’ Luis Pabon wrote the online piece for on November 17. Pabon describes the experiences and people he has met which has drawn him to the conclusion that he doesn’t want to be gay.

In a world connected by the Internet, what does it mean to be Christian

Mark Tronson - Christian today

The Middle East city of Mosul which has had Christians living there for 2,000 years saw the ISIS Muslims give them three choices in July: to leave, to convert or to pay up big time and be subject to Muslim Sharia law.

Europe’s rejection of Christianity has led to rise of aggressive Islam

Life Site News

The “relativistic” thought that arose after Europe rejected its own Christian roots has created a cultural weakness that has allowed the resurgence of aggressive Islam, a coalition of “Ratzingerian” thinkers, activists, and politicians heard this weekend.